Book 04 Chapter 020: The Supreme Singularity’s Gift
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 04 Chapter 020: The Supreme Singularity’s Gift

Outside the heavenly court of the Qian Heavenly Dynasty’s capital:

A group of black-robed men stood respectfully there. The leader’s black robes had a red collar. He appeared to be a middle-aged man with a pale complexion.

“Yuan Imperial Dynasty’s Grand Duke First Class Chang Sheng brings official correspondence from Imperial Emperor Xi Yu and seeks an audience with the Qian Heavenly Emperor!” the leader of the group said respectfully.

At the nearby steps, a person holding a horsetail whisk, appearing to be an old eunuch, said indifferently, “His Holy Eminence is currently holding the heavenly court. Please wait.”

Chang Sheng stood respectfully outside the heavenly court and waited patiently.


Chaoge City:

Gu Hai, Bing Ji, and Shangguan Hen returned to Huangfu Palace Hall.

The Great Light Sovereign Deity, who had been embarrassed earlier, came once more.

When Gu Hai had asked Bing Ji about the Solar Divine Palace’s purpose in sending them to him, she had evaded the question, not giving a straight answer.

At this moment, the Great Light Sovereign Deity stood in Huangfu Palace Hall and stared at Gu Hai.

“Ha! Gu Hai? When I last saw you, you were just in the Innate Realm. Now, you have already reached the Nascent Soul Realm. I really should have killed you previously to save myself future trouble. Humph!” the Great Light Sovereign Deity said coldly.

Gu Hai narrowed his eyes slightly. “Great Light Sovereign Deity? Just say what you have to say. Why did the Solar Divine Palace send you here?”

The Great Light Sovereign Deity glanced at Bing Ji. However, she just stood at the side, remaining silent.

“Since you saved Queen Wa, Master sent me to come and thank you. At the same time, bring you a big gift,” the Great Light Sovereign Deity said.

“Oh? A big gift?” Gu Hai looked at the Great Light Sovereign Deity in doubt.

“You have already seen the big gift. It’s her.” The Great Light Sovereign Deity gestured towards Bing Ji.

“Oh?” Everyone appeared surprised.

No wonder Bing Ji evaded the question earlier. How could she possibly say that she was being given away?

Bing Ji gave Gu Hai a slight bow.

“Master sent me to assist the Han Nation Emperor. I am to reside here permanently and help the Han Royal Dynasty in making plans,” Bing Ji said seriously.

Shangguan Hen, Tang Chu, and the others appeared suspicious.

However, Gu Hai narrowed his eyes slightly. The Solar Divine Palace’s Supreme Singularity sent Bing Ji to assist me? Or is she to keep an eye on me?

“You wish to reside in my Han Royal Dynasty?” Gu Hai asked with a frown.

“No one dares to disobey Master’s order. I am here on his orders and will assist the Han Royal Dynasty with everything I have,” Bing Ji said gravely.

The Great Light Sovereign Deity traveled so far, just to escort Bing Ji here?

“What do you want to do in my Han Royal Dynasty?” Gu Hai continued frowning.

“During this time, I have studied the Han Royal Dynasty. The Han Royal Emperor established an interesting position, the corps commander, which is different from military commanders. In the Han Nation, the corps commander is more like a form of nobility. Furthermore, you strictly control the number of these positions. Up to now, you have only two corps commanders, Gao Xianzhi and Chen Tianshan. Gao Xianzhi is a divine strategist. When he fights to expand the territory, he only succeeds and never fails. However, I still have not figured out anything special about Chen Tianshan. When staying in the Han Royal Dynasty, I want an appointment that surpasses the ordinary, like the corps commanders. I want to be the Third Corps commander. I do not need any other official appointment,” Bing Ji said.

“The Han Royal Dynasty’s Third Corps commander? Huh, what capabilities do you have?” Gu Hai asked after some silence.

“I am familiar with the matters of the heavenly dynasties and holy lands. I know the map of the Divine Continent by heart. I am well versed in the history of all the major sects and major nations, be it present or ancient. I also have not lost to anyone in commanding troops and utilizing them in formations. I believe that aside from you, no one in the Han Nation can compare to me in handling politics and government matters,” Bing Ji said, not holding back.

“Ha?” Gu Hai showed a faint smile.

The Great Light Sovereign Deity said indifferently, “Ha! Gu Hai, you had better believe it. Master could bear to send Bing Ji over only because you saved Queen Wa. Humph! With Bing Ji’s capabilities, it would not be difficult to establish an imperial dynasty.”

“Han Royal Emperor, are you concerned about my origins and do not dare to use me?” Bing Ji asked with a faint smile.

Shangguan Hen frowned as he looked at Gu Hai. Earlier, he had mentioned to Gu Hai that he did not recall a Bing Ji in the Solar Divine Palace. Naturally, Shangguan Hen’s memories were the memories of the previous Black Tortoise Prime. That meant that this Bing Ji’s origins were exceptionally strange.

It was not that Gu Hai did not believe the Supreme Singularity might give him a big gift. However, he did not know the Supreme Singularity and could not fathom the Supreme Singularity’s thoughts.

“You want to be the Han Nation’s Third Corps commander?” Gu Hai asked.

“That’s right!” Bing Ji said with a resolute tone.

“The Han Royal Dynasty currently has twenty-four cities on the Divine Continent. Write an essay on current affairs to advise on policies regarding gaining the popular sentiment of the citizens. If it satisfies me, I’ll make you the Third Corps commander,” Gu Hai said indifferently.

“Alright.” Bing Ji nodded.

Bing Ji agreed straightforwardly. Then, she left Huangfu Palace Hall. Naturally, the Great Light Sovereign Deity did not want to remain, so he left with Bing Ji.

Gu Hai, Shangguan Hen, Tang Chu, and others frowned as they watched the two leave.

“Your Majesty, there is something off with this matter. Perhaps Bing Ji’s purpose in coming to my Han Nation is not as pure as she claims,” Tang Chu said with a frown.

Gu Hai nodded. “We know. That Supreme Singularity cannot possibly just be giving me a gift. It is not that simple. However, we know too little.”

“Your Majesty, Bing Ji made big claims about her capabilities earlier. Are you truly going to make her the Third Corps commander if she is indeed that capable?” Shangguan Hen asked.

“If she is indeed that capable, so what if I make her the Third Corps commander? It will all depend on her capabilities,” Gu Hai replied with certainty.

“However, she is still an unstable element in the end,” Tang Chu said worriedly.

“It doesn’t matter. We will immediately send a message to Nine-Five Island to call for Meng Tai to come to Chaoge City. The Embroidered Uniform Guard has been recruiting. They should have plenty of manpower that can be used now.” A grave look flashed in Gu Hai’s eyes.

“Yes!” Tang Chu answered.

“However, that Great Light Sovereign Deity seems to put himself against me consistently?” Gu Hai appeared puzzled.

“Haha! Perhaps I know why,” Shangguan Hen said with a faint smile.

“Oh?” Gu Hai gave Shangguan Hen a quizzical look.

“The Great Light Sovereign Deity is one of the notable people in the Solar Divine Palace. However, he is loyal to only the Supreme Singularity, overly loyal—so loyal that he will immediately eliminate anything potentially detrimental to the Supreme Singularity,” Shangguan Hen said, his voice sinking.

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“We are a potentially detrimental element to the Supreme Singularity?” Gu Hai said, feeling surprised.

“It is because Your Majesty saved Queen Wa. More accurately, the reincarnation of Queen Wa’s earthly soul, Xiaorou. Xiaorou has a strong affection for Your Majesty. This is true, right?” Shangguan Hen said with a smile.

“Huh?” Gu Hai felt slightly startled.

“Although Queen Wa’s consciousness is the one in control, Xiaorou’s memories and affections have merged into Queen Wa’s thoughts. You should know that the Supreme Singularity has been extraordinary since birth and has countless women. Only one woman has ever refused him—Queen Wa. Queen Wa always ignored him. However, the more that was so, the more the Supreme Singularity wanted her attention. Unfortunately, he never succeeded. The Supreme Singularity worked so hard but failed. However, Your Majesty obtained Xiaorou’s affections? Although the Supreme Singularity did not say anything, as the most loyal person to the Supreme Singularity, the Great Light Sovereign Deity naturally does not want you to continue existing in this world,” Shangguan Hen explained.

Gu Hai felt startled for a while. “So, that is why the Great Light Sovereign Deity keeps pitting himself against me? He saw some potential problems in the Innate Puzzle World previously, so he wanted to kill me?”

“Indeed, it is as Your Majesty guessed. The Supreme Singularity sending Bing Ji over is not a good thing. Does Your Majesty still want to keep her by your side?” Shangguan Hen smiled.

Gu Hai shook his head and said, “It does not matter. If Bing Ji is that capable, I don’t care about the Supreme Singularity.”

Shangguan Hen showed a gratified smile. At the very least, he had made the right choice. Despite knowing how strong the Supreme Singularity was, the emperor did not waver.

After Gu Hai made some arrangements, he used the Han Nation’s blessings to make an announcement to the entire nation, his voice immediately reaching all the Han Nation citizens.

“I have an announcement for all Han Nation citizens. Azure Foundation City, Mending Heaven City, and the other lost cities have officially returned to the Han Royal Dynasty. All those who lost contact with their friends and families in those cities can reestablish contact with them. We have just taken over these twenty-four cities and promise to bring peace to the Han Nation citizens!”

This voice reached the ears of countless people.

Since the citizens in Chaoge City had been paying attention to the blessings, they were already prepared and did not feel surprised.

As for the citizens of the other eleven cities that Huangfu Chaoge bequeathed to Gu Hai, this announcement completely startled them.

Although they were Han Nation citizens, they did not believe in the Han Nation’s strength. It was just a royal dynasty from a small, impoverished island. How capable could it be? Could it take cities from the Yuan Imperial Dynasty?

However, Gu Hai personally said these words. A sovereign’s words always had to be taken seriously. They had to be true.

All of the Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty’s cities have returned?

“The emperor is formidable!” many citizens cheered.

This news of victory was even more effective than any policies for appeasing the citizens. The citizens immediately felt a sense of belonging.

As for the citizens on Nine-Five Island, they were ordinary people and did not understand the significance. They only understood that the Han Royal Dynasty gained more territory.

As for the cultivators recruited from the Thousand Islands Sea, nearly all of them goggled.

“The Han Royal Dynasty is developing too rapidly, right?”

“Indeed. His Majesty obtained another twelve cities on the Divine Continent. Doesn’t that mean that aside from Nine-Five Island, he now has twenty-four cities?”

“Fortunately, I joined the Han Nation! I am now a Han Nation official. Hahaha!”

The new officials cried out excitedly.

Gu Qin was still dealing with government affairs.

However, Meng Tai’s eyelids twitched wildly. The stronger the Han Nation became, the more authority he had.

Only two years had passed. Not counting Nine-Five Island, the Han Nation already had twenty-four cities on the Divine Continent. What would it be like in the future? This would have been impossible for him alone.

Meng Tai’s final thoughts of striking out on his own vanished. Now, he only thought about doing his best to get a firm grasp on his Embroidered Uniform Guard.


In a valley on the border between the Han Royal Dynasty and the Yuan Imperial Dynasty:

The Northern Expedition Army’s eighth battalion commander, Chang Ming, remained in the valley, cultivating after obtaining the wild-looking man’s inheritance.

“What an incredible cultivation technique! Hahaha! When I become accomplished in this divine technique, Gu Hai, you vile person, watch as I level your Chaoge City to wipe away all my past shame. Hahahaha!” Chang Ming felt cocky as he cultivated.

Surging black energy radiated from Chang Ming’s body. Countless crimson bats flew around incessantly within the black energy. These bats looked even more ferocious than before. They even seemed several times stronger.

Chang Ming focused on cultivating, not knowing that his clan, the Chang Clan, was going mad searching for him.


Prince Shenwu’s study, Southern Suppression City:

“Gao Xianzhi sent this?” Prince Shenwu looked at the report before him.

Sima Changkong showed a faint bitter smile and said, “Yes. Gao Xianzhi has already engaged the Yuan Nation’s army in all-out battles. The situation is incredibly intense. Furthermore, that attracted most of the Northern Expedition Army’s forces over to deal with him. Now, he is requesting Supreme Commander to send reinforcements.”

“Using our soldiers to help the Han Nation to defend its territory? Gao Xianzhi is really bold. He actually even dares to write back to ask Supreme Commander for reinforcements? Humph!” one of the advisers snorted coldly.

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