Chapter 3583: Ye Qingyun
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3583: Ye Qingyun

The five commanders of the Observance Heaven City all had their own estates. They were known as the commanders’ estate.

At this moment, in one of the commanders’ estates, Ye Beifeng took the main seat as he stared sternly at the young man below.

The young man’s name was Ye Qingyun. Currently, he served as the first great elder of the Ye family. He was highly talented, only having cultivated for a million years to reach the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Immortal Emperor.

By now, he had already remained at the Ninth Heavenly Layer for several tens of thousand years. He had already consolidated his cultivation to the extreme, residing at the peak of his current realm. If he took another step forward, he would be an Immortal Exalt.

“I’ve already helped you earn an opportunity to become a Thousand Immortal General. Qingyun, for the sake of this opportunity, I had to shamelessly ask senior Fire Virtue. Only with senior Fire Virtue’s efforts were the various difficulties resolved, opening up a position in the Observance Heaven City. As a result, you have to earn this position no matter what. Otherwise, this opportunity will go to someone else,” Ye Beifeng said sternly.

“Please don’t worry, great grandfather. I definitely won’t disappoint you in this competition over the position of Thousand Immortal General,” Ye Qingyun said in guarantee.

Ye Beifeng was slightly worried. He stared straight at Ye Qingyun and said, “Qingyun, you might be very confident, but there will be many people contending for this position. I’m still worried that you’ll return in defeat. Tell me honestly, just how much confidence do you have?”

Ye Qingyun mulled over the question and said, “I can’t say a hundred percent, but I do have ninety percent confidence at the very least. I definitely won’t disappoint you, great grandfather, nor can I let senior Fire Virtue do all that for nothing.”

“Ninety percent confidence? That high?” Ye Beifeng leapt in fright. The contention for posts in the Observance Heaven City was a true struggle. Many supreme experts

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