Chapter 3723: Curse and Blessing
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3723: Curse and Blessing

“Hehehehe, little Sword Heart, you’re done for this time.”

Nanming Yuyan laughed happily. Even though she was quite injured, it was nothing compared to the Sword Heart Ancestor’s present state.

“Nanming Yuyan, you think this is enough to kill me? You’re underestimating me a little too much,” the Sword Heart ancestor said sternly. His presence rapidly diminished as the curse spread through his body.

He had already become enveloped in sword Qi. He resisted with his full strength using the power of the Laws of the Sword as well as his cultivation.

At the same time, the power of another law burst forth. It was the Laws of Slaughter.

The Laws of the Sword and the Laws of Slaughter revolved around the Sword Heart Ancestor as two completely different colours.

Finally, under the Sword Heart Ancestor’s efforts, the spread of the curse stopped. He had staved it off temporarily.

“Hehehe, of course, I knew you had two laws. Just this curse that has been weakened by the passage of time alone is not enough to kill you. However, little Sword Heart, destroying you doesn’t necessarily mean I have to kill you.”

Nanming Yuyan returned to her human form. Her injuries rapidly healed. She stared at the Sword Heart Ancestor excitedly with her large, beautiful eyes and said, “Like right now, stuck with the Grand Exalt’s Laws of Curses, you have to use everything to stop the curse’s spread. How are you supposed to fight against anyone else in this space? And how are you supposed to cultivate?”

The Sword Heart Ancestor fell silent. He knew that Nanming Yuyan was telling the truth. With his strength at half step into the Eighth Heavenly Layer, a drastically weakened Grand Exalt’s curse could not kill him.

However, the existence of the curse restrained him. Before he nullified the curse, not only was he unable to fight, but he could not cultivate either. He would have to remain like this forever.

The curse from a Grand Exalt reached heights that were far too great after all. Unless a Grand Exalt who had also comprehended the Laws o

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