Book 02 Chapter 019: Feng Ling
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 02 Chapter 019: Feng Ling

“Meng Tai? Let go of Yue Yao!” Li Wei roared while glaring.

Meng Tai stood in the beast arena. At this moment, the beast arena seemed like Meng Tai’s weapon. Many red energy ropes danced like whips. None of the Great Feng Mafia Family disciples could get close.

Li Wei suddenly appeared and looked at Meng Tai in horror.

“Li Wei, you are here?” Meng Tai smiled coldly as he looked up.

Yue Yao showed a wooden expression when she saw Li Wei. Then, she blurted, “Elder Brother Li Wei! I’m Elder Brother Li Wei’s woman. I am Yue Yao!”

Li Wei’s expression changed.

“Meng Tai, how did you get out? Didn’t you turn into an idiot? Weren’t you crippled?” Li Wei shouted in fear.

“How did I get out?? It’s been twenty years! Hahahaha! My good junior brother, after Master died, I was the one who single-handedly raised all of you. I gave you your cultivation and taught you everything. Twenty years? Twenty years!” Meng Tai roared, resentment filling his face.

Beside Meng Tai, Yue Yao felt so frightened that her entire body trembled.

“Let go of Yue Yao! Let go of Yue Yao!” Li Wei urged anxiously.

“Now you are panicking? Yue Yao is really fortunate. After I chopped her down once, she is still alive? However, she is just like a walking corpse. Li Wei, to think that you are so infatuated!” Meng Tai sneered with a ferocious expression.

Li Wei slowly landed in the beast arena.

At this moment, the red energy ropes did not stop Li Wei.

Li Wei stared at Meng Tai, showing pain on his face. “Meng Tai, yes, you raised us. But…but…weren’t you just using us to help you earn spirit stones? You wanted me to earn money for you by leaving me in the Great Feng Mafia Family. I was just your tool!”

“Tool? I raised you all for so long, gave you so much, provided a safe life. Are you not satisfied? Yue Yao was not content with her lot back then. Now you? Back then, you helped me earn spirit stones. Now? You are helping that old crone Ding Rui, right? See for yourself. What can you accomplish? What can you do?” Meng Tai said coldly.

“You can say whatever you want about me. I did everything you wanted. Previously, I never disobeyed you. However, Yue Yao…you knew that she was my fiancee. We were about to get married. However, you killed Yue Yao! You killed Yue Yao!” Li Wei said with bloodshot eyes. 

“It was her own fault. Where’s Feng Ling? Where did you bring Feng Ling?” Meng Tai yelled while glaring.

“Do you know how this eye of mine turned blind?” Li Wei pointed to the covered eye with his finger. “I dug it out myself!

“I dug it out when I saw Yue Yao’s corpse. How blind was I to listen to you? How blind was I to obey your commands? How blind was I? The first senior brother that I worshiped the most killed my fiancee. All my eyes saw were falsehoods. From the moment I saw Yue Yao’s corpse, I told myself that Yue Yao could not die for nothing. I wanted to take revenge for Yue Yao, so I gouged out the eye that could not see the truth. Now, I clearly see everything. I want to take revenge on you. I want you to suffer the same torture I went through!” Li Wei roared at Meng Tai, appearing like a madman.

Meng Tai showed a sullen expression as he looked at the crazed Li Wei. Then, he took a deep breath and said, “I was wrong for killing Yue Yao. However, it has been so many years. You tortured me every day since then. That’s enough. Release Feng Ling, return her to me, and the debts between us are cleared!”

“The debts are cleared?! The debts are cleared?! Then, what about Yue Yao?! What about Yue Yao?!” Li Wei roared with bloodshot eyes.

Meng Tai looked at Yue Yao, who was beside him. She appeared very wooden at this moment, no longer as lively as she was twenty years ago. Now, with only one spiritual soul remaining, she was completely dull and doll-like.

“Li Wei, this is not a negotiation. Where is Feng Ling?!” Meng Tai roared.

“Ha! Haha! Feng Ling? Feng Ling died long ago. You killed my Yue Yao. Naturally, I had to kill your Feng Ling. That way, it’s fair, isn’t it?” Li Wei smiled mournfully. 

“No! No! You told me before. You said that Feng Ling was still alive. When I was locked up, you told me that you wanted me to live a life wishing for death. If I died, you would kill Feng Ling. You said that if I remained alive, Feng Ling would too!” Meng Tai roared while glaring.

Outside the beast arena, a large number of Great Feng Mafia Family disciples surrounded the place. However, no one dared to enter. All of them goggled incredulously.

“She’s dead. Senior Sister Feng Ling died long ago. Long ago!” Li Wei shook his head.

A crazed look flashed in Meng Tai’s eyes. However, he instantly calmed down.

“No, since you hate me so much, you cannot possibly kill Feng Ling. Feng Ling is still alive. She is definitely still alive. Release Feng Ling, or I will make sure that Yue Yao dies a thorough death!” Meng Tai grabbed Yue Yao with a ferocious expression.

“Ah!” Yue Yao cried out in pain.

“You already killed Yue Yao once. I told you already. Feng Ling already died. Let go of my Yue Yao! Let go of my Yue Yao! I’ll give you anything you want!” Li Wei showed an anxious expression.

“Kneel!” Meng Tai shouted while glaring.

A doting look flashed in Li Wei’s eyes when he saw Yue Yao crying out in pain from Meng Tai’s grip on her. He knelt down slowly and looked infatuatedly at Yue Yao. “My precious Yue Yao, you will be fine. It’s fine!”

Perhaps Li Wei’s consolation worked; Yue Yao’s fear eased. As she looked at Li Wei, she mumbled, “Elder Brother Li Wei, I am your woman, Yue Yao.”

Upon seeing Li Wei kneel, Meng Tai showed a satisfied look.

“Alright, tell me now, where is Feng Ling?” Meng Tai glared at Li Wei.

“Feng Ling died long ago. She really died!” Li Wei said in pain.

“You probably think that I will not dare to eradicate Yue Yao again, right?” Anger filled Meng Tai’s heart.

“First Senior Brother, I beg you. Let go of Yue Yao. I beg you!” Li Wei suddenly started crying.

“Humph! Do you think that I really don’t dare to? If you don’t release Feng Ling, I will immediately kill Yue Yao!” Meng Tai roared.

As Meng Tai spoke, he stretched out his hand and activated the switch of the beast arena’s ritual arrays.


Suddenly, a blue light barrier appeared above the beast arena. Then, the light barrier started lowering. The light covered the entire beast arena. As long as Yue Yao touched the blue light, the bronze mask on her face would explode.

“Don’t! Senior Brother, don’t!” Li Wei cried out anxiously.


Meng Tai shattered the switch with a palm strike. Then, with a trace of a sneer, he said, “Well, you saw it. The switch is broken. The blue light will reach this place soon. I can’t stop it anymore. When the blue light touches your precious Yue Yao…well, you know what will happen!” 

Li Wei goggled at the circular stone.

“Bang!” Meng Tai said, mimicking that horrifying explosion sound.

Li Wei’s expression immediately changed dramatically.

“I want Feng Ling. Otherwise, Yue Yao’s head will explode. You know this. You are the one who forced me into this. There is not much time left!” Meng Tai stared at Li Wei.

“First Senior Brother, Feng Ling really died! She really died! Let go of my Yue Yao!” Li Wei said anxiously.

“I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it!” Meng Tai roared.

At a distant corner, Gu Hai’s face sank. “Indeed, I cannot rely on Meng Tai. He did not think of helping me remove the mask, only calling out for his Feng Ling. Humph!”

“Elder Brother Li Wei, I’m scared!” Yue Yao tried to rush over to Li Wei.

It looked like her head would touch the blue light barrier soon.

“No!” Li Wei cried out.

Meng Tai’s expression also changed. He quickly pulled Yue Yao back. If Yue Yao died, he would have no way to save Feng Ling, given his currently weakened state.


When Meng Tai pulled, he ripped one of Yue Yao’s sleeves.

This revealed a peach-shaped birthmark on Yue Yao’s right shoulder.

Suddenly, something occurred to Meng Tai. He rubbed his eyes and said, “How can this be? Why does Yue Yao have the same birthmark as Feng Ling?”

Li Wei suddenly revealed a pained expression.


Meng Tai pulled on Yue Yao’s hair. Then, he used his Veritable Energy to cut off a large amount of her hair, revealing her scalp. There was a peony-flower-like tattoo on Yue Yao’s scalp.

“No! No! No!” Meng Tai staggered, looking like he would collapse as he looked at the tattoo on Yue Yao’s head in horror.

Suddenly, Meng Tai noticed the scar on Yue Yao’s chin. That scar extended above her chin, looking like it went around her face.

“Feng Ling? You are Feng Ling?” Meng Tai suddenly cried out.

Yue Yao showed a wooden expression. Right now, she looked in Li Wei’s direction, appearing to want to go over.

“You are Feng Ling? Your face? How did your face turn into that of Yue Yao’s? You changed her face? You changed Feng Ling’s face? She is Feng Ling? She is Feng Ling, right?” Meng Tai yelled as he stared fixedly at her.


The blue light barrier looked like it would come close soon. Meng Tai suddenly showed an expression of horror.

“Li Wei, she is Feng Ling? Quickly! Quickly! Remove her mask! Quickly!” Meng Tai appeared to be on the verge of collapse.

Li Wei quickly crawled over, showing a pained expression.

“She is Yue Yao! She is Yue Yao!” Li Wei said with an incredibly resolute tone.

“Elder Brother Li Wei!” Yue Yao called out in a daze when she saw Li Wei coming over.

“I know now! I know now! You kept Feng Ling by your side and changed her face to torture me. Yue Yao had died long ago. I was wondering how you could possess necromancy skills. So, you changed Feng Ling’s face to Yue Yao’s. You tortured Feng Ling every day to use her to torture me?” Meng Tai seemed to collapse, instantly going limp.

“I said she is Yue Yao! She is Yue Yao!” Li Wei roared with bloodshot eyes.

“Quickly! Li Wei, Third Junior Brother, I beg you. Quickly save Feng Ling. I beg you!” Meng Tai watched in horror as the blue light approached.

Meng Tai had broken the switch; he could no longer stop the barrier. Feng Ling would soon die because of him. He wished he could beat himself to death. What a stupid thing he had done.

“Kneel!” Li Wei yelled in pain.

Plop! Meng Tai did not hesitate to kneel.

Li Wei walked over, but Meng Tai did not dare to object.


Li Wei heavily kicked Meng Tai, sending Meng Tai flying.

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Meng Tai was severely injured in the first place. Now, this kick broke his leg, deforming it as he crashed into the beast arena’s walls.


Meng Tai vomited blood, appearing to be at his last gasp. He trembled as he stood up. “Quickly! Save Feng Ling! Quickly!”

“Elder Brother Li Wei!” Yue Yao looked at Li Wei with a wooden expression.

Li Wei appeared anxious. He stretched out his hand and placed it on Yue Yao’s mask.

His hand seemed to slip. However, there was no time to think at this moment. He quickly pushed the energy in his hand forward.


Yue Yao’s mask dropped.


Li Wei tossed the mask aside. The blue light happened to sweep through Yue Yao’s face just then.

“Elder Brother Li Wei!” Yue Yao looked at Li Wei in a daze.

“Yue Yao! My Yue Yao!” Li Wei trembled as he hugged Yue Yao.

“My Feng Ling! That is my Feng Ling! Li Wei, what did you torture Feng Ling into? Li Wei!” Meng Tai roared in a rage as he lay in a pool of blood.


In a corner outside the beast arena, Gu Hai fixed his gaze on the bronze mask that Li Wei tossed aside.

“Feng Ling’s consciousness and mind were forcefully twisted for twenty years. During these twenty years, everyone hypnotized her into thinking that she was Yue Yao. She has thoroughly taken on the role of Yue Yao, thinking herself to be Yue Yao for twenty years already. Twenty years! She has forgotten that she was Feng Ling, only knowing herself to be Yue Yao. As for Li Wei…twenty years. Were you hypnotizing Feng Ling or yourself? Can you still differentiate between Yue Yao and Feng Ling? Li Wei, what a monster.” Gu Hai shook his head.

Gu Hai did not tarry any longer, walking away.

At this moment, all the Great Feng Mafia Family disciples had gathered here. Now was the time for the evil men to regain their freedom. They could not afford to lose this opportunity. Once lost, it would not come again.

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