Chapter 3690: Shattering the Central Divine Hall (Two)
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3690: Shattering the Central Divine Hall (Two)

The Primeval Divine Hall, the sword spirits, and the Source of Life were all trying to come up with ideas. Their knowledge and experience obviously outclassed Jian Chen’s.

However, even when they had all followed Grand Exalts in the past, possessing a wealth of experience and knowledge of many secrets of the world, they could not come up with any method to conceal the traces left behind after fusing the twin swords.

The conditions were far too limited. Moreover, they only had three years at most.

Even if they had a way to erase the traces and presence, they could not make it in time.

For a moment, Jian Chen sank into his thoughts. To him, shattering the central divine hall of the Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants was not difficult. The troublesome part was covering up the traces.

Don’t tell me my only option is to expose the twin swords prematurely?” Jian Chen’s eyes shone. Exposing the twin swords was the worst-case scenario.

Suddenly, Jian Chen had a flash of inspiration and remembered something.

Immediately, he set up a simple formation around him, blocking out any spying eyes.

Jian Chen sat down in the simple obscuring formation. Suddenly, a colourful item appeared in his hands.

It was a colorful, diamond-shaped piece of rock the size of a milling wheel.

It was the Fortune God Jade!

The Fortune God Jade was extremely special. Even sovereigns who had comprehended laws to completion and had become existences akin to the heavenly ways could not detect them with the senses of their souls.

All experts could only ever find Fortune God Jade with their naked eyes. Without their eyes, even Grand Exalts could not detect the existence of Fortune God Jade.

As a result, Jian Chen was not worried about divulging the existence of the Fortune God Jade with his simple obscuring formation.

The Fortune God Jade can be regarded as the most special treasure in my possession. Its function is rather mystical as well. It can obscure all attempts at sensing it. I wonder if the Fortune God Jade is of any use here,” Jia

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