Book 04 Chapter 093: Damage Fixing Pearl
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 04 Chapter 093: Damage Fixing Pearl

The eyes of the many spies around immediately lit up, sharpening with alertness when Gu Hai and Fairy Waner left the manor.

“Is it fine to go out like this?” Fairy Waner asked worriedly.

“It is safe only because we are going out like this.” Gu Hai smiled.

The two flagged down an immortal crane carriage. After paying the necessary spirit stones, they headed to the southern sector of the city.


After the immortal crane carriage left, a number of experts followed them.


Standing on a floating island, Li Shenji watched Gu Hai and Fairy Waner leave. His eyes narrowed slightly. “It is not just Gu Hai’s cultivation that increased. This Fairy Waner’s cultivation seems to have increased as well?”

Li Shenji turned his head to look at a distant floating island.

That floating island was where Xi Yong was.

“Given Xi Yong’s vengeful nature, he will probably do something since you framed him previously. He is no kind soul. After waiting for you for ten days, he should be making his move, right? If you die at his hands, then it will have nothing to do with me. Ha!” Li Shenji revealed a cold smile.


Indeed, on that particular floating island, Xi Yong immediately saw Gu Hai and Fairy Waner come out.

“Who is that woman?” Xi Yong raised his eyebrows.

“That is the demon woman whom the archduke wanted to kill back then. Purple Subtlety and Longevity saved her, resulting in Gu Hai writing ‘Chivalrous Legends,’” one of the guards explained.

“It’s her? Why is she in Gu Hai’s manor? When did she go in?” Xi Yong exclaimed.

“I don’t know.”

Xi Yong narrowed his eyes. “Humph! I can’t be bothered with that. Since Gu Hai is out, that is good. Keep an eye on him. I’ll let Mister Dongfang know, and we will follow him. After we find a secluded place, we will kill him.” 


One of the guards immediately flew into the distance.

The other guard brought Xi Yong to a nearby building.

“Young Archduke, who is that Mister Dongfang? Why is he helping us?” that guard asked, feeling curious.

“I don’t know. That Mister Dongfang took the initiative to seek me o

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