Book 06 Chapter 118: Fuxi’s Tribulation
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 06 Chapter 118: Fuxi’s Tribulation

All Magnificent Island:

It had already been more than eight months, but Fuxi had not come out of closed-door cultivation, and there was no news of Gu Hai. The Supreme Wa felt very restless.

The Supreme Wa looked at Hetu. “Is there any news?”

“There’s none. I can’t divine it. The heavenly mysteries have been chaotic these days. However, Gu Hai should still be alive.” Hetu frowned.

“Elder Brother has been in closed-door cultivation. I don’t know how he is now.” The Supreme Wa glanced restlessly at the nearby hall.

“Milady, your emotions seem somewhat off these couple of days,” Hetu said with confusion.

“I’m not sure myself. I feel very frustrated. I suddenly feel very frustrated,” the Supreme Wa said gloomily.

“Is something going to happen?” Hetu asked in bewilderment.

Right after Hetu spoke, a loud sound suddenly came from Fuxi’s hall.


A powerful black shock wave spread in all directions from All Magnificent Island. It was like a nuclear warhead had gone off—no, it was even countless times stronger than a nuclear warhead’s explosion. The shock wave destroyed everything in its path.

A moment later, the shock wave arrived before the Supreme Wa.

“Protect the lady!” someone bellowed.

Zombie One rushed to shield the Supreme Wa with a group of zombies.


The powerful shock wave exploded the frontmost zombie.

However, the shock wave still blasted away the Supreme Wa and Hetu.


The two vomited blood in the air as the impact sent them flying away from All Magnificent Island.

“Master?” Hetu exclaimed.

“Elder Brother!” the Supreme Wa shouted in horror.

Rubble filled All Magnificent Island. Only Zombie One remained intact of the one thousand zombies; the others had all exploded.

The powerful shock wave rushed into the surrounding sea, kicking up overwhelming waves across the entire Eastern Sea.

Smoke and fog hung around the ruined All Magnificent Island.

“Sa? To think that you could divine that something major would happen in my immortal firmament and chose to use this opportunity?” Fuxi

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