Chapter 3733: Great Grandfather and Great Granddaughter
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3733: Great Grandfather and Great Granddaughter

Fang Jing spoke without any respect at all, stomping over the dignity of the Azure Dragon clan viciously again and again.

The supreme ancestor of the Azure Dragon clan’s face became extremely ugly, but he lacked the confidence to retort her. After all, Fang Jing’s strength had already reached a terrifying level that was enough to make him shut up.

The three supreme experts from the Black Tortoise clan, White Tiger clan, and Vermillion Bird clan had sunken faces as well. Their four clans stood together, prospering and suffering as one.

Fang Jing insulting the Azure Dragon clan was akin to insulting their three clans as well.

But at that moment, the three supreme ancestors all cleverly chose to keep their mouths shut.

At this moment, a great power radiated from Daowei Fatian’s soul clone. It enveloped him and Fang Jing, completely isolating them from the outside world.

Not only did it isolate all sounds, but even what was going on inside was obscured.

Covered by the supreme power of a Grand Exalt, even other Grand Exalts would struggle to see what was going on, let alone these Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Exalts.

“Jing’er, the Dominion’s Brush seems to have grown much stronger than before. I do remember that the Dominion’s Brush never possessed the same power as today in the past.” Inside the powerful energy barrier, Daowei Fatian continued to speak kindly with an amiable tone. He looked at the Dominion’s Brush in Fang Jing’s hand, and his eyes shone with a strange light.

Fang Jing fiddled around with the Dominion’s Brush. She stroked the Dominion’s Brush gently and said seriously, “You’re right, great grandfather. The Dominion’s Brush has indeed become far more powerful than before, as it has awakened over a dozen laws that even I don’t grasp.”

“Jing’er, how did the Dominion’s Brush awaken these laws?” Daowei Fatian stared at Fang Jing closely.

When she heard that, a smear of puzzlement appeared in Fang Jing’s eyes as well. This puzzlement was not an act. She was very puzzled by it as well.

“Actually, I

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