Book 04 Chapter 012: Fire Cauldron Physique
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 04 Chapter 012: Fire Cauldron Physique

Mending Heaven Sect:

The Mending Heaven Sect was divided into the visitor district, the gambling district, and the sect district.

Only Mending Heaven Sect disciples stayed in the sect district; outsiders were not allowed. There was a mountain within the sect district that was off-limits even to sect disciples—the sect master’s, Hu Dongtian’s, private area. Any intruder would be executed.

The mountain was called Mending Heaven Peak, and Mending Heaven Palace Hall stood there.

The sect master was Hu Dongtian, and there were many disciples in the sect. However, the sect master did not have any personal disciples. This was the practice of the Mending Heaven Sect. The sect master would choose an inheritor only when the end of their lifespan approached.

The Mending Heaven Sect was not large, but it had a good reputation. When the enchanted treasures of outside experts broke, Hu Dongtian would mend them. Although he collected a fee, he left a good impression on others. While the arena hosted fights, they were all fights between evil convicts, so it did not repulse anyone.

A few days ago, Hu Dongtian brought back a batch of wicked convicts and received a special guest. Since then, he had not met with anyone.

The doors to the Mending Heaven Palace Hall remained tightly shut. However, there was an opening in the depths of the Mending Heaven Palace Hall that led underground.

The entire Mending Heaven Peak had been dug out.

“Hu Dongtian, how dare you do this to me? I’ll kill you. Do you know who I am? If anything happens to me, my master will have your head!” A furious female voice rang out.

If Gu Hai were here, he would recognize this woman as none other than the mighty Fairy Waner from Silver Moon City. Her “Miserable World” had shut off the senses of everyone in the city. Later on, the same piece even prevented Prince Shenwu’s army from advancing.

However, Fairy Waner’s four limbs were bound by four ropes that came from the wall.

Although she remained veiled, the sweat from her struggles left her veil wet. Even so, she still could not get free. Boundless panic and fluster filled her eyes.

The place where Fairy Waner was bound was a magnificent room with all sorts of furnishings, including a large bed.

There was a staircase nearby that headed down.

“Uh! No!”



Panting and moaning came from the floor below, sounding like people having sex downstairs.

There was only one male voice but ten-odd female voices.

“Fairy Waner, stop shouting. It’s pointless to shout. Once I absorb sufficient female Yin energy, I will come and take care of you. Hahahahaha!” The man’s voice rang out from downstairs.

“Hu Dongtian, you dare?!” Fairy Waner roared while glaring.

“Haven’t you seen whether I dare to or not? Hahahaha! A fire cauldron physique is truly the best cultivation cauldron. I will dote on you tenderly. You can help me form my fire nascent soul, and the fire cauldron physique can temper my fire nascent soul. Hahaha! Perhaps I can become the greatest of all of Mending Heaven Sect’s sect masters!” Hu Dongtian’s voice came from downstairs.

“No! Master! Don’t! Don’t!” A pained female voice came from below.

Fairy Waner’s expression changed wildly. “How did you know that I have the fire cauldron physique?”

“How did I know? I told you before. The cultivation technique of my Mending Heaven Sect is one of the best coital cultivation techniques in the world. The last time I saw you, I sensed it with my cultivation technique. Unexpectedly…unexpectedly, I managed to get this opportunity! Hahahaha!” Hu Dongtian laughed excitedly downstairs. 

“No! Master! Ah! Ah! No! Don’t! Argh!” Horrified shouts came from one of the women downstairs. Then, she said no more.

“Xiaodie died!”

“Master, don’t choose me! Don’t choose me! Sob! Sob!”

“Let me go, Master! I don’t want to end up like Xiaodie, Xiaoxin, and the others. I don’t want to die like them!”

Horrified voices of women immediately rang out.

“Coital cultivation? Rather, you are harvesting Yin energy to nourish your Yang energy, right? That is not coital cultivation at all. All of them died?” Fairy Waner said in horror.

“Dying to my precious is their fortune. Initially, these fifty Golden Core Realm female slaves could last me one year. However, I am willing to give them up because of you today. Hehe!” Hu Dongtian’s voice came from below.

“Mending Heaven Peak is your cave of depravity? You searched all over for female cultivators to be your cultivation cauldron, harvesting their Yin energy to nourish your Yang energy?” Disgust flashed in Fairy Waner’s eyes.

“Hahahaha! So what if you know? Are you still hoping to escape from here? I am not capable of many things, but I am good at mending enchanted treasures. Do you know how many broken treasures I have collected? Even Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators would yearn for those treasures. However, these treasures were all broken, allowing me to obtain them easily. After I obtained them, I mended them all. My Mending Heaven Sect is full of traps, even more tightly guarded than a royal dynasty’s palace—no, an imperial dynasty’s palace. You cannot escape. Just like now, you can’t even bring out your strength, right? Your cultivation is suppressed to the Golden Core Realm, and you cannot make use of your energies or enchanted treasures. Escape? Hahahaha!” Hu Dongtian sneered.

“Ah! No! Don’t! I can’t last much longer! Ah! Master! Spare me! Ah!” The voice of another woman rang out.

“Xiaolin died too! Master! Spare me! Don’t! Master! Don’t!”

“Sob! Sob! Sob! Master, spare me! Please!”

The voices of women begging came from below—this accompanied the rattling of chains. No matter how they begged, they would not escape Hu Dongtian’s demonic claws.

“Fairy Waner, don’t be in such a rush. You have the fire cauldron physique and are a virgin. Right now, I don’t dare to touch you. Otherwise, when your Yin essence enters my body, it won’t help me form a fire nascent soul but burn up my heart aperture. I’ll come and deal with you after I gather enough energy. I guarantee you pleasure. Hahahaha!” Hu Dongtian’s voice rang out again.

“You dare?!” Fairy Waner said with a glare.

“Aren’t I preparing now? Hahahaha!”

“My master will not let you off!”

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“Your master? Speaking of which, I seemed to have sensed with my cultivation technique that your master is also a cauldron physique. However, I couldn’t make out exactly what type it was. Even so, it’s no weaker than yours. I believe that cultivating fire-attributed cultivation techniques goes very smoothly for your fire cauldron physique, right? By the way, what cultivation techniques is your master good at?” Hu Dongtian wondered aloud downstairs.

“You bastard! How dare you speak so rudely about my master!” Fairy Waner said in a rage.

“So what? She won’t know anyway. Just like my taking your Yin essence. She won’t know about it, right? Who told you to throw yourself into my hands? Ha!” Hu Dongtian laughed lasciviously. 

Fluster flashed in Fairy Waner’s eyes. “It is all Gu Hai’s fault. He is the reason I risked playing a forbidden piece to try and make a breakthrough. If not for that, my guqin would not have broken, and I would not have sought you out to fix it. Then, I wouldn’t—”

“Wouldn’t end up in my hands? Ha! There is no use complaining. You have a fire cauldron physique. Even if you don’t give it to me today, you will just end up benefiting another man in the future.” Hu Dongtian continued laughing lasciviously. 

Cold sweat broke out on Fairy Waner’s forehead. I have been smart all my life. How could I have been so foolish this once?

How did I fall for the tricks of this vile person?

“Uh! Uh! Ah! Argh!”

“Huff! Huff! Ah! Died again?”

Huffing and moaning came from below again. As the chained Golden Core Realm female slaves died, the panic in Fairy Waner’s eyes grew.

This is already the third day Hu Dongtian has been plundering Yin energy to nourish his Yang energy. Now… 

Fairy Waner wanted to struggle free. However, some treasure used in this room was creating a certain pressure that prevented her from using energy. Even her enchanted treasures refused to listen to her. She could not do anything at all.

“Hu Dongtian! You! Even if I have to become a ghost, I will not let you off!” Fairy Waner roared in despair.

“Argh!” It seemed like the final woman below let out a miserable cry and stopped breathing.

“Hahahaha! All done. Now, my Yang energy is at its peak. Hahaha! Be a ghost, then. I’ll make sure you become a sex-crazed ghost. Hahahaha!” Hu Dongtian laughed.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

Footsteps approached from downstairs, and the fear in Fairy Waner’s eyes intensified.

Hu Dongtian walked up, naked. His lower body glowed like hot metal and was covered in blood.

Hu Dongtian had white hair, but his face looked extremely juvenile, an effect of harvesting Yin energy to nourish his Yang energy.

“You…you…you…” Fairy Waner was furious and horrified.

“What about me? Hehe! Having a fire cauldron physique is a blessing for me. My Mending Heaven Cultivation Technique is hard to cultivate in the first place. If I absorb your Yin essence, I won’t have to worry about my fire nascent soul. Hahaha! My essence energy is now at its peak. I can endure your physique now. Hahahaha!” Hu Dongtian said with excitement.

“You dare?! You dare?! I’ll kill you!” Fairy Waner exclaimed in incredible horror.

However, Hu Dongtian waved his hand, and a pink ball suddenly flew over from the nearby bed.


Hu Dongtian extended his hand and operated the enchanted treasure. The pink ball floated around this underground room, scattering a pink mist throughout the place. Some of this pink mist quickly entered Fairy Waner’s nose.

Suddenly, Fairy Waner felt her blood race through her body, and she felt different.

“What is this?” Fairy Waner asked in horror.

“This is a treasure passed down in my Mending Heaven Sect, the Mending Heaven Ball. This pink gas coming from the Mending Heaven Ball will make you like having coital cultivation with me. This ball also sets up a force field in the surroundings, preventing you from using your energies or enchanted treasures. Hehe! What do you think? Are you feeling it yet? Are you wet below yet?” Hu Dongtian laughed lasciviously as he walked over slowly.

“You…you…you…just kill me. Let me die!” Fairy Waner said in horror.

“There’s no rush. I will let you die in pleasure later. Hahaha!” Hu Dongtian approached slowly.

Then, he took his time undoing the chains binding Fairy Waner.


Fairy Waner threw a palm strike, but her attack was soft. She was already completely sapped of strength, and her eyes turned dazed.

“Hahahahaha! I will dote on you tenderly. There’s no rush! No rush at all!” Hu Dongtian carried Fairy Waner to the nearby bed.

“No, don’t. Don’t…” Fairy Waner revealed an expression of despair.

However, Fairy Waner could no longer suppress her body’s reaction. Despair filled her eyes as tears flowed out and her consciousness faded. During this time, the various scenes of the past flashed in her mind.

However, the final scene she saw was that of the most detestable Gu Hai. He is clearly not comparable to me, but why does he always triumph over me?

Due to the influence of the Mending Heaven Ball, Fairy Waner’s consciousness slowly turned hazy. As she breathed deeply, she looked extremely enticing.

“I’m coming. Hahaha! Let me take a look first. What do you look like?” Hu Dongtian said excitedly, wanting to remove Fairy Waner’s veil.

Just at this moment, panicked shouts came from outside.

“Sect Master! Sect Master! It’s not good!” some disciples cried out anxiously.

Hu Dongtian’s expression changed, some irritation appearing in his eyes. Did something happen outside? However, he felt reluctant to leave Fairy Waner. He had yet to do anything to her.

“Sect Master! There’s an enemy attack! Someone used a ritual array to trap my Mending Heaven Sect!”

“Sect Master, quickly come out!”

“Sect Master! Sect Master! It’s not good!”

The cries outside frustrated Hu Dongtian. He wanted to tear off Fairy Waner’s veil several times, but he did not do so in the end.

Why did this have to happen now?

“What a time for interruptions!” Hu Dongtian grumbled in frustration.

He wanted to ignore what was going on outside several times. However, the anxious cries interrupted him every time.

This continued until he heard Tang Chu’s voice coming from outside.

“Everyone inside, listen up. The Mending Heaven Sect’s Hu Dongtian has broken the Han Royal Dynasty’s laws. We are here to capture Hu Dongtian today. This does not involve anyone else. Don’t act rashly. We will let everyone leave later, so please cooperate. If anyone acts rashly, we will treat them the same as the offender!” 

When Hu Dongtian heard this, his face sank. Then, he snorted coldly.

He showed a depressed expression as he looked reluctantly at Fairy Waner squirming on the bed.

“Humph! Wait for me to return. I will show you some special care then.” Hu Dongtian appeared frustrated.

Then, he put on his clothes quickly and walked out, feeling upset.

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