Book 02 Chapter 027: Intimidating Bandits
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 02 Chapter 027: Intimidating Bandits

The revelation of Gu Hai’s face was like an intense earthquake. It immediately shook up the surrounding gamblers, causing a huge commotion. Even with the heavy rain and the long distance, everyone in the Great Feng Mafia Family could hear the uproar.

Many of the cultivators in the guest region did not come. However, when they heard the uproar, they also walked out of their residences.

“Senior Brother, hurry! Come quickly. We found Gu Hai!”

“Master, hurry to the beast arena! It’s Gu Hai! Gu Hai!”

With various shouts, commotion, and the sound of doors opening, nearly all the cultivators in the guest region rushed to the beast arena without clarifying the situation.


At the beast arena, Meng Tai stood in a corner while hugging Feng Ling. He goggled at the tumult in the surroundings.

The commotion was like a loud explosion, resounding in all directions.

What is the situation?

What did Gu Hai do to anger so many people? Why is everyone looking at him with bloodshot eyes?

Chen Tianshan and Gao Xianzhi revealed bitter smiles. The other three thousand-odd evil men appeared confused.

Is Milord’s face really that shocking? Why did the previously quiet gamblers suddenly break out in such a large commotion like they went mad?

It was not just a commotion. Many of these cultivators rushed over, drawing their weapons as they looked at Gu Hai with bloodshot eyes.

Furthermore, the number of people increased over time.

“Is it really Gu Hai?” A red-clad man who had rushed over from the guest area wanted to charge ahead.

“Master, don’t! Wait first!” Someone immediately held the red-clad man back.

“What are we waiting for? Gu Hai is just an Innate Realm cultivator. Can he run?” the red-clad man demanded while glaring.

“No! Master, you just arrived, so you don’t know. That Gu Hai just killed a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator! Hey, wait, maybe that Nascent Soul Realm cultivator is not dead yet.”

The red-clad man stopped in his tracks after just one step. Then, he looked at his disciple skeptically. “What nonsense are you speaking? He

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