Chapter 3324: A Battle Between Rulers
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3324: A Battle Between Rulers

With eight ancestral imprints, the Blood Slaughter Ruler’s strength immediately reached an unprecedented peak. He arrived before the Heaven Fighting Ruler in a flash and directly slashed out with his sword.

A resplendent streak of light shot through the air; the Blood Slaughter Ruler’s sword immediately slashed through the Heaven Fighting Ruler’s energy barrier before piercing his god artifact armour like a hot knife through butter.

Faced with the sword, all of the Heaven Fighting Ruler’s defences seemed useless, unable to protect him at all.

In the end, the Blood Slaughter Ruler’s sword directly landed on the Heaven Fighting Ruler’s body, leaving behind a horrific wound that almost pierced his entire body.

The Heaven Fighting Ruler was shocked. When they both possessed five ancestral imprints, he could still fend off the Blood Slaughter Ruler for a while. His cultivation as a First Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime was slightly below the Blood Slaughter Ruler’s, but the difference was not too large.

But now that the Blood Slaughter Ruler had gained three ancestral imprints, the difference in their battle prowess immediately became as large as a chasm.

The Heaven Fighting Ruler immediately retreated in a hurry. The five ancestral imprints shone with blinding light. They seemed to establish some kind of connection with the sovereign god artifact in the sky, drawing in its power to life to heal his injuries.

But at this moment, the Blood Slaughter Ruler struck again. The sword in his hand erupted with light as it thrust towards the Heaven Fighting Ruler like a bolt of lightning.

The Heaven Fighting Ruler had yet to recover from his injuries, so he had lost the ability to dodge this attack. He could only raise his sword and thrust it forwards as hard as he could as well.

The tips of the two swords collided, producing a startling explosion.

The attack had almost knocked the sword from the Heaven Fighting Ruler’s hand, while the Blood Slaughter Ruler’s sword continued onwards to penetrate the Heaven Fighting Ruler’s chest.

As the sword passed through the Heaven Fighting Ruler’s body, the power in the sword immediately annihilated the Heaven Fighting Ruler’s organs, making him spurt up blood.

It was not even possible to tell whether he coughed up blood or pieces of his organs anymore.

The Heaven Fighting Ruler immediately paled. His face was filled with fear.

In that short instant, he had suffered such heavy injuries that even his five ancestral imprints could not keep up.

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