Book 01 Chapter 035: Breaking the Ritual Array
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 01 Chapter 035: Breaking the Ritual Array


The evil dragon revealed a ferocious expression as it roared. When it charged at the one hundred heavenly sabers, its ferocious aura turned into a black storm.

Outside the valley, the animal spirits grew increasingly frantic and horrified. The evil air of the evil dragon made all the black-clad men restless, prompting them to look towards Ninth Young Master.

“Huh?” Ninth Young Master glared.

“Humph! My ritual array is the one that granted you this draconic might. How dare you use the thing I bestowed on you against me?” Ninth Young Master said indifferently.

Ninth Young Master stretched out his hand, and the one hundred heavenly sabers finished forming and charged at the evil dragon.


The draconic might appeared boundless. Although it knocked the cultivators in the valley to the ground, they did not feel angry. On the contrary, they tightly clenched their fists and looked at the evil dragon with anticipation, hoping that the evil dragon could block the one hundred heavenly sabers.

After Gu Hai made his move at the tengen position, the Go board’s situation immediately underwent a tremendous change. The moment he set the black Go stone down, many white Go stones instantly flew out.


The one hundred heavenly sabers and the evil dragon clashed.

Everyone—both inside and outside the valley—goggled. However, all they saw was the boundless white light released by the clash. It was so piercing that it blinded everyone.

A loud sound rang out, and surging shock waves spread out in all directions. A huge storm blew within the valley, sending everyone tumbling. However, they continued to stare at the center of the explosion.


A dragon roar resounded at the center of the white light.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A large number of heavenly sabers shattered and the shards scattered everywhere.

However, the evil dragon opened its jaws and consumed thirty intact heavenly sabers, a brutal devastation. After it defeated the heavenly sabers, it consumed them.


The evil dragon did not stop. It charged at the dark clouds as it roared.

“What? The evil dragon can still charge forward?!” The many cultivators immediately revealed joyful expressions.

Gao Xianzhi and Meng Tai stared at the board. When Gu Hai played his move at tengen, the game’s situation had completely changed. The white player lost its overwhelming advantage. The black player, Gu Hai, not only held the advantage now but also gained a suppressive victory.

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