Chapter 57: Misjudging The Circumstances
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Conquering OtherWorld Starts With a Game Chapter 57: Misjudging The Circumstances

Weapons Master Charlie Rex sat alone on top of a cement bag at the Warrior Guild construction site, lost in thought.

The Warrior Guild's hall (which was essentially an unfinished rectangular room of around 80 square meters) had its walls completed, and the plaster on the walls had dried. However, the roof was yet to be sealed with asphalt shingles, and the floor hadn't been done yet.

Although a small hut had been built for him, Charlie didn't hurry to move in because Yang hadn't come to set up the new magic traps and soundproofing arrays yet. Without traps and soundproofing, living there would be unbearable, even if the undead were no longer as disrespectful and offensive to him as they had been at the start.

Construction on two other small houses hadn't even started yet, and the site was still full of building materials. However, the wheelbarrow used to transport water and mud had dried up from not being used for several days.

The Warrior Guild construction site was usually the most peaceful place, with only a few undead coming to receive quests from Rex each day. But these few days, even those regular undead didn't show up.

Rex was used to solitude, but for some reason, the desolate site made him feel uneasy…

Suddenly, Rex's face stiffened, and he stood up abruptly.

He absolutely would never admit he had gotten used to the noisy undead chatter, nor did he miss those few undead ladies with melodious voices who were extremely disrespectful to him!

He especially didn't miss that undead fella that knew how to cook and silently looked after him, just like the pious monk he had seen when he was a child.

Absolutely not!

Charlie left the work site silently and returned to his tent, hastily sorting through the trash that needed to be burned and buried as if he were trying to rid himself of those embarrassing sentiments he had.

Most of the food and drinks provided by Yang came wrapped in paper or plastic. According to Yang, these papers and plastic needed to be collected accordingly and sent to the garbage incin

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