Chapter 3641: The Past Life of the Sword Spirits
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3641: The Past Life of the Sword Spirits

Jian Chen was taken aback. The past life of the sword spirits?

He was aware that the twin swords had been severely damaged when they fused together during the war between the two worlds when they followed their previous master. The backlash from fusing had forcefully destroyed their past bodies, shattering the swords. Even Zi Ying and Qing Suo were greatly weakened due to overexerting their power, sinking into a slumber of three million years.

However, these experiences came nowhere close to being considered as a past life.

Not only had what the artifact spirit suddenly blurted out stunned Jian Chen, even the sword spirits were taken aback.

Our past lives? Master, ask it about what it knows.

As Ye Qingyun was present, the sword spirits did not appear. They lay in hiding inside Jian Chen and made him convey the message.

Jian Chen said nothing, only looking towards the artifact spirit with an inquisitive gaze.

I can’t recall the exact details. I only managed to remember some scattered memories. The sword spirits also seemed to follow a powerful Grand Exalt during their past life…

However, I can vaguely recall that the sword spirits should have far more than just that one lifetime…

The artifact spirit spent a good while trying to recall the past, but that was all the information it was able to come up with in the end.

Jian Chen fell silent. As a Sixth Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperor, his understanding and knowledge about how the world worked was far greater than ever before. As a result, he could roughly tell what the artifact spirit was getting at from what it said.

Very clearly, the past life that the artifact spirit was talking about was not as simple as reincarnating.

When it came to reincarnation, everyone had a very good chance at recovering their past memories.

However, the sword spirits were undying existences. At the very least, in the known universe, there were no powers that could kill them, nor were there any powers that could make them disappear from the world.

However, that did not me

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