Chapter 3759: The Incident in the Immortal Rising City
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3759: The Incident in the Immortal Rising City

After a simple exchange of pleasantries, Jian Chen and elder Ling took their seats. An extremely exquisite censer coiled with smoke between them, which gave off a refreshing and pleasant fragrance.

“Fellow, you’ve truly earned my admiration for enforcing justice and purging evil by eliminating the Tiger Roar clan. If there were a few more righteous figures like you in the Immortals’ World, perhaps this world would be a little better.” Elder Ling personally poured Jian Chen a cup of alcohol made from numerous heavenly resources. He was filled with admiration.

“Since you designate the Tiger Roar clan as evil, why didn’t you stop them? The Merchant Union of Star Brilliance’s strength is supreme. Eliminating a mere Tiger Roar clan is anything but difficult for you,” Jian Chen said casually.

When he heard that, elder Ling sighed gently and said with some difficulty, “You might not be aware, but our Merchant Union of Star Brilliance does not get involved in any feuds. The principle we stick to is that we only do business. We will do any business that is within our range of abilities.”

“Of course, apart from some heinous deeds.”

“For example, if someone offered us a great sum to deal with the Tiger Roar clan, our Merchant Union of Star Brilliance would accept this job and uphold our end of the deal.”

“To be honest, many organisations located in Falling Cloud City have sent people to our Merchant Union of Star Brilliance over the years, but none of them were able to afford the price.”

“When we accept jobs targeting large organisations, we have a special department for investigation. We will come up with a price corresponding to the organisation’s strength and background, as well as the difficulty of the job. The price to go after the Tiger Roar clan would not be enough even if the entire Falling Cloud City was offered as payment.”

“What is the organisation behind the Tiger Roar clan?” Jian Chen asked.

Elder Ling squinted his eyes and said, “This piece of news will cost five hundred thousand five-coloured immortal

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