Book 04 Chapter 026: Clash between a Seer and a Heaven’s Favored
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 04 Chapter 026: Clash between a Seer and a Heaven’s Favored

“The Primal Essence Shield? The Blood Prison imitation?”

Qin Zibai looked at the saber handle and broken shield in his hands, and a cold sweat broke out on his forehead. These are my two strongest treasures, yet Gu Hai’s saber strike easily broke them?

I would have been chopped down if I had not fled quickly and used the Primal Essence Shield and Blood Prison imitation to block.

Even if I am strong, I can’t possibly be as tough as these two treasures.

Qin Zibai raised his head and looked at the distant Gu Hai.

The flame around Gu Hai had dwindled significantly. The Life Ender Saber in his hand was once more in its original state—full of cracks.

“Gu Hai!” Qin Zibai exclaimed in a cold voice containing a trace of fear and shock.

After panting for a while, Gu Hai recovered. He held the Life Ender Saber in his hands and looked coldly at Qin Zibai.

“Supreme Commander Qin? Ha! Should we try that again?” Gu Hai said coldly.

Qin Zibai’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Humph! Your Life Ender Saber is cracked again.”

“Indeed, it’s cracked again. However, we can still unseal it one more time. Supreme Commander Qin? Shall we try again?” Gu Hai said with a ferocious expression.

“If you could unseal it, would you even be wasting time speaking with me now?” Qin Zibai retorted sullenly.

Gu Hai held the saber’s handle with one hand and took the same stance as before, looking like he would unseal the saber again.

Gu Hai no longer had any Mending Heaven Energy. However, he had to put up a facade of strength. Otherwise, if the other party realized how weak he was, the consequences would be terrible.

“You can give it a try,” Gu Hai said with a cold expression.

Qin Zibai’s eyelids twitched wildly. He guessed that Gu Hai was already at the end of his rope. However, he did not dare to gamble on it, for losing the gamble meant death.

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Gu Hai showed a grave expression. Qin Zibai’s expression also turned grave.

The two’s battle strangely came to a standstill.

The surroundings fell silent.

The people in the city and the soldiers outside all stared at these two, who were in a battle to the death. However, no one stepped forward; no one had the strength to.


Just at this moment, rumbling suddenly came from the north.

One hundred flying ships rushed over from the north.

“That way! That way! Hurry! Hurry!” Long Wanyu shouted from on the centermost flying ship.

Prince Shenwu looked into the distance, and his pupils suddenly constricted.

“Gu Hai is fighting Qin Zibai? Furthermore, they fought to a standstill? That’s impossible, right?” Sima Changkong exclaimed in shock.

It was not just Sima Changkong. Prince Shenwu suddenly clenched his fist. As he looked at Gu Hai, some fear appeared on his face. His perspective was from a different angle from others.

Previously, Gu Hai defeated Lu Yang to take revenge for Huangfu Chaoge. He only managed to gain that power because of the citizens’ hatred. Now, he reached a stalemate with Qin Zibai. He must have used the power of the Han Nation again.

Only how long has passed? It has only been a few months. However, the citizens of the twenty-four Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty cities are already willing to lend their strength to Gu Hai?

He has gained the support of the citizens in such a short time? This was what aroused fear in Prince Shenwu.


The one hundred flying ships approached in the blink of an eye, kicking up strong winds.

Gu Hai’s and Qin Zibai’s expressions turned grave as they looked over.

“Long Shenwu?” Qin Zibai’s expression chilled.

This situation surpassed Qin Zibai’s expectations. Why did Prince Shenwu come here? Shouldn’t he be waiting for me to kill Gu Hai?

The complication meant that his plan to kill Gu Hai was no longer feasible. Now, he had to guard against Prince Shenwu.

Qin Zibai’s army behind him had one hundred flying ships approaching as well.

The flying ships from both sides faced each other. The soldiers on the flying ships raised their bows and coldly eyed the other side.

“Qin Zibai, it has been a long time!” Prince Shenwu said with a cold voice.

“Prince Shenwu? Are you here to help Gu Hai?” Qin Zibai said in a frosty tone.

Prince Shenwu did not reply. Instead, he turned his head to look at Gu Hai.

“Mister Gu, you are truly capable, indeed. This prince underestimated you,” Prince Shenwu said seriously.

“Welcome, Prince Shenwu. Pardon Gu Hai for failing to receive you from afar.” Gu Hai smiled faintly, not revealing anything.

“Brother-in-Law! Haha! The old fogey finally agreed to let me come and find you!” Long Wanyu shouted excitedly.

She pushed hard with her feet.


Long Wanyu jumped to the mountain peak where Gu Hai stood.

“Princess, be careful!” Venerable Liu Nian’s expression changed. A group of Long Wanyu’s guards immediately flew over to Gu Hai’s vicinity.

Gu Hai, who held the bone saber, frowned at the group of people who suddenly appeared around him.

“Did you just come from the Qian Nation’s capital?” Gu Hai asked.

“Of course, I ground that old fogey for so long. Haha! Old baldy Liu Nian, isn’t that right?” Long Wanyu looked cockily at Venerable Liu Nian.

Old baldy Liu Nian?

Venerable Liu Nian smiled bitterly. Although he did not like the way Long Wanyu spoke, she did not mean anything bad by it. Her calling him names like that was perhaps a form of acknowledgment.

Venerable Liu Nian nodded.

On the other side, Qin Zibai continued to give Gu Hai a cold stare. Can I still kill Gu Hai now? Is it still possible?

Not to mention whether I can deal with Gu Hai or not, even if I manage to, can I still obtain the Han Nation’s twenty-four cities, given that Prince Shenwu’s army is here?

Qin Zibai’s expression turned increasingly sullen.

Prince Shenwu turned and looked at Qin Zibai. “Ha! Qin Zibai, just retreat. Now that this prince is here, all your efforts are for naught!”

“Humph! My efforts are for naught? That’s not necessarily so!” Dissatisfaction flashed in Qin Zibai’s eyes.

“Hahahahaha! Gu Hai, I’m back! I’m back! Hahahahaha!” Maniacal laughter suddenly came from the distant horizon.


Everyone turned their head to look and saw a vast swarm of bats flying towards the battlefield.

At a glance, the bats numbered at least ten million, some of which were extremely ferocious-looking crimson bats.

These bats surrounded a man shrouded in red light.

This was the Northern Expedition Army’s eighth battalion commander, Chang Ming.

It was the Chang Ming who had obtained a fortuitous encounter after falling into a valley while poisoned by Shangguan Hen’s snake venom.

When Chang Ming rushed over, he saw the chaotic situation. However, he did not feel any fear, as he believed in his divine technique, which was now at an accomplished level. He and his swarm of bats reached the center of the battlefield in the blink of an eye.

“Gu Hai, I’m back! Also, that vile person who poisoned me, come out together and prepare to die!” Chang Ming said with a ferocious expression.

“Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech!”

The many bats frantically flapped their wings, worrying the many citizens in the city.

“Chang Ming?” Qin Zibai said with a frown.

“Supreme Commander? You are here to deal with Gu Hai too? Haha! This is Prince Shenwu? Supreme Commander, how about you deal with Prince Shenwu? Just leave this Gu Hai to me!” Chang Ming said with determination in his eyes.

The bats behind Chang Ming flapped their wings, and he bared two crimson canines. 

“Huh? Who is this person with the unlucky face?” Long Wanyu looked at Chang Ming with disgust.

After Gu Hai risked his life to save Long Wanyu, she had come to acknowledge this brother-in-law completely. Her mother and elder sister were already dead. Now, Gu Hai was her only close family left in the world.

However, this black-robed person appeared out of nowhere and shamelessly humiliated her brother-in-law with such bold words.

There was no way she could find this person pleasing.

“Lass, what did you say? You say that I look unlucky? Hahahahaha!” Chang Ming laughed in annoyance.

“Isn’t that so? From the way you look, you must have suffered at my brother-in-law’s hands. You still want to seek trouble for my brother-in-law in your current unfortunate state?” Long Wanyu immediately berated Chang Ming without holding back.

As a heaven’s favored, Chang Ming was spoiled by the Chang Clan.

However, no matter how spoiled Chang Ming was, could he be more spoiled than Long Wanyu? So what if I scold you? Since you upset me, I’ll scold you, no matter who you are.

Venerable Liu Nian moved forward slightly, showing a faint, bitter expression.

Long Wanyu did not care how strong Chang Ming was. However, Venerable Liu Nian could tell from his aura that Chang Ming had already established his heavenly palace. Even he would not be a match for Chang Ming. Long Wanyu was truly foolish and bold.

Prince Shenwu’s face sank, and he also raised his guard.

No matter what, he could not let Long Wanyu get injured. Otherwise, the Qian Heavenly Emperor would blame him.

Chang Ming stared at Long Wanyu for a while and suddenly discovered that this Long Wanyu was even more dislikable than Gu Hai.

“You say that I look unlucky, that I’m in an unfortunate state? Lass, what do you know? Heaven protects this one! Everything goes smoothly for me. Previously, I accidentally got poisoned. Even so, I obtained…humph! You are the unlucky one. I’ll show you how laughable your earlier words are!” Chang Ming sneered.

“I said that you are unlucky, but you don’t believe me. What are you rushing over for? You’ll get slapped soon. Unfortunate!” Long Wanyu said with disdain on her face.

“I’ll get slapped? Who dares to slap me?” Chang Ming stared at Long Wanyu, feeling upset.

“Your father!” Long Wanyu said confidently.

“How dare you curse me?!” Chang Ming glared.

“Who is cursing you, you unlucky thing? Stay farther away from me. Don’t infect me with your bad luck!” Long Wanyu shouted.

Qin Zibai: “…”

Chang Ming is unlucky? This lass must be crazy. He is a heaven’s favored; everything goes smoothly for him.

“You are the unfortunate one, the unlucky one. Lass, I will show you who exactly is unfortunate and unlucky. You will be it soon!” Chang Ming roared furiously.

Then, Chang Ming waved.


All the bats behind him turned berserk, looking like they wanted to charge at Long Wanyu and teach her a lesson.

Gu Hai’s face sank, and he stepped forward to shield Long Wanyu.

“Brother-in-Law, it’s fine. He is about to get slapped. He is just an unlucky fellow. Why fear him?” Long Wanyu immediately said cockily.

“Unfortunate! I’ll make you unfortunate. Go!” Chang Ming roared ferociously.


A bellow suddenly came from the horizon. It was so loud, everyone immediately heard it.

The bellow startled all the bats into freezing. They initially appeared extremely ferocious. However, they turned horrified in the blink of an eye.

“Huh?” Chang Ming’s face sank as he turned his head to look.

A black beam of light streaked over from the distant horizon. Moving extremely fast, it instantly arrived before everyone.


A strong wind blew, and the figure creating that black light stopped in the air.

Prince Shenwu’s face sank. “Chang Sheng?”

“Grand Duke Chang Sheng?” Qin Zibai frowned.

“Father, why are you here? You even used your bloodline to suppress my bats? I’m going to teach this ignorant lass a lesson. Why are you stopping me?” Chang Ming glared.


Chang Sheng slapped Chang Ming.

“You unfilial son! How dare you?!” Chang Sheng shouted.

Chang Ming held his cheek and goggled, feeling wronged.

“I said it already, right? You look unfortunate and are about to get slapped by your father. Yet, you didn’t believe me. Haha!” Long Wanyu laughed cockily.

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