Book 06 Chapter 121: All Life Striving Their Hardest
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 06 Chapter 121: All Life Striving Their Hardest

When the azure dragon charged over, the heavenly deity body bit down on it. No matter how the azure dragon squirmed, it could not struggle free from the maw’s grip.

An attack from the ancestor dragon? That was simply a joke before the Six Paths Veritable Lord’s heavenly deity body.

The faces of Long Shenying and Long Shenwu sank at the sudden change.

“You still have strength to spare?” the Western Sea Dragon King cried out from within the azure dragon.

“Strength to spare? Did you think that the insignificant Guan Qi could block me? Ancestor dragon? Hah! Not to mention the one ancestor dragon’s strike you have, even if the ancestor dragon were alive, I could consume him too,” the heavenly deity body said coldly.

As the heavenly deity body spoke, the suction from his mouth intensified.

“Ah! No! No! Senior Wu, save me!” the Western Sea Dragon King roared in despair.

At this moment, the Western Sea Dragon King could not resist at all. Just one bite could deal with him. He could not even resist. The mouth seemed to seal off Spiritual Energy, preventing the three from escaping.

My future death resulted from trying to deal with the Six Paths Veritable Lord?

As the Western Sea Dragon King cried out in horror, Long Shenying and Long Shenwu approached.

“The Six Paths Veritable Lord’s hands are driving the Go Dao ritual array, maintaining a stalemate with Old Mister Guan Qi. His mouth is biting the azure dragon. He cannot do anything else. This is a heaven-sent opportunity. Long Shenwu, you attack the Six Paths Veritable Lord and knock him into the chaotic spacetime. I’ll retrieve the Immortal Origin!” Long Shenying cried out.

Indeed, such a heaven-sent opportunity was hard to come by.

However, Long Shenwu glared. “Why should you be the one to retrieve the Immortal Origin?”

“What is there to fight over at this moment?” Long Shenying demanded furiously as he glared back.

“Hahaha! What a joke! If I don’t fight now, when should I?” Long Shenwu glared.

“Very well. Then, you retrieve the Immortal Origin, and I’ll de

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