Chapter 155: Salt Man
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Exceptionally high risk of entering didn't mean that this other world lacked developmental value.

Firstly, a completely new world that was starkly different from Earth held immeasurable scientific research value, whether in biological samples or social sciences.

Secondly, the OtherWorld gold laboriously plundered… uh, gathered by players, had revived many small processing factories in G Province that were on the brink of closure when circulated back on the Earth plane. Just the instant noodles consumed by the people of the OtherWorld had revitalized two rural agro-based processing enterprises in An City.

The current orders from OtherWorld was just a drop in the ocean in terms of the whole China market, but it was akin to timely aid for G Province, which lacked heavy industry and had little competitive edge in light industry domestically. For instance, the large quantity of eggs purchased by Yang through the meat processing factory had alleviated feed pressure on some poultry farmers in a township.

China, in its bid to solve the problem of domestic overcapacity, built friendly ties all over the world (and, of course, purchasing global resources, enhancing the country's international voice, etc.). The government also repeatedly supported Chinese enterprises in exploring new markets. If "OtherWorld" could be turned into a dumping ground for products, the Chinese government would definitely be enthusiastic.

Even if the people of OtherWorld could not provide enough gold, the Chinese would still be more than willing to do business. Mineral ore, timber, special biological samples, gemstones, art, and much more would always be available.

As for the additional feature of "logging in" to access this world, it was inconsequential. Ultimately, if Yang sought support from the nation, he was obliged to ensure a steady supply of helmets.

In short… as long as Yang, the mastermind behind the scenes, didn't cross the nation's bottom line, it was necessary to maintain a good cooperative relationship for mutual benefit!

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