Book 01 Chapter 026: Killing Pang Tianlong
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 01 Chapter 026: Killing Pang Tianlong

When Pang Tianlong thrust his sword forward, red Veritable Energy covered the sword as it rushed towards Gu Hai’s head with killing intent.

“Song Qingshu, why are you blocking me?” Chen Tianshan glared.

“There’s no rush. Division Master did not ask you for help, so why are you rushing?” Song Qingshu sneered.

Chen Tianshan glared at Song Qingshu. On the other side, Gao Xianzhi felt very anxious as well. However, he was too far away.

“Infusing Veritable Energy into items, the Innate Realm’s second layer?” the mustached man said with narrowed eyes.

The many surrounding cultivators stared at Gu Hai, but no one tried to help or stop this.

The sword moved very quickly, arriving before Gu Hai in the blink of an eye.

“Be careful!” the snake lady exclaimed.

Now, Gu Hai narrowed his eyes, a cold, sharp look in them as he watched the sword.


Gu Hai stomped, and a resounding bang rang out, startling everyone.


Another loud sound rang out. Gu Hai had struck Pang Tianlong’s abdomen with his fist.

Gu Hai moved swiftly with great force. After his punch landed, Pang Tianlong’s figure flew back like a fired cannonball.



Another loud sound rang out as Pang Tianlong crashed into a stone wall, causing a large amount of shattered stone to crumble and fall off.

“What? Impossible!” Song Qingshu exclaimed.

“Division Master?” Gao Xianzhi opened his eyes wide as well.

Everyone knew that Gu Hai was a First Layer Innate Realm cultivator. However, Pang Tianlong could not last even one move against him. He was simply too fast. Before Pang Tianlong could react, his fist had landed on Pang Tianlong’s abdomen and sent Pang Tianlong flying.

How much force did that take? How fast was Gu Hai for him to do that?

“How can it be? He is only a First Layer Innate Realm cultivator. How can he be so fast and possess such force?” Chen Tianshan’s eyes remained wide open.

“Junior Brother!” the group of First Song Sect disciples immediately cried out.

“No! No! That’s impossible! You…you just advanced to the Innate Realm. How could you be a match for me?” Pang Tian

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