Book 01 Chapter 038: Awakened by the Black Go Stone
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 01 Chapter 038: Awakened by the Black Go Stone

In a magnificent hall in the Innate Puzzle World:

This hall was known as Guan Qi Hall. Although Guan Qi Hall was extremely dark, the figures of eighteen people sitting cross-legged inside were visible. However, their faces were obscured.

A coffin lay at the north of the hall. The only source of light in the hall was a Go board floating above the coffin.

This Go board was not large, and with only nineteen vertical and horizontal lines, it was ordinary. However, Go stones covered this Go board, filling all three hundred sixty-one positions.

Of the three hundred sixty-one Go stones, two hundred were white, while black had one hundred sixty-one. As they hovered in the air, they gave off a faint light.

The eighteen people quietly sat in the hall, not saying a word.


Suddenly, one of the black Go stones gave off a faint light, which drew everyone’s attention.

The black Go stone continued giving off light for a while. As that happened, it slowly changed color, turning into a white Go stone.

“There are two hundred one white Go stones now!” one of the eighteen people said excitedly.

“Yes, First Elder! There are one hundred sixty black Go stones left. When all the black Go stones turn white…” another person said excitedly.

“Speak cautiously!” The first elder’s voice rang out once again.

“Yes. This subordinate let my tongue slip!” that person said respectfully.

“Now that the Innate Puzzle World is open again and the outsiders entered, there will be plenty of variables. This place is the pavilion master’s burial place. Nothing is permitted to go wrong. From today on, the eighteen of us will take turns guarding this place. We will leave nine people here at all times in case anyone disturbs this place,” the first elder said sullenly.

“Yes!” the others answered.

“Has someone warned Little Nine?” the first elder asked indifferently.

“First Elder, perhaps we do not need to warn him. Little Nine suffered greatly this time,” someone said bitterly.


“Little Nine used a cloud beast, but he ran into Bodhisattva Lian Sheng, so

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