Book 04 Chapter 087: Heavy Snow Falling for Five Hundred Thousand Kilometers
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 04 Chapter 087: Heavy Snow Falling for Five Hundred Thousand Kilometers

He snatched the saber?

This thought struck nearly everyone in the city. Then, they rejoiced.

When five million Divine Blood Army soldiers marched on Major Metropolitan City, nearly everyone despaired. The Slaughter Heavenly Emperor’s awakening fanned that despair to a peak. Just his aura alone made all the citizens lose heart.

However, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu snatched Blood Prison, giving everyone a mental jolt. In the end, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu obtained Blood Prison. Even if he had an advantage, the result was what mattered.

Mo Yike boarded a flying ship and headed quickly for the city.

The Bat Ancestor goggled. He had known that Xi Yu was very incredible. However, the earlier scene still greatly shocked him. How strong exactly was Imperial Emperor Xi Yu?

The Chang Clan, the Xi Clan, and Qin Zibai retreated. Gu Hai also scattered Zhang Sanfeng. Then, he took out a flying ship and headed for the city.

Everyone’s attention focused on Imperial Emperor Xi Yu and the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor.

The two exchanged looks from afar.

One had a blood mist surrounding him, radiating a bloody aura.

The other had ice revolving around him, giving off cold energy.

The Slaughter Heavenly Emperor showed an icy expression. “There is no more Xi Clan? The Xi Clan? Which generation are you? We could already tell that the Xi Clan had disloyal intentions. That’s why we left you here to guard the place. Hah! Hahahaha! To think that you really rebelled?!”

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu looked at the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor with a cold gaze. “Slaughter Heavenly Emperor? Back then, you made the wrong decision.”

“Huh?” The Slaughter Heavenly Emperor’s expression turned gloomy.

“It has been six thousand years. The world is no longer the same as it was six thousand years ago!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu said indifferently.

“How audacious! How dare you be so rude to His Holy Eminence?” the First Battalion commander shouted furiously.


The First Battalion commander immediately spurred his horse forward. His figure flashed, heading for the Great Sigh Palace Hall.

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