Chapter 3479: The Observance Heaven City
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3479: The Observance Heaven City

Jian Chen paused in front of the Hole of Reincarnation and answered the sword spirits secretly, “Don’t worry, I’m only taking a look from here. I’m not actually going to enter it.

After all, if I do enter it, there’s a chance that I can never emerge again. Who knows whether I’ll live or die. I still have all those ties in the Saints’ World, so why would I take such a great risk for nothing? On top of that, it is completely meaningless danger.

That’s good then.” The sword spirits eased up. They were clearly filled with fear towards the Hole of Reincarnation. They continued, “However, the Hole of Reincarnation is far too mysterious after all. It’s not a good idea for master to be so close to it. What if something else happens and it sucks you inside?

Master, for the sake of safety, let’s keep our distance from it.

Jian Chen nodded and backed away slightly. However, he still had an urge in him, the urge to enter the Hole of Reincarnation and investigate.

But in the end, he forcefully suppressed this urge because the Hole of Reincarnation was far too mysterious. He did not know whether he could really reincarnate, whether he could really change his fate, but he did know that this was definitely a demonic hole that could devour all people that entered it. Every single person who set foot inside had never emerged again.

He bore a heavy burden on his shoulders. He was the only hope of the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens. It was completely impossible for him to enter the Hole of Reincarnation.

At this moment, countless streaks of light shot over from the distance, ripping through the darkness as they rapidly moved towards the Hole of Reincarnation.

Together with them were numerous immortal vessels of various sizes.

“The Hole of Reincarnation has produced reincarnation Qi again? Dammit, why was it premature this time?”

“Sigh, I missed an opportunity to absorb reincarnation Qi for nothing. If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have left back then. I should have stayed here.”

“This is an opportunity that only occu

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