Book 01 Chapter 052: Meng Tai’s Lie
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 01 Chapter 052: Meng Tai’s Lie

“All techniques break before the azure plumes! Break!”

“I have the strength to pick up mountains, and my might conquers the world! Break!”


Gu Hai’s ferocious general cloud beast and the Great Light Sovereign Deity clashed intensely in the sky. Every clash produced overwhelming shock waves sweeping out in all directions. The thunderous sounds hurt all the nearby cultivators’ eardrums.

However, the allure of the century lifespan immortality peach tree was simply too great.

When the Great Light Sovereign Deity pinned down Gu Hai, everyone’s eyes lit up. This was a rare opportunity.

Previously, Gu Hai controlled the ritual array, allowing all the killed soldier cloud beasts to revive. However, he had his hands full right now, and the other three definitely could not do that.

The century lifespan immortality peach tree was just right there, and Gu Hai could not protect it now. Should they go?

“Come with me!” Ninth Young Master shouted.


Ninth Young Master’s many subordinates controlled their cloud beasts and followed him to another side of the ritual array.

There were close to one thousand cloud beasts looking incredibly ferocious. Although the nine-headed snake was injured, it was still eager for battle; it was the first to barge into the large ritual array.

“Changshan County’s Zhao Zilong is here. Soldiers, kill!” Suddenly, a loud shout rang out from the clouds.


A large number of soldiers charged at Ninth Young Master, who was on the nine-headed snake.





The two armies clashed and started a ferocious killing. The battle appeared extremely intense.

“Don’t stop. They cannot defend for much longer. Charge!” Ninth Young Master yelled.

Gao Xianzhi’s face sank as he looked at the vast army charging over. Then, he controlled Zhao Zilong to charge over.

“Humph!” Zhao Zilong let out a cold snort. His long spear immediately became like the scythe of the grim reaper. Everywhere his spear pointed, he swept through that place, wildly killing the cloud beasts. A large number of soldiers followed behind him. He became like a mincer, shredding cloud beasts wherever he went.

Outside, countless cultivators could no longer sit still after seeing Ninth Young Master’s first wave charge over.

“Charge! Gu Hai is tied down. Now, the century lifespan immortality peach tree belongs to whoever snatches it away!”



Another large group of cloud beasts charged into the ritual array from another direction.

“Hailiang County’s Guan Yunchang is here. Soldiers, charge!” The loud shout came from the clouds.


Just like Gao Xianzhi, Chen Tianshan controlled the soldiers and did his best to kill his enemies. Guan Yunchang’s Azure Dragon Crescent Blade swept through the place, chopping down everything.

More cloud beasts invaded the ritual array. These two generals seemed to manage most of the battlefield, looking like they were taking care of Xiaorou and leaving just a small part of the battlefield to her.

“Yan Nation citizen, Zhang Yide is here! Soldiers, kill!” another loud voice shouted.

While Xiaorou faced the fewest enemies, there were still many charging at her.

Xiaorou had never seen such a grand scene before. After all, she was only eight years old. Back at the independent world’s entrance, she had been forced to fight. Later on, she pulled through the fight against the sea of ants with sheer willpower. So, she immediately became flustered in this fight.

“Ah! Don’t come over! Ah!” Xiaorou practically closed her eyes in fear.





Under Xiaorou’s control, Zhang Yide fought in a highly awkward manner. While he still possessed excellent martial prowess, his movements also appeared flustered due to Xiaorou’s fluster.


More cloud beasts exploded in the surroundings, and more cultivators fell from the sky.

Zhao Zilong and Guan Yunchang blocked most of the outsiders who barged into the ritual array. Few of them faced the flustered Zhang Yide. However, more people slowly approached Zhang Yide.

“Hahahaha! That little snake spirit does not dare to fight!”

“That is the opening. Quick! Quick! Quick! Rush over before the others react!”


The cloud beasts charging at Xiaorou grew increasingly more ferocious. Xiaorou found this increasingly harder to deal with. When she saw the group of cloud beasts getting closer to her, she nearly cried from anxiety.

“What should I do? What should I do? Benefactor, Xiaorou is going to lose. Sob! Sob! Sob! Sob!” Xiaorou started crying in fear.

The group of cloud beasts charging at Xiaorou included the Elite Hall disciples.

Meng Tai was among them and showed a confident look in his eyes.

“Kill! That little snake cannot hold on for much longer! Charge!” the group of cultivators excitedly yelled.


Indeed, frightened by the large numbers of cloud beasts charging at her, Xiaorou continuously retreated. The cloud beasts forced back the large number of soldiers, slowly arriving before Xiaorou.


Zhang Yide swung his snake spear with all his might, but Xiaorou was too inexperienced in fighting, especially in the psychological aspect. When she got flustered, Zhang Yide ended up in a sorry state, showing signs of defeat.

It looked like Xiaorou would lose soon.

“Benefactor, sorry. Xiaorou is too stupid!” Xiaorou cried out in fear.

“Hahaha! Die, little snake spirit!” A lion-shaped cloud beast immediately swung its claw over, looking like it wanted to smash Xiaorou to death in one attack.

Xiaorou froze with fear.


A loud sound rang out. However, the lion cloud beast’s claw did not touch Xiaorou. Instead, a hole appeared in its head.


The lion cloud beast stopped in the air, causing the cultivators above to turn their heads to look in disbelief.

Everyone saw the claw of a colossal dragon piercing through the lion cloud beast’s head. It was Meng Tai who attacked.

“What?” that person exclaimed.

“Break!” Meng Tai shouted.



The colossal dragon put in more force and caused the lion cloud beast to explode. Then, it immediately arrived before Xiaorou.

“Elite Hall disciples, attack!” Meng Tai shouted.

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A large number of cloud beasts in the surroundings roared. Then, these cloud beasts stopped attacking the soldier cloud beasts. Instead, they charged out and killed the other invading cloud beasts, starting an internal battle.

“What? You bastard!”

“What are you doing?!”

“Meng Tai! You are going back on your word!”

Plenty of angry roars came from the invading cloud beasts. The Elite Hall disciples turned around and fought the others, helping Xiaorou to block the attacks.

“Ah?” Xiaorou revealed a shocked expression.

Why did Meng Tai save me?

“Snake girl, are you alright?” Meng Tai asked.

“I…I’m fine. However, you…you all…!” Xiaorou could not figure out what was going on.

“We are the same as Gu Hai, all Elite Hall disciples. Don’t you know that?” Meng Tai smiled.

“Ah? Oh! That seems to be the case!” Xiaorou nodded.

“Gu Hai laid out this ritual array to find the Unborn Man. This is the purpose of my Elite Hall here. Naturally, we are here to find the Unborn Man too. As fellow Elite Hall disciples, how can we help outsiders fight against our own? Earlier, I was just infiltrating them for the sake of cooperating with you all at the last moment!” Meng Tai smiled.

“Really?” Xiaorou’s eyes lit up.

“Of course, it’s true. Snake girl, let’s fight together. When Gu Hai wins, this group of insignificant people can no longer barge in. Let’s block the outsiders together!” Meng Tai yelled.

Xiaorou looked at Meng Tai and wiped her tears away. Then, she answered happily, “Alright!”

Meng Tai smiled faintly. Then, he turned his head to look at the outsiders barging in. The instant he turned his head around, he showed a malicious smile as he thought excitedly, This little animal spirit is very gullible!



A large chaotic battle started again.

The Elite Hall disciples helped Xiaorou to deal with the outsiders, immediately decreasing the pressure on her. She felt thrilled.

“Beat them up! Beat up this group of bad people! This is great!” Xiaorou calmed down significantly after receiving reinforcements.


In the blink of an eye, Xiaorou gained the upper hand on her battlefield, making her incredibly happy.

Xiaorou turned her head and was about to thank Meng Tai. “Many thanks—”

However, before Xiaorou could finish speaking, a dragon claw suddenly appeared at Zhang Yide’s head.


A loud sound rang out, and Zhang Yide’s head immediately exploded.

Meng Tai had an excellent judgment that many lacked. The instant he charged into the ritual array, he discovered that Zhao Zilong, Guan Yunchang, and Zhang Yide possessed exceptional martial prowess. This greatly shocked him, and he started to plot sinister schemes to deal with them.

Meng Tai had been waiting for this opportunity. If he had to fight Zhang Yide at full power, he might fail to obtain a good result. Now that this opportunity came, his surprise attack caught Xiaorou off guard, immediately landing on Zhang Yide’s head.

After Zhang Yide’s head exploded, the impact knocked Xiaorou high into the air.

“Ah!” Xiaorou cried out in fear.


Meng Tai immediately stretched his arms out and caught Xiaorou.


A dagger appeared in Meng Tai’s hand, and he placed it against Xiaorou’s neck.

“Stop moving. If you move, I will cut your head off with the dagger!” Meng Tai smiled coldly.

“You lied to me! You lied to me! Sob! Sob! Sob! You lied to me!” Xiaorou reacted and started crying again.


In the distance, the expressions of Gao Xianzhi and Chen Tianshan changed.


However, the battlefield was extremely chaotic. The two could not free themselves to help.

“You lied to me! You lied to me! Sob! Sob! Sob! Sob!” Xiaorou trembled as she cried.

“Hahahahaha! You are too naive. I have not met such a gullible person before. To think that you just believed anything told to you. Hahahaha!” Meng Tai guffawed.

“Sob! Sob! Sob! Sob!” Xiaorou cried pitifully.

“Elite Hall disciples, block them. I will go get the century lifespan immortality peach tree!” Meng Tai guffawed as he held Xiaorou hostage. Then, he left for the century lifespan immortality peach tree.

“Benefactor, sorry! Sorry! Benefactor, sorry!” Xiaorou continuously cried while being held hostage.

On the other side, Gu Hai and the Great Light Sovereign Deity continued fighting. The halberd and the peacock plumes continued clashing in a stalemate.

Gu Hai showed a ferocious expression. The Great Light Sovereign Deity’s hood fluttered continuously, looking like it would fly off at any moment.

Sensing something, Gu Hai turned his head to look, his expression suddenly changing.

“Benefactor, sorry! Sorry! Benefactor, sorry!” Xiaorou cried in despair in the distance.

“I have the strength to pick up mountains, and my might conquers the world! Scram!” Gu Hai’s ferocious general roared.


Gu Hai and the Great Light Sovereign Deity separated.

“Xiaorou got abducted? You bastard!” Gu Hai’s expression changed.


Gu Hai’s general swung his halberd around and pointed it at the Great Light Sovereign Deity.

“If you want to fight, I’ll fight with you later. If anything happens to Xiaorou, I will skin you alive!” Gu Hai yelled at the Great Light Sovereign Deity while glaring.

If it were in the past, the Great Light Sovereign Deity would erupt even more ferociously than Gu Hai. However, when he saw that Meng Tai had abducted Xiaorou, his battle hunger suddenly bottomed out.

The Great Light Sovereign Deity stared at Meng Tai across the distance, and his voice turned frosty. “Reckless thing!”

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