Chapter 68: White Cloud City
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 68: White Cloud City

After everyone had finished talking, Jian Chen left with Chang Bai on the back of the Eagle Beast and immediately departed from Lore City.

Sitting on top of the Eagle Beast, Jian Chen stared at the receding city walls with a complicated look on his face. It’s been over 15 years since he came into this world, and he has only left the confines of the Mansion and Lore City twice.

The first time he had left Lore City was to go to Kargath Academy, but this time, the reason was no longer the same. Jian Chen understood that after leaving, he wouldn’t see his family again for a very long time, and would have to fend for himself. In this dangerous environment known as the Tian Yuan continent, Jian Chen could only rely on himself.Jian Chen personally didn’t think he would be able to see his family again, but he had read from the books that this world was dominated by the strong. The Tian Yuan continent was a lot more dangerous than his previous world, and while he had decent strength for his age, there was no guarantee for what may happen.

Chang Bai sat on the neck of the Eagle Beast and stared at Jian Chen, “Fourth master, starting from today you’ll be on your own.. Please be careful as you travel through the Tian Yuan continent.”

“I know what must be done, Chang Bai.” Jian Chen said without turning his head.

Chang Bai paused to look at Jian Chen with a curious look before sighing as he had no more to say.

The Eagle Beast flew high in the sky, thousands of meters above the ground, streaking across the sky like a ray of light . With the whistle of the wind blowing loudly, both Chang Bai and Jian Chen had their hair and clothes flapping rapidly in the wind.

The Eagle Beast soared over the walls of countless tiny villages before finally the Eagle Beast slowly came to a stop, in midair in front of the walls of a great city.

Looking down to see the city, Jian Chen asked, “Chang Bai, you should just drop me off here.”

Hearing this, Chang Bai looked down to see the tiny city before nodding his head, “If you say so!” Immediately,

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