Book 05 Chapter 092: Long Zhanguo’s Immortal Firmament
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 05 Chapter 092: Long Zhanguo’s Immortal Firmament

“Kill these lackeys as a sacrifice!” Sima Zongheng shouted.

“Yes!” the soldiers on the plaza shouted.


The soldiers raised their weapons and swung them down. Nearly ten thousand sages’ heads went flying.

All the sages were executed.

From the start to the end, Long Zhanguo’s expression did not change.

Ao Tianhuang stared at the Future Buddha. The Future Buddha held his palms together with a sullen expression. However, he did not move forward. Since he did not move forward, the Spirit Mountain Holy Land bodhisattvas and arhats naturally could not move forward, either. They only stared at the Qian Heavenly Emperor in rage.

At this moment, the Grand Mohist was in the Cultural Dao Sage Palace. The Supreme Ascendant Dao disciples felt anxious.

“The Grand Mohist is still in there. What should we do?”

“What is the Qian Heavenly Emperor doing?”

Without the Grand Mohist’s directions, the Supreme Ascendant Dao disciples did not charge forward. After all, Long Zhanguo had been plotting this for very long. Naturally, he would not be unprepared. Even the Future Buddha and the Supreme Genesis did not come out ahead. What could they do?

The Azure Emperor and Emperor Kong stood in the crowd, not saying anything. They only showed sullen expressions as they looked at Long Zhanguo. However, anticipation lurked in their eyes.


In a distant restaurant:

Lord Tang narrowed his eyes slightly. “It is as the imperial lord guessed. Long Zhanguo is playing big this time.”

“Milord, what is the Qian Heavenly Emperor going to do?” a subordinate at the side asked worriedly.

“I don’t know. However, he killed ten thousand sages without hesitation. This already demonstrates his determination. I heard that, back then, Old Mister Guan Qi killed countless heavenly servants as well.” Lord Tang shook his head.


All the citizens in Heavenly Yin City already held their breath long ago.

When the competition started half a month ago and the ten thousand sages appeared, the spectators felt breathless. Now, the Qian Heavenly Emperor executed the sages. What was he planning?

The surroundings turned silent. Only the Supreme Genesis and the Solar Divine Palace disciples remained incredibly furious.



The angels held their ears in pain. Their ears, even the rest of their seven facial orifices, bled from the roar of the second crown prince, Long Shenwen. They were dizzy from the pain, no longer possessing much combat prowess.

“Long Shenwen, you are really noisy. That startled me,” Long Wanyu said, somewhat unhappy.

Long Shenwen ignored her. Instead, he looked coldly at the Supreme Genesis.

“Long Shenwen, how dare you kill my son?!” the Supreme Genesis cried out in rage, wanting to charge over.


The first crown prince, Long Shenying, punched, blocking the Supreme Genesis.

“Long Zhanguo, are you falling out with our three holy lands?” the Supreme Genesis roared at Long Zhanguo.

Long Zhanguo stood on the platform, looking coldly at the Supreme Genesis.

“We invited you all to the heavenly court’s cities for the Ten Thousand Sages Convention, so we did not desire to make a move on you. However, this is the heavenly court. If you refuse to comply with our orders, we do not mind keeping all of you here forever,” Long Zhanguo said coldly.

“You…,” the Supreme Genesis said with a glare.

“Shenying, let him go. Let him attack. If he dares to attack, we will take his head,” Long Zhanguo said indifferently.

“Yes, Eminent Father!” Long Shenying’s figure flashed. Then, he returned.

Long Shenying left the Supreme Genesis unchecked; the Supreme Genesis could seek revenge on Long Shenwen. However, Long Zhanguo kept his murderous intent locked on the Supreme Genesis. The Supreme Genesis wanted to make a move several times but stopped.

Long Zhanguo’s murderous intent did not seem like false bravado. If the Supreme Genesis attacked, he would personally kill the Supreme Genesis.

Before the Supreme Genesis came to the Qian Nation, he did not think much of Long Zhanguo’s strength. He had thought that even if Long Zhanguo were stronger than him, Long Zhanguo would not be that much stronger. However, what happened just now had completely shattered the Supreme Genesis’s initial thoughts.

That was just Long Zhanguo’s son earlier. If he could not even defeat Long Zhanguo’s son, what more Long Zhanguo himself?

After freezing there in thought for a while, the Supreme Genesis did not attack again.

“Since you are not attacking, then stand aside. Don’t make us angry!” the Qian Heavenly Emperor said coldly.

The Supreme Genesis’s eyelids twitched wildly. His son had died, but he could not do anything about it, forced to move aside.

“Humph! Let’s go!” the Supreme Genesis snorted coldly. Then, he turned his head and shot into the distance, feeling mortified.


Suddenly, dark clouds blocked the Supreme Genesis.

“What’s going on?” The Supreme Genesis’s expression changed.

These dark clouds were the result of the black liquid from the Cultural Dao Sage Palace. The dark clouds already surrounded Heavenly Yin City, evidently forming a huge barrier that blocked the Supreme Genesis.

“Break!” The Supreme Genesis punched.


The black clouds trembled but did not break. However, the powerful impact caused the entire Heavenly Yin City to shudder.

“As we said, no one is permitted to leave. If you are not going to wait quietly, we can kill you immediately,” Long Zhanguo said coldly.

The Supreme Genesis glared at the Qian Heavenly Emperor in fury.

The Qian Heavenly Emperor looked back at the Supreme Genesis, radiating cold, murderous intent from his eyes.

The Supreme Genesis’s eyelids twitched wildly as he snorted coldly. He could only land on the summit of a mountain.

The Supreme Genesis calmed down. The surrounding Solar Divine Palace disciples felt confused, not daring to say anything as they flew behind him.


In the distant restaurant, Lord Tang sneered as he looked at the distant Supreme Genesis. “Ultimately, a thug requires a thug to control him. The Solar Divine Palace is unparalleled, but it still has to submit meekly like a quail before Long Zhanguo.”


On the other side, Emperor Kong narrowed his eyes slightly. “Black liquid? This is the means of the lifespan Dao, right? This barrier locked down everything in Heavenly Yin City to prevent the Supreme Genesis and the Future Buddha from informing Heaven?”

“If the Qian Heavenly Emperor wants to oppose Heaven like Old Mister Guan Qi did, why does he not want Heaven to know? What is he planning?” the Azure Emperor said with slightly narrowed eyes.

The Future Buddha held his palms together and sighed.

If he resisted, the Supreme Genesis’s earlier suffering would be the Future Buddha’s fate. Even with his Reincarnation Pool, it was useless. The Qian Heavenly Emperor had made ample preparations this time.

Everyone waited quietly.

“Your Holy Eminence, soon! It will be done soon!” Lifespan Beiming said excitedly.

The Qian Heavenly Emperor looked at the Cultural Dao Sage Palace above in silence.

Gushing black liquid poured out of the Cultural Dao Sage Palace’s doors. The interior could not be seen at all.


As everyone waited, the huge Cultural Dao Sage Palace suddenly exploded with a thunderous report. The black liquid blasted it into pieces, and surging black liquid spread out in all directions.

A black chain suddenly flew out of the black liquid.


With a clatter, one end of the chain rushed towards the Qian Heavenly Emperor.

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“It’s coming, Your Holy Eminence!” Lifespan Beiming appeared excited.


The Qian Heavenly Emperor extended his hand and grabbed that chain.


Suddenly, seventeen more large black chains flew out towards the Qian Heavenly Emperor.

Like before, the Qian Heavenly Emperor grabbed them.


As the chains rattled, the Qian Heavenly Emperor’s eyes brightened with excitement.

“Hah!” Long Zhanguo shouted and yanked.

The black liquid around the chains suddenly burst, encasing Heavenly Yin City’s surroundings.

Long Zhanguo held one end of the eighteen chains. The other end led to a spinning black hole.

“A black hole? What is that black hole?”

“The chains are connected to the black hole? Is His Holy Eminence going to pull down that black hole?”

“Isn’t that the Cultural Dao Sage Palace? Why is there a black hole?”

The citizens appeared confused.

The expressions of the Supreme Genesis, the Future Buddha, the Azure Emperor, and Emperor Kong changed.

“Long Zhanguo, you…you are going to pull down the Human Path Secret Realm? What are you planning?” the Supreme Genesis exclaimed.

“Amitābha! Qian Heavenly Emperor, the Human Path Secret Realm is the human path of reincarnation of this world. Where can you bring it? You have no place to put it unless you have an immortal firmament!” the Future Buddha said as he shook his head and kept his palms pressed together.

“That’s not right. An immortal firmament? Could Long Zhanguo have…” The Azure Emperor’s expression changed.

Long Zhanguo waved his hand, and what looked like a white bubble came out of his palm. Then, he put the ends of the eighteen chains he held into the bubble in his palm. That bubble seemed to contain overwhelming energy. It drew hard on the chains, pulling on the black hole in the sky with great force.


That black hole immediately trembled, apparently getting dragged down by an overwhelming force.

“The human path of reincarnation moved? That huge force managed to pull it? That…that is an immortal firmament?” The Azure Emperor’s expression changed.

“Long Zhanguo’s immortal firmament? Is he going to use that newborn immortal firmament to contain the human path of reincarnation?” Emperor Kong raised his eyebrows.

“You…you… How did you get an immortal firmament? That is something from the legends! One gets born only once every one million years! The last time one appeared was only eight hundred thousand years ago! Furthermore, that was the only time it happened! Just that once! How did you get one?!” The Supreme Genesis’s expression changed.

“When an immortal firmament appears, the world gets plunged into chaos. There will be a scene of desolation; not even a tenth of all life will remain.” Cold sweat broke out on the Future Buddha’s forehead.

“It really is an immortal firmament? The Qian Heavenly Emperor hid himself well.” The Azure Emperor’s eyelids twitched wildly. As he looked at Long Zhanguo, he suddenly felt afraid.

“Long Zhanguo has a newborn immortal firmament. If he merges the human path of reincarnation into it, then even Heaven can’t do anything to him?” Emperor Kong’s eyelids twitched wildly.

“An immortal firmament? An immortal firmament? How could Long Zhanguo have one? No! No!” The Supreme Genesis’s expression changed dramatically, turning incredibly anxious.

Now, the Supreme Genesis no longer desired to fight Long Zhanguo. Only people like him who reincarnated through the ages would understand how terrifying an immortal firmament was. That dread came from deep within his soul.

Ao Tianhuang, Long Shenying, Long Shenwen, Long Shenwu, Sima Zongheng, Lifespan Beiming, and other Qian Nation officials all showed excited expressions.


Long Zhanguo’s immortal firmament pulled again. The eighteen chains dragged the large black hole in the sky down further.

The human path of reincarnation being forcefully pulled into Long Zhanguo’s immortal firmament seemed to affect the world. Even with the lifespan Dao’s black liquid barrier enveloping Heavenly Yin City, powerful tremors and shock waves spread out from Heavenly Yin City.

These came like thunder in a clear sky.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions resounded all around the Qian Heavenly Dynasty, spreading from the heavenly court’s cities. These explosions spread even farther, proliferating throughout the Divine Continent.

Soon, violent explosions broke out all over the world. Waves surged up from the sea, looking like the end of the world had arrived.

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