Book 04 Chapter 083: Imminent Danger
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 04 Chapter 083: Imminent Danger

When Mo Yike saw that the First Battalion was about to charge into the city, his face sank. Then, he shouted, “Activate the Twenty-Nine Line-Pair World Ritual Array in the western sector of the city!”


Naturally, there were people from the Mo Residence in the western sector. When Mo Yike gave the order, thick fog immediately blanketed the western sector.


The thick fog covering the western sector was like a wall blocking the First Battalion.

“It’s Lord Mo! It’s Lord Mo!” some citizens cried out in exultation.

Mo Yike boarded a flying ship and quickly headed for the foggy area in the west.

The Divine Blood Army’s First Battalion commander narrowed his eyes, and he snorted coldly, “Kill!”


One hundred thousand soldiers immediately stepped into the foggy region.

However, there was no more news from them after they entered.

“Huh?” The First Battalion commander’s face sank.

The army paused there while Mo Yike’s flying ship arrived at the ritual array.


Buzzing sounds suddenly came from inside the ritual array as countless bats suddenly appeared.

“Lord Mo blocked one hundred thousand soldiers?” someone cried out in pleasant surprise.

“A Go Dao ritual array?” The First Battalion commander’s expression turned cold.


Gu Hai’s manor, Major Metropolitan City:

“One hundred thousand Lower Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators all disappeared? The Twenty-Nine Line-Pair World Ritual Array?” Li Shenji’s expression changed as he turned his head to look at Gu Hai.

Ye Shenzhen and Long Shenwu also turned to Gu Hai because Gu Hai had laid this ritual array before.

“Brother-in-Law, are the one hundred thousand soldiers all dead?” Long Wanyu asked, feeling curious.

Gu Hai shook his head. “The Twenty-Nine Line-Pair World Ritual Array is not that capable. The one hundred thousand soldiers are just temporarily trapped. If they are not dealt with right away, they can quickly break out.”

“Ah? So, it is just a facade?” Long Wanyu showed a disappointed expression.

“That means that the ritual array will be broken from the inside soon? So, Mo Yike’s ritual array is useless?” Ye Shenzhen frowned.

Gu Hai looked into the distance and shook his head. “That might not be so.”


As everyone felt doubts, the distant Divine Blood Army’s First Battalion commander seemed to want to charge into the ritual array with his soldiers. Then, the ritual array’s fog suddenly withdrew, nearly vanishing completely, only leaving hundreds of fog pillars that looked like a gigantic dragon skeleton.

Everything inside was visible at a glance. The First Battalion suddenly stopped.

The one hundred thousand soldiers were fine, just somewhat lost. At this moment, Mo Yike stood on a gigantic cloud beast’s head. This cloud beast took the form of the Bat Ancestor.


The Bat Ancestor, who was in a stalemate with Ma Sanyan in the distance, was startled when he saw the form of Mo Yike’s cloud beast.


The cloud beast roared, suddenly bringing out the Bat Ancestor’s strong aura. Countless bats soared into the sky.

“The Twenty-Nine Line-Pair World Ritual Array? Is he imitating me?” the Bat Ancestor in the distance said in shock.

“This is just a makeshift plan. Bat Ancestor, please pardon this!” Mo Yike said seriously.

The Bat Ancestor narrowed his eyes, not caring. He turned back to Ma Sanyan but occasionally glanced at his cloud beast form.

Mo Yike controlled the cloud beast, making it extend its hand and send countless bats at the Divine Blood Army.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Middle Heavenly Palace Realm Bat Ancestor mimicry immediately blocked the frontmost soldiers.

The First Battalion commander narrowed his eyes. “Humph! A Go Dao ritual array? It comes from the Heavenly Go Pavilion, right? Had my dynasty not sealed itself away back then, my Slaughter Nation’s soldiers would have leveled the Heavenly Go Pavilion long ago. Do you actually want to block me with this? Fire arrows!”

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Hundreds of thousands of soldiers immediately took out their bows and fired a barrage of arrows at Mo Yike.


The cloud beast suddenly roared. Then, Mo Yike flung out his sleeves, immediately sending countless bats to knock away the arrow rain heading for him. The cloud beast’s figure flashed, instantly throwing a palm strike at dozens of Lower Heavenly Palace Realm soldiers.


The attack sent dozens of soldiers flying.

“The Slaughter Nation’s Divine Blood Army? You are only so-so. Hah! Hahahaha!” Mo Yike laughed.

After saying that, the cloud beast rushed towards the soldiers. There was a huge gap between the Middle Heavenly Palace Realm and the Lower Heavenly Palace Realm. Although the other side had many people, Mo Yike had plenty of maneuvering space.

However, there were simply too many opponents. Mo Yike did not dare to remain in one spot for too long. He could only keep moving around, attacking while diverting the First Battalion’s attention and humiliating the other party at the same time.

The First Battalion commander coldly eyed Mo Yike, revealing an angry smile. “There is no one that my Divine Blood Army cannot kill. Kill!”

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The army immediately charged towards Mo Yike’s cloud beast.

Far in the distance, Li Shenji narrowed his eyes slightly. “Mo Yike is continuously mocking the other party to hold their attention, to incite the First Battalion to target him?”

“When the ritual array’s fog vanished, it left behind those fog pillars. However, those are not the true framework of the ritual array; Mo Yike hid the real one. There is no way to block six hundred thousand soldiers with just one cloud beast, so he can only harass them to draw the heat. Ha! This First Battalion commander is overconfident.” Gu Hai narrowed his eyes as he looked into the distance.

Amid rumbling, Mo Yike used the Twenty-Nine Line-Pair World Ritual Array to delay the First Battalion in the west.

Just when the citizens felt celebratory, the Second Battalion commander to the north of the city shouted, “Second Battalion, heed my command! Attack the city! Slaughter in and collect their blood!”


A unified roar came from the north, causing the citizens’ expressions to change.

We have defended the west. There is still the north. What do we do?

Two hundred thousand soldiers blockaded the north of the city, preventing people from escaping, while the other four hundred thousand soldiers followed the Second Battalion commander in charging the city from the north.


No one could rival them wherever they went. They passed by Five Sacred Mountains Academy along the way, prompting the academy’s students and lecturers to flee in fear.

“Save me, Your Reverence!”

However, how could the academy students and lecturers be faster than the Divine Blood Army? Many of them died in the blink of an eye.

“Divine Blood Army, I’m your opponent! Hah!” Qin Zibai roared as he rushed over.

Qin Zibai had already stationed the army that followed him in the city. Only ten people dared to come and assist him, all Lower Heavenly Realm cultivators. However, they turned pale as they faced four hundred thousand Lower Heavenly Realm soldiers.

“Kill!” Qin Zibai shouted, swinging his saber at the Divine Blood Army.

“Humph! You are seeking death!” Fire the arrows!” the Second Battalion commander shouted.

Qin Zibai quickly dodged, rushing towards the Second Battalion commander at the center. He aimed to deal with their leader, so that the rest would fall apart.


Qin Zibai faced boundless resistance along the way. The Divine Blood Army did its best to attack Qin Zibai.

The Second Battalion commander narrowed his eyes, as Qin Zibai was a Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator, after all. It looked like Qin Zibai would reach him soon.

Excitement flashed in Qin Zibai’s eyes. If I chop down this Second Battalion commander, I will plunge them into chaos, right?

“Ha! You are just a newly advanced Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator, yet you dare to be so brazen before me? You are seeking death!” the Second Battalion commander snorted coldly.

Suddenly, the Second Battalion commander swung his saber.


A huge manifested saber clashed with the manifested saber that Qin Zibai sent out in a hurry.


A loud report rang out. The other party’s manifested saber knocked Qin Zibai back.

The hearts of citizens turned cold.

“Third Battalion, heed my command! Attack the city! Slaughter everyone and collect their blood!” A shout came from the south of the city.

“No!” Countless despairing voices rose in the city.

“Chang Clan Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators, guard the southern sector of the city!” Chang Sheng shouted in the city.


Chang Ming, his second uncle, his third uncle, and his fourth uncle rushed to the southern sector.


A group of vampires flew over, and a multitude of bats suddenly appeared.


The vampires clashed with the Divine Blood Army. Chang Ming’s second uncle, third uncle, and fourth uncle immediately demonstrated great strength.

“Newly advanced Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators?” The Third Battalion commander narrowed his eyes.

Three Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators?


Chang Ming’s three uncles did the same as Qin Zibai, charging straight for the Third Battalion commander, who was in the middle.

“Humph! So what if there are three Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators? You have only just advanced and are not even worth a strike!” The Third Battalion commander swung his saber.

“Hah!” The three Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators swung their sabers simultaneously.

Boom! A loud report rang out.

The three Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators moved back slightly. Apparently, even three Middle Heavenly Palace cultivators could not do anything to the Third Battalion commander.

Outside, Chang Ming’s expression changed.

Although Chang Ming gained a fortuitous encounter, receiving a divine cultivation technique, there was still an enormous chasm between the Middle Heavenly Palace Realm and the Lower Heavenly Palace Realm. Now, four hundred thousand soldiers charged over, but the strongest of the Chang Clan, his father, was severely injured. What could they do?

“Primogenitor, the nation is facing a crisis. Please pardon my father and let him make up for it with contributions!” Chang Ming immediately shouted to the distant Bat Ancestor.

The Bat Ancestor’s expression appeared sullen as he turned his head to look at the coughing Chang Sheng.

“Humph! I’ll spare you this time. If there is a next time, I’ll take care of you!” the Bat Ancestor snorted coldly.


With a flip of the Bat Ancestor’s hand, three bones with blood and flesh clinging to them shot towards Chang Sheng.


The three bones instantly stabbed into Chang Sheng’s body. Then, his body squirmed, and a bloody aura erupted from him. He recovered significantly in the blink of an eye.

“Many thanks, Primogenitor!” Chang Sheng bowed respectfully to the Bat Ancestor.

“Humph!” the Bat Ancestor snorted coldly. Chang Sheng charged towards the Third Battalion commander.

The Chang Clan worked on resisting the Third Battalion.

“Fourth Battalion, heed my command! Attack the city! Slaughter everyone and collect their blood!” A loud shout came from the east of the city.

The Divine Blood Army attacked from all sides. The soldiers at the eastern sector of the city were immediately horrified.

“Xi Clan, come with me and defend the city! Activate the calligraphy Dao ritual array in the eastern sector!” Archduke Xi Kang suddenly shouted.


Suddenly, churning, yellow fog appeared in the eastern sector of the city. Archduke Xi Kang quickly flew over. Many Xi Clan disciples followed him, laying calligraphy Dao ritual arrays to resist the Divine Blood Army.


Intense battles broke out in the surroundings of Major Metropolitan City.

However, the Yuan Nation’s military force was in imminent danger.

In the western sector of the city, Mo Yike could only delay the First Battalion. At the moment, he was agitating them. Should they choose to ignore him, they could enter the city in the blink of an eye.

In the northern sector of the city, Qin Zibai could not block the Second Battalion commander. What more the four hundred thousand soldiers of the Second Battalion?

In the southern sector of the city, the Chang Clan managed to resist the Third Battalion. However, that was due to Chang Sheng’s intervention, rushing to the Third Battalion commander, which prompted the Third Battalion to attack this group of experts.

In the eastern sector of the city, the Xi Clan only just activated their calligraphy Dao ritual arrays, and the results had yet to be seen.

The citizens were flustered.

Mo Yike also showed a bitter expression.

“Mister Gu, I laid a Twenty-Nine Line-Pair World Ritual Array at each of the four city gates. I sincerely ask Mister Gu to assist my Yuan Nation!” When Mo Yike managed to catch a breather, he looked bitterly into the city.

In the city, many of the Mo Residence’s men naturally obeyed Mo Yike. They quickly sent people to Gu Hai’s manor.

Gu Hai waved his hand, and fog appeared around the manor. The Mo Residence’s men knelt on one knee outside.

“Mister Gu, the Yuan Nation is in a crisis. Mister Gu, please help us defend the city!”

“Mister Gu, after they break into the city, they will slaughter everyone. We sincerely ask Mister Gu for assistance!”

“Mister Gu, these are the Go stones that our clan head left after laying the Twenty-Nine Line-Pair World Ritual Arrays. We sincerely ask Mister Gu to control the Twenty-Nine Line-Pair World Ritual Arrays!”

Amid the fog, Gu Hai narrowed his eyes slightly.

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