Book 01 Chapter 032: Go Death Match
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 01 Chapter 032: Go Death Match

Carefree Valley:

When Gu Hai walked out of the spirit spring cave, no one in the valley noticed the sudden appearance of a few additional people.

After using the charred wood to cover the hole, they walked to the crowd on the other side of the mass grave.

“What a horrifying aura! It feels like there’s a saber handing over my head in the dark clouds.” Gao Xianzhi looked at the sky with an unsightly expression.

“This is a ritual array? A ritual array covered Carefree Valley? What ritual array is this?” Chen Tianshan’s expression changed.

Gu Hai looked at the sky and saw dark clouds covering it. What seemed like stars in the night sky sent down beams of starlight. The two brightest beams of light descended upon the middle of the valley, some distance away.

A large platform now stood there, with more than two thousand people surrounding it. These people showed horrified expressions as they looked at the large platform.

Several hundred corpses lay below the platform. Something had vertically bisected these corpses, spilling their internal organs and blood and creating a terrifying sight.

The two thousand-odd people appeared petrified as they looked at these corpses. Some of the female cultivators sobbed endlessly, unable to hide the fear in their hearts.

Gu Hai noticed Song Qingshu in the crowd.

At this moment, Song Qingshu also appeared startled and uncertain as he stared at the large platform.

A large Go board lay on the platform, with starlight shining down on every Go stone on the Go board. However, the two brightest beams of starlight encased the two players.

The two players played Go above the sea of corpses. The two thousand-odd onlookers stared at the Go board in fear.

“What are they doing?” Xiaorou appeared confused by this scene.

“The person playing is Elite Hall’s Earth Division Master, Meng Tai?” Chen Tianshan said with a gleam in his eyes.

“Meng Tai?” Gu Hai looked in the direction where Chen Tianshan pointed.

Gu Hai saw a mustached man sitting on one side of the Go board, playing the white Go stones.

Gu Hai narrowed his eyes. He recalled that meaningful reminder Venerable Liu Nian gave before he left.

The one playing the black Go stones was a white-clad man. At this moment, that man was staring at the Go board in horror with panicked eyes.

“No! No! I clearly won earlier! I clearly won!” that white-clad man exclaimed.

Meng Tai took a deep breath and said, “The victor is already decided. Sorry, blame it on the limited time!”


Meng Tai set down a white Go stone.


The white Go stones surrounded a large number of black Go stones, instantly eliminating them.


The black Go stones scattered, and the victor instantly appeared.

“The white player wins!” A loud voice suddenly came from the dark clouds.

“Division Master Meng won?” many people cried out.

“No! Meng Tai, you tricked me! You tricked me! I’ll kill you!” The white-clad man glared as he grabbed a sword to stab Meng Tai.

Boom! Meng Tai punched the sword tip, instantly knocking the sword back.

The white-clad man showed a ferocious expression, wanting to continue attacking. However, a saber suddenly sang in the dark clouds.


It sounded like a saber being drawn. Then, a three-hundred-meter-long saber qi shot towards the white-clad man.

A shrill screech rang out as the saber qi tore through the air towards the white-clad man. The sound pained Gu Hai’s ears. This saber qi was simply too fast.

The white-clad man no longer had time to fight Meng Tai. He could only swing his sword at the sky in panic. At the same time, his ferocious expression turned horrified.

“No!” With a desperate roar, he shot out a strand of sword qi.


The sword qi and sword could not block the power of the three-hundred-meter-long saber qi. They instantly exploded, and the saber qi chopped the white-clad man in half, interrupting his miserable cry. His internal organs and blood burst out and scattered about, landing below the square platform.

“Ah!” The surrounding people let out startled cries again.

“This is?” Chen Tianshan and the others felt their hair stand on end.

A saber qi materialized by the ritual array chopped a person to death after he lost a Go game?

The expressions of Gu Hai, Gao Xianzhi, and Xiaorou all changed.

While everyone let out startled cries, no one left.

Then, the Go stones on the Go board suddenly shifted, showing a Go puzzle.

“This Go puzzle again? The Heavenly Saber Death Match?”

“If the ritual array selects one to play, one dies if one does not play. If one takes longer than thirty breaths of time to make a move, one dies. The loser dies. What should we do?”

“I don’t want to die!”

The people with fragile hearts were all utterly terrified.

When Gu Hai heard the horrified cries, his expression changed as well. He raised his head and looked at the sky. Is this a ritual array with no way out?

“Division Master?” the Elite Hall disciples anxiously cried out.

Meng Tai took a deep breath and said, “It’s fine. According to this world’s rules, the Heavenly Go Pavilion’s remnant disciples are not allowed to attack us. The people outside must have broken the rules. The Heavenly Go Pavilion’s remnant disciples will quickly go and inform their first elder. As long as we drag this out, someone will come and deal with them.”

“But…?!” the Elite Hall disciples said anxiously.

“The Heavenly Saber Death Match? I want to see how incredible the casual work of Old Mister Guan Qi, the best Go player in the world, is!” Meng Tai said coldly.


Suddenly, a three-hundred-meter-long saber qi appeared in the dark clouds, pointing straight at Meng Tai. A destructive aura pressed over, causing Meng Tai’s expression to change. He no longer dared delay playing a white Go stone.


Meng Tai placed a white Go stone on the Go board.

“It seems like it was about thirty breaths of time. If one did not play a Go stone within thirty breaths of time, the heavenly saber would chop down,” Song Qingshu said, his expression changing.

However, Gu Hai stared at the Go board, narrowing his eyes as he muttered, “Heavenly Saber Death Match?”


Suddenly, a black Go stone seemed to get drawn by a beam of starlight and landed on the board.

Everyone stared at Meng Tai, who picked up a white Go stone and stared at the board. Everyone focused on the board, immersed in the game. A heavenly saber hovered in the air, looking like it would chop down the moment time was up.

Cold sweat appeared on Meng Tai’s forehead. It seemed that he had already decided on his move but was delaying. Thirty breaths of time slowly ticked by.


Meng Tai played the white Go stone.


A black Go stone moved automatically.

The Go game proceeded slowly.

“He is playing Go against Old Mister Guan Qi?” Chen Tianshan revealed an expression of shock.

Gu Hai quietly looked at the Go board, observing the puzzle.

However, the others watched Meng Tai in anticipation. After eighty moves, he suddenly showed joy on his face.


Meng Tai played a white Go stone, immediately surrounding a black Go stone.

“What? He managed to surround a black Go stone?” The numerous cultivators in Carefree Valley immediately revealed shocked expressions.

“Meng Tai managed to surround Old Mister Guan Qi’s black Go stone? How is that possible?”

“This is great! This is great! He captured a black Go stone. Can he win?”

“Can Division Master Meng win? He can! This is only a casual piece of work from Old Mister Guan Qi. Furthermore, Old Mister Guan Qi died already. This is just something he left behind and not Old Mister Guan Qi himself. He can win! This is great!”

Everyone seemed like they saw the light at the end of the tunnel, feeling strangely excited. Now that there was a chance of survival, they all tightly clenched their fists.

Indeed, a loud sound rang out, and the dark clouds in the sky churned. The surrounded black Go stone suddenly flew out, taken off the board.

Then, the heavenly saber in the sky flew towards Meng Tai.

“Oh no!” Everyone’s expression changed.


Suddenly, a dragon roar rang out in Meng Tai’s body. His Veritable Energy materialized a thirty-meter-long, brown dragon wrapping around his body and rearing its head towards the heavenly saber.

This time, the heavenly saber did not chop down on Meng Tai. Instead, it seemed to get captured and consumed by the dragon-shaped Veritable Energy.


When the thirty-meter-long, dragon-shaped Veritable Energy consumed the three-hundred-meter-long heavenly saber, the dragon grew a little large.

“One grows stronger on capturing a stone?” Everyone’s expression changed.

“This is great. Division Master Meng is going to win! He is going to win! He is going to win!” Many people cheered.

Meng Tai also appeared somewhat excited.

Clack! Clack!

Meng Tai continued playing. He captured black Go stones every few moves, increasing the ratio of his pieces on the board.

“Roar! Roar! Roar!”

The dragon-shaped Veritable Energy continued to grow. After consuming thirteen heavenly sabers, it was now about one hundred sixty meters long. When it reared its head and roared, it looked like it wanted to clash with the ritual array about it.

Meng Tai enjoyed a string of victories in a short time, looking like he would soon win.

“Long live Division Master Meng!”

“Division Master Meng, quickly win!”

“He is going to win! He is going to win! We don’t need to die!”

The group of cultivators cheered. The situation was promising; Meng Tai looked like he would win soon. Everyone felt like they were saved and looked at him with grateful eyes; the Elite Hall disciples all felt excited.

However, Gu Hai, who was not standing with the crowd, narrowed his eyes. He muttered, “It’s wrong. Meng Tai made the wrong move from the start.”

“What?” Chen Tianshan looked in question at Gu Hai.

Gu Hai shook his head, ignoring Chen Tianshan.

Indeed, when Meng Tai took the fifteenth black Go piece, his expression suddenly changed. Then, his complexion turned ashen.

“Division Master Meng, quickly make your move!” everyone cried out anxiously.

After the string of victories, Meng Tai’s dragon-shaped Veritable Energy had already consumed fifteen heavenly sabers and grown to about two hundred meters long. It appeared ferocious, and its roar could be heard everywhere.

However, sweat covered Meng Tai’s head. He could not play the white Go stone in his hand.

“How could it be like this?! How could it be like this?!” Meng Tai stared at the Go board.

“Division Master Meng, hurry up!” everyone urged anxiously.

“Shut up!” Meng Tai barked. Everyone’s excitement died down as they looked at Meng Tai in confusion.


Nearly thirty breaths of time had elapsed. A heavenly saber formed above Meng Tai’s head, forcing him to play his move. So, Meng Tai immediately placed the white Go stone.


After the white Go stone landed, a black Go stone suddenly landed.

“Executing the Dragon?” Gao Xianzhi’s expression changed.

“Huh? What’s Executing the Dragon? Executing the dragon-shaped Veritable Energy?” Xiaorou asked, feeling confused.

“No. Executing the Dragon is a Go term. It means that the other side will be killing off a large number of Meng Tai’s white pieces soon,” Gao Xianzhi explained.

Clack! Clack! Clack!

Indeed, as soon as the black Go stone landed, several white Go stones flew up, captured by the black Go stones. The situation changed just like that. Earlier, Meng Tai managed to capture fifteen of the opponent’s pieces. Nevertheless, the situation reversed in an instant.

When Meng Tai captured fifteen black Go stones, he had done so one at a time.

However, Old Mister Guan Qi captured thirty-eight pieces from Meng Tai in one shot.

This finalized the victory.

After capturing thirty-eight white Go stones, the black Go stones showed an overwhelming advantage. The white Go stones had nowhere to escape, losing all progress and the game in the blink of an eye.


“How could it be like that? He was still winning earlier!”

“Why did it turn out like this? Why did it turn out like this?”

This stunned the many cultivators, causing them to stare at the Go board in horror.

Meng Tai also appeared horrified. I got taken down in an instant?

“Hahahahaha! Black wins!” Ninth Young Master’s laughter came from the dark clouds, replete with derision, showing disdain for Meng Tai.


Suddenly, thirty-eight heavenly sabers manifested in the dark clouds.

With the large heavenly sabers’ appearance, a sharp killing intent formed, like frost and snow in the air, and rushed over.

The thirty-eight heavenly sabers carried a strong aura, looking like they wanted to eradicate Meng Tai on the spot.

“No! You bastard! I am Elite Hall’s Earth Division Master! How dare you?!” Meng Tai exclaimed.


The thirty-eight heavenly sabers suddenly charged down, and a destructive aura instantly arrived before Meng Tai.


Meng Tai’s dragon-shaped Veritable Energy charged into the air. The two-hundred-meter-long, dragon-shaped Veritable Energy looked ferocious as it charged at the group of heavenly sabers.


A loud sound rang out, and the sky suddenly turned bright, so bright that everyone could not open their eyes. A berserk aura surged out like a storm, instantly sending everyone flying.


Loud sounds rang out endlessly at the center of the explosion.


A miserable dragon roar rang out. Gu Hai vaguely saw a brown dragon explode amid the rubble.


After the final loud sound, the place calmed down. Two thousand-odd cultivators climbed back to their feet and looked at the churning dust cloud in the middle in horror.

The square Go board was still there. Despite being attacked by the thirty-eight heavenly sabers, Meng Tai survived.

However, the heavenly sabers’ attacks had mangled Meng Tai’s flesh. It seemed like he had fallen into a deep pit after his body suffered from tens of thousands of cuts.

There was also an earthen-yellow shield in the pit. However, spider-web-like cracks covered that shield.

“Is Division Master Meng still alive?”

“Is that Elite Hall’s Earth Divine Shield? That treasure has the strongest defense among Nascent-Soul-level treasures!”

“The Earth Divine Shield protected Division Master Meng? However, with the Earth Divine Shield cracked, it can no longer work, right?”

Everyone revealed horrified expressions.

“Division Master!” The Elite Hall disciples rushed over to help Meng Tai up. Then, they promptly fed him a medicinal pill.

Pfff! Meng Tai vomited a mouthful of blood.

Meng Tai looked at the dark clouds in horror as his body twitched. It seemed like one only needed a little force to kill him instantly.

The surging dark clouds churned as a voice rang out, “Humph! Elite Hall’s Earth Divine Shield? You got lucky because of the Earth Divine Shield this time. However, the game is not over. Just wait. It will be your turn again soon. Let’s see how many Earth Divine Shields you have.”

Meng Tai continued twitching.

“Division Master, what should we do now?” the Elite Hall disciples asked worriedly.

Everyone looked at Meng Tai. He was the only one who survived, albeit severely injured and in a sorry state.

“Delay. Delay for time. The Heavenly Go Pavilion won’t…won’t ignore this!” Meng Tai said with much difficulty.

After speaking, Meng Tai could no longer move. He lay down weakly as he sucked on a medicinal pill.

The Elite Hall disciples immediately guarded Meng Tai.

Everyone in the ritual array looked up, revealing despair. The worse one lost, the worse the attacks of the ritual array would be?

Who would be next?

“It’s fine. Division Master said that we just need to delay for time. We must do that!” Song Qingshu cried out.

Everyone nodded. However, despair still shadowed their eyes. Wait for the Heavenly Go Pavilion’s first elder to save them? Was that possible?”


At the entrance to a large palace hall in the Innate Puzzle World:

The palace hall doors were wide open, but the interior appeared incredibly dark, preventing one from clearly seeing inside. A black-clad man knelt on one knee outside the palace hall.

“First Elder, Ninth Young Master used the Heavenly Saber Death Match to trap more than two thousand outsiders in Carefree Valley. The various elders have different opinions on this. First Elder, please quickly make a judgment on this!” the black-clad man said respectfully.

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The dark palace hall remained silent. After a while, a faint voice drifted over.

“I already know about Little Nine. My Heavenly Go Pavilion will not interfere in their matters, but they have indeed gone too far this time!” the faint voice said.

“First Elder, should we stop Ninth Young Master?” the black-clad man asked respectfully.

“There’s no need. When the matter in Carefree Valley ends, just tell Little Nine to stop. It is time we taught those outsiders the rules. Although the pavilion master is already dead, my Heavenly Go Pavilion was once an upper-tier sect. No matter who comes here, they should not be unruly!” that faint voice said.

“Yes! This subordinate understands!”


In Carefree Valley:

“No! No! No! Not me! Not me!”

A beam of light encased a gray-clad man. The man immediately crumbled mentally, incredibly horrified.

The gray-clad man did not step onto the platform but just shouted at the dark clouds in horror. He knelt and begged, pleading with Ninth Young Master to let the outsiders go.


A heavenly saber instantly chopped down. Before that gray-clad man could scream, the heavenly saber bisected him, his guts and blood spilling out.

Horrified screams rang out in the valley once more as boundless despair consumed everyone.

“Despair. I like hearing this sound of despair. Hahahahaha! Again!” Sinister laughter came from the dark clouds.


Suddenly, another beam of light shot down and encased a person.

“Song Qingshu?” Chen Tianshan exclaimed not far away.

The beam of light encased Song Qingshu. Was he chosen to be the next to die?

“No? Division Master Meng, save me! Save me! Why is it me?! I don’t want to die!” Song Qingshu immediately exclaimed.

“Delay for time. Follow the exact way I played and wait for the Heavenly Go Pavilion’s people to make a move!” Meng Tai said with much difficulty as he regulated his breathing. Then, he returned to a meditative state.

“Delay for time?” Song Qingshu showed an unsightly expression as he slowly stepped onto the platform.

The instant Song Qingshu stepped onto the platform, everyone lowered their heads, fearing direct eye contact with him.

As Song Qingshu stood on the platform, he scanned the area below with an unsightly expression. People moved away from everywhere he looked like they were avoiding the plague god.

“I need to pick an opponent in thirty breaths of time. Who should I pick? Who?” A burst of anxiety swept through Song Qingshu.

Song Qingshu’s gaze happened to sweep past Meng Tai. Perhaps… Meng Tai cannot play at the moment. If I pick him, he will definitely lose. Then, I can continue delaying for more time. However, how long can I delay? Furthermore…

Song Qingshu forced himself to suppress this desire. He continued searching the crowd when he suddenly saw Gu Hai’s group, and his expression changed.

“Gu Hai?” Song Qingshu snarled with a sudden glare.

“Huh?” Gu Hai frowned.

The cultivators near Gu Hai moved aside, exposing Gu Hai’s group before everyone in the blink of an eye.

“I choose him! He is the one! Gu Hai!” Song Qingshu shouted as he pointed to Gu Hai.


Suddenly, a beam of starlight descended from the dark clouds and landed on Gu Hai, selecting him.

“Little fellow, quickly ascend the platform. Otherwise, the heavenly saber will chop you down,” someone called out kindly.

“Song Qingshu, how dare you? You want to send the division master to death?” Chen Tianshan’s expression changed into a scowl.

Song Qingshu’s expression appeared ferocious as he retorted, “No matter who I choose, one of us will have to die. It is just a matter of who dies first, him or me! Humph, Gu Hai, just submit to your fate. While my Go skills are not comparable to Division Master Meng’s, I am definitely still better than a person like you who has not played for thirty years. I’m definitely more skilled. Die, then. I want you to die!”

Gu Hai revealed a cold smile and said, “Song Qingshu, I have already given you three chances; this is the fourth!”

Gu Hai slowly stepped towards the platform.

“You already have not played for thirty years. Are you actually thinking of defeating me?” Song Qingshu gibed coldly.


On the White Cloud flying ship outside the Innate Puzzle World:

Long Wanqing played Go with Venerable Liu Nian.

“Something’s not quite right. Venerable, Gu Hai said that he had not played Go for thirty years. Was he just brushing me off? His strategizing skills are so strong, though,” Long Wanqing said with a frown.

Venerable Liu Nian shook his head and said, “He was not brushing you off. He just did not want to defeat you.”

“Then, he was lying to me?” Long Wanqing’s frown turned heavier.

“He did not, either. You just did not understand what he said.” Venerable Liu Nian shook his head and smiled.


“He said that he had not played Go with others for thirty years, not that he had not played Go for thirty years,” Venerable Liu Nian said with a smile.

“Isn’t that the same?” Long Wanqing asked in puzzlement.

“It’s not the same.” Venerable Liu Nian shook his head.

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