Chapter 3731: The Waymight Grand Exalt
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3731: The Waymight Grand Exalt

The ancestors of the White Tiger clan, the Azure Dragon clan, and the Black Tortoise clan were shaken as well.

The Divine Formation of the Four Symbols they had assembled as four peak experts had been shattered so easily. That left them frightened out of their wits.

“No more, no more, no more. The brush is too powerful. That’s over a dozen laws at the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Immortal Exalt. Who stands a chance against that?” the supreme ancestor of the Black Tortoise clan wailed out loud. He was deeply impacted by what he had just witnessed.

At this moment, the supreme ancestors of the Azure Dragon clan, the White Tiger clan, and the Vermillion Bird clan all gathered by the ancestor of the Black Tortoise clan’s side. They had never been so grim before, staring straight ahead.

Fang Jing strode out from the destructive storm of energy as they looked. Her white clothes were untainted, clean as they were originally.

The chain of order condensed from over a dozen laws that surged out from the Dominion’s Brush seemed to turn into a violent serpent, rapidly revolving around her.

When the destructive storm that ravaged through the space there came into contact with the serpent of laws around Fang Jing, it was all annihilated.

The chain of order condensed from the laws was like a natural guard around Fang Jing. It was impenetrable and indestructible.

The four experts of the Sacred Beast clan all stared closely at the vicious serpent of laws. Their hearts immediately sank.

Suddenly, Fang Jing extended the Dominion’s Brush in her hand. Immediately, the serpent of laws around her shot out with a flash as if it had received a certain order.

The attack had not arrived yet, but the terrifying pressure had already enveloped the four supreme ancestors of the Sacred Beast clan.

The expressions of the four experts all changed drastically. They could sense an unprecedented threat from Fang Jing’s attack.

If any of them were to face the attack alone, they would be heavily injured even if they managed to survive it somehow.

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