Chapter 3746: Situation in the Jing Family (Two)
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3746: Situation in the Jing Family (Two)

“Master, could I take this courtyard with me? This courtyard is the only thing that still belongs to us in the Jing family,” Jing Mumu asked with some relief.

“Of course.” Jian Chen smiled with a gentle gaze. “However, you better deal with the matters of the clan first. Remember, as long as I’m around, you don’t have to fear anyone in this city. Do whatever you want to do. If anything happens, I’ll be there for you.”

“Yes. Thank you, master!” Jing Mumu answered with some confusion. She seemed rather uncertain about what he was talking about. Apart from collecting her belongings that possessed deep sentimental value, what other matters did she have to deal with in the clan?

However, she understood very quickly. A series of footsteps rang out outside. Clan leader Jing directly entered the courtyard with the two Nine-heavenly Xuan Immortals of the Tiger Roar clan. Over a dozen members of the Jing family followed behind the three of them.

“Mumu, you’ve finally returned. Do you have any idea of the lengths I went to to find you in the past few years?” Pushing through the wooden door, clan leader Jing looked at Jing Mumu who was tidying her things and smiled.

“Ah! Grandpa clan leader, w-what brings you here?” Jing Mumu was slightly surprised. She was still young after all. She was not completely mature yet. She had not witnessed the vile side of the world. There was still a hint of naivety in her eyes.

“The future little sword immortal of our Jing family is back, so how could I not come here and see you in person?” Clan leader Jing glanced around the hut. His eyes immediately shone as he said, “Mumu, you seem to be gathering your things? Are you unhappy with this courtyard?”

“No, grandpa clan leader. I’m leaving the clan and going outside to cultivate with my master,” said Jing Mumu.

“Your master? Mumu, since when did you have a master?” Clan leader Jing frowned and became displeased. The faces of the two Nine-heavenly Xuan Immortals from the Tiger Roar clan beside him immediately sank.

Before Jing Mumu could ex

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