Book 02 Chapter 029: Wei Yang’s Letter
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 02 Chapter 029: Wei Yang’s Letter

Great Feng Mafia Family:

When Gu Hai revealed his face, all the cultivators’ purpose in the Great Feng Mafia Family changed. They no longer cared about gambling. Now, they focused on Gu Hai.

Gu Hai entered the Great Feng Mafia Family’s family region and posted evil men to guard it, preventing the cultivators from getting close.

However, it did not matter if they could not get close, as long as Gu Hai remained there. The many cultivators came together and hatched a plan, plotting a large operation.

Hence, the cultivators made sure to keep an eye on the family region. Fortunately, Gu Hai never came out.

At this moment, a few cultivators stood silently in a depression in a mountain.

This group frowned at the nearby evil men holding swords and sabers.

“Is there any movement?” one of them asked, having just arrived.

“None. They seem to have rotated evil men. However, these evil men are very vigilant; we could not get close at all. In fact, they discovered us long ago,” another person said while frowning.

“What is Gu Hai doing in there?”

“Look, something seems to be happening there!”


“Fog? Why is there suddenly so much fog? It appeared very quickly in thick banks. Furthermore, it is very thick?”

“Is it still increasing?”

“A great fog that blocks out the sky and sun, encompassing the Great Feng Mafia Family’s family region?”

“A large ritual array? Is this a ritual array?”

The group of observers showed shocked expressions.

Soon, the evil men in the distance vanished into the vast fog. The thick, churning fog looked exceptionally strange.

The many observers’ expressions changed greatly.

“Is Gu Hai laying a ritual array? It must be Gu Hai laying a ritual array! He is not preparing to come out?”

“That’s not right. That’s not right. Remember the Innate Puzzle World? That was just a setup. Back then, Gu Hai laid a large ritual array, making everyone think that he was still in there. However, he had already sneaked off?”

“Is Gu Hai doing that again?”

“Quickly, go and inform the others. Seal off the surroundings; don’t let Gu Hai escape!”

“Quick, quick, quick! Inform everyone!”

Many of the cultivators outside moved.

Of course, some cultivators tried to push their way slowly into the ritual array.

However, once they entered the fog… 


Suddenly, a huge saber qi charged out of the vast fog.


A cultivator suddenly let out a miserable scream before the saber qi chopped him in half.




Shrieks rang out in the ritual array, scaring the countless cultivators outside who heard them. Some of the cultivators in the ritual array eventually managed to escape. However, most of those that did had arms or legs chopped off. Even the one with the lightest injuries had a gaping, bleeding wound on his chest.

“That ritual array? That huge ritual array is the Heavenly Saber Death Match!”

“What Heavenly Saber Death Match?”

“That is the ritual array that Gu Hai solved in the Innate Puzzle World. To think that he learned it. The Heavenly Saber Death Match? Gu Hai laid a large ritual array in the family region!”


The countless cultivators in the surroundings showed horrified expressions. All of them turned sullen and incredibly anxious.

After the Heavenly Saber Death Match appeared, the surrounding cultivators could no longer get close.

At a building next to the beast arena, Meng Tai hugged Feng Ling, who appeared dazzled like before. He narrowed his eyes when he saw a foggy ritual array suddenly appear in the family region.

“Gu Hai? You are very courageous. However, it will be a joint attack after this.” Meng Tai showed a slightly unsightly expression.


At a mountain peak’s summit:

“Ninth Young Master, that Gu Hai laid another Heavenly Saber Death Match, on an even larger scale, this time. To think that he covered the entire Great Feng Mafia Family’s family region. How can he bring out so many variations?” a subordinate asked, feeling confused.

“It’s useless. Gu Hai’s ritual array was formed with spirit stones. However, the Heavenly Saber Death Match back then used the pavilion master’s treasure. They are of completely different levels. With such an expanded coverage, blocking Golden Core Realm cultivators would be its limit. It cannot stop Nascent Soul Realm cultivators. As long as the Nascent Soul Realm cultivators are not stupid, they can move around freely in there. Just wait for Luo Tiange!” Ninth Young Master said indifferently.



Inside the Heavenly Saber Death Match ritual array:

Aside from the evil men guarding the beast arena and Evil Men Valley, all the other evil men gathered in front of the Dragon Tortoise Palace.

At this moment, a large pool had been created beside the Dragon Tortoise Palace. Gu Hai filled the pool with spirit stones, hundreds of thousands of them. There were many layers of spirit stones at the bottom of the pool, which the evil men who saw this found extravagant. The spirit stones seemed to be arranged in a ritual array. As surging Spiritual Energy gathered in the pool, the pool also released a trace of mist.

“Is this a spirit spring? How can this be possible?”

“It really is a spirit spring. Damn! This great me saw one at Two-Six Island before, but I did not get the chance to soak in it!”

“It’s real. I soaked in one before. This is a spirit spring!”

“A spirit spring? Aren’t they formed naturally? We just dug this large pit!”

“A ritual array made with spirit stones?”

“When can we soak in it? Damn! I want to soak in the spirit spring!”

The evil men eyed the large pool with excitement.

Although they yearned to soak in the spirit spring, they all endured.

“Legate Chen, can we soak in it?” The group of evil men turned to Chen Tianshan, who was at the very front.

“Milord has something to do for now. Just wait first. You will get a chance to soak in it!” Chen Tianshan said.

“Legate Chen, is this a spirit spring?” the evil men asked in anticipation.

Chen Tianshan smiled confidently. “Of course, it is a spirit spring. You will learn its benefits soon. Milord paid an enormous price to create this!”

“It really is a spirit spring?”

“There are so many spirit stones? No wonder it formed so quickly!”

Everyone felt extremely eager.

“Listen up. Milord said that after two days of ransacking the Great Feng Mafia Family, we would be splitting the loot today. However, everyone will get only one medial-grade spirit stone. The other spirit stones will either be used to lay ritual arrays or be placed here. Milord said that he set up this spirit spring for everyone so that you can nourish your bodies and remove all hidden injuries. The body is the first priority!” Chen Tianshan said.

“Why take the medial-grade spirit stone? Use it all to support the spirit spring!” one of the evil men shouted.

“Yes, yes! How can absorbing energy from spirit stones be better than the spirit spring’s nourishment?” all the evil men called out.

“This is Milord’s decision. There is no questioning this decision!” Chen Tianshan said seriously.

“Oh? Yes!” the group of evil men immediately showed respectful expressions.

As time went by, the evil men found that this boss of theirs seemed to have increasingly more secrets. How could an Innate Realm cultivator lay such a powerful ritual array?

Furthermore, there was this spirit spring. This was a spirit spring! This was the first time the evil men heard that a spirit spring could be created artificially. 

The evil men grew increasingly more respectful of Gu Hai.

“Legate Chen, when can we begin? We are finding it hard to wait!” an evil man said.

“Calm down. Milord will be arriving soon!” Chen Tianshan said.


The group of evil men could only gaze at the spirit spring with covetous gazes, anticipating Gu Hai’s appearance.

At this moment, Gu Hai was in a remote palace hall at the side.

Gu Hai, Gao Xianzhi, Scar, Shangguan Hen, and an evil man surrounded the vegetative Li Wei.

Li Wei’s hair had been cleanly shaved off. Now, everyone looked at Li Wei’s head.

“How did you discover it?” Gu Hai looked at that evil man.

“This subordinate used to be a coroner, so I am more sensitive to scars, birthmarks, and tattoos on the human body. After Milord assigned me to guard Li Wei, I checked him and discovered the tattoo on his head when I shaved some of his head, and continued until I saw this picture,” that evil man answered.

“This picture? A peony? No, this peony seems somewhat strange. Leaving its yellow color aside, it seems like it has not completely bloomed?” Scar said with a frown.

“A peony tattoo on his head is nothing much. The question is, why does Feng Ling have a peony tattoo on her head as well?” Gao Xianzhi said with a frown.

“Li Wei? Feng Ling?” Gu Hai narrowed his eyes slightly. “I recall that Meng Tai recognized Feng Ling because of the tattoo on her head. Which means the tattoo was already there twenty years ago when Feng Ling was Meng Tai’s wife?”

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“Milord, this subordinate has examined this tattoo. It should be quite old. Based on how it is stretched, it should have been there since he was young, so it stretched out as his head grew larger,” Shangguan Hen said with a frown.

“He has had it since he was young? In that case, could all four of them have the same tattoo?” Scar speculated with a frown.

“That can’t be. Meng Tai could differentiate Feng Ling from Yue Yao because of this tattoo.” Gao Xianzhi immediately shook his head.

“Then, why did Feng Ling and Li Wei have this peony tattooed on them when they were young? What’s going on?” Scar said, feeling confused.

Gu Hai narrowed his eyes as he said, “It looks like the relationship between the four disciples is more complicated than we thought. Perhaps this is one of the reasons Meng Tai is lingering here, not leaving.”

Everyone nodded.

“After soaking in the spirit spring, search the Great Feng Mafia Family’s family region!” Gu Hai said seriously.

“Yes!” everyone answered.

“Milord, this subordinate has broken the seal on Li Wei’s storage ring. I have not checked the items in it yet. Perhaps…” Shangguan Hen said.


Gu Hai received the storage ring.

Clatter! Clatter!

Gu Hai immediately poured out everything in the storage ring.

There were a lot of spirit stones. The rest were some of Li Wei’s daily necessities; there were no special treasures.

“Hey, there’s a letter here!” Scar picked up that letter.

“The letter looks very old. Open it and take a look!”

Everyone immediately read the letter after opening it. There was not much written on it.


“My disciple Li Wei, you are still young and do not understand much. Do not let anyone know about this letter, including your fellow disciples. Do not tell anyone about this. You will understand when you grow up.

“Recently, I have sensed someone spying on me. I do not know what will happen next. However, my Great Feng Mafia Family has its mission. I cannot let the pavilion master’s instructions die out in my generation.

“Your second senior sister is my daughter. Please take care of her. I do not know why she was chosen. However, it is her of all people. She is a key, a very important key.

“My Great Feng Mafia Family hides a big secret. When the time comes, it will be exposed. I will not say more about it, in case this letter becomes the source of a disaster.

“All you need to do is to live on well and protect Feng Ling. If something really happens to me, this big secret will allow the four of you to soar to the top.

“Finally, I don’t know…how should I put it…? Your first senior brother, Meng Tai, I watched him grow up, but he is too scheming. Even though I see him every day, I find his thoughts unfathomable. Do not trust him too much!

“Regards, Wei Yang.”


“Wei Yang? Meng Tai and Li Wei’s master?” Scar said in shock.

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