Chapter 70: Leaving Gesun Kingdom
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 70: Leaving Gesun Kingdom

After leaving the Mercenary Union, Jian Chen walked towards the marketplace. With such a wide variety of goods being displayed, there was an equal variety of armed forces guarding it as people traded. With their presence, no one feared having their wares stolen.

But when Jian Chen arrived, there were already people busily trading while others were streaming in and out of the area. All sorts of magical beasts were being ridden by the guards, though some of them were just regular horses.

Horses were very common in the Tian Yuan continent, but while they were the most common type of transportation, they were also the most mundane.

At that moment, a peddler walked by Jian Chen’s side with an armload of goods. Holding out his hand, Jian Chen asked the peddler, “Fellow brother, might I ask if you know of any traders leaving the Gesun Kingdom?”

The trader looked at Jian Chen with suspicion before pointing towards a big caravan. “That caravan is preparing to leave the Gesun Kingdom.”

Jian Chen followed the youth’s finger with his eye and saw 10 caravans grouped together. Surrounding the caravans was a large group of mercenaries protecting the items, while a middle aged man wearing a luxurious looking robe was commanding the people to load up the items onto the caravan.

With only a single glance, Jian Chen knew that this middle aged man was the one responsible for the caravans. Immediately walking on over, he asked the man, “Uncle, might I ask if your caravans are leaving Gesun Kingdom?”

Hearing Jian Chen, the middle aged man turned around to take a look at him, “Why do you ask?”

Laughing, Jian Chen said, “Uncle, if your caravans are leaving Gesun Kingdom, might I join you? Although my strength is not all that strong, I am still a mercenary nonetheless. I don’t need a reward for this either, how about it?”

The middle aged man looked relieved at Jian Chen’s last sentence and said, “Fine. However you must stick close to us during the trip. Also, any roadside fares must be paid by you and won’t be compensated for by us. Lastly, if we are attacked, then you must help protect the group and fight together with us.”

On the Tian Yuan continent, most of the weaker mercenaries would usually either form their own large group, or join a caravan group in order to travel from kingdom to kingdom.

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