Book 04 Chapter 115: Mo Yike Awaits
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 04 Chapter 115: Mo Yike Awaits

When Bing Ji saw Gu Hai fall asleep, she walked out of the room while biting her lip.

She walked to the brook outside the house and looked to the east.

“Has Gu Hai drunk it?” Bing Ji suddenly heard a stern voice.

Some resistance flashed in Bing Ji’s eyes as she nodded. “He drank it.”

That stern voice rang out again. “Well done!”

“However, why are we giving him the Mind Conceding Soup?” Bing Ji asked.

The stern voice rang out again. “You don’t need to know too much. Just do as I say. Give him another bowl in the future!”

Bing Ji appeared reluctant.

“Do you hear me?” the stern voice pressed.

“Yes, yes!” Bing Ji nodded, appearing to be somewhat fearful.

“Alright!” The stern voice sounded satisfied. Then, there was nothing more.

As Bing Ji looked to the east, she showed a complicated expression in her eyes.

Bing Ji’s expression only recovered to normal when she did not hear that stern voice for some time.

Bing Ji opened her mouth and spat out a clump of blue energy.


The instant the clump of blue energy appeared, vast amounts of frost and snow appeared in the surroundings. The ambient temperature plummeted. This clump of blue energy was the ice spirit king’s souls.

The ice spirit king’s souls seemed to be pleading for mercy, but Bing Ji just narrowed her eyes.


Suddenly, a crow-shaped image came out of Bing Ji’s forehead. However, this crow was entirely snow-white, a white crow.


The crow opened its beak to swallow the ice spirit king’s souls.

“Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!” The ice spirit king’s souls tried to resist. However, the white crow still managed to swallow them under Bing Ji’s control.

Then, the white crow suddenly released glacial energy. All its feathers turned crystalline and transparent.

“Frost Crow Deity! You finally gained some resistance?” Bing Ji said while biting her lips.


The Frost Crow Deity let out a drawn-out cry.


Suddenly, countless large white frost crows flew out of Bing Ji’s sleeves and circled her like a well-trained army. These frost crows did not seem intelligent, more like puppets with

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