Book 06 Chapter 079: The Peacock Prime
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 06 Chapter 079: The Peacock Prime

“Halt!” Two furious shouts came from the distance.

A lion spirit and a leopard spirit rushed over, bringing along an intense, bloody wind.

“Shi Wudi? Bao Yongjiu?” The peacocks’ expressions changed. Clearly, these two animal spirit kings were famous.

[TL Note: Shi Wudi translates to Lion Undefeatable, and Bao Yongjiu translates to Leopard Everlasting.]

“Hurry! Quickly save me! Ah!” the golden-winged roc cried out.

“A peacock race elder? Who are you? Why don’t I know you?” Shi Wudi glared at Kong Xuan.

“Why waste time on nonsense? Hurry! Quickly kill him. Otherwise, we will be in trouble when that old peacock finds out!” Bao Yongjiu said ferociously.

“Humph! That old thing. You do still have that trump card. However, you will die today!” Shi Wudi roared.

As Shi Wudi spoke, the two animal spirit kings charged Kong Xuan.

“Elder, be careful. They can block the five-colored divine light! Be careful!” the peacock king that Kong Xuan just rescued warned anxiously.

Kong Xuan glanced coldly at the two experts. However, he did not move back. On the contrary, he stepped forward.

As Kong Xuan advanced, a surging black aura erupted from him. When the black aura appeared, it turned into a black wind blowing at the two experts.

“What?!” Shi Wudi and Bao Yongjiu immediately sensed something off.


Kong Xuan glared as he opened his mouth. The black wind curled around and pulled the two experts towards his mouth.

“Ah! Oh no! Run, quickly!” Shi Wudi’s expression changed dramatically.

However, Kong Xuan’s suction was too strong. The two experts could not resist; he quickly swallowed them into his stomach.

The expressions of the peacocks flying over changed. This elder is awesome!

Shi Wudi and Bao Yongjiu are animal spirit kings who have long been famous. They have killed countless peacocks. This elder swallowed them in one go?

How powerful is this elder?

After the shock passed, only joy remained, as this was a peacock race elder.

“Elder is mighty!” the peacocks cheered excitedly.

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