Chapter 3287: Ancestor Yan
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3287: Ancestor Yan

Swish! Swish! Swish!

At this moment, several shrill sounds whistled through the air. Three vines extended out from thin air near Jian Chen and Bai Yueye, radiating with powerful energy. They thrust towards Jian Chen and Bai Yueye like three arrows.

Bai Yueye’s expression immediately changed, but at this moment, the vine that shot towards her and Jian Chen changed directions in an extremely strange way, piercing the space beside them in the end.

This did not just happen with Jian Chen and Bai Yueye but Bai Changlin, Bai Changqing, Bai Ziyi, Bai Xiaolan, and several other Overgods of the White Emperor clan as well. When they were faced with powerful attacks, the attacks all lost their target in the end and struck thin air.

The remaining Godkings of the White Emperor clan all entered an arduous battle, while many of the remaining clansmen sustained great losses too. However, the five Overgods were basically unscathed apart from overexerting themselves a little.

At this moment, Bai Yurou had used her secret technique and launched a powerful strike at the cost of her own life force. It was about to collide against the formation.

“Hahaha, Bai Yurou, save your energy. This formation has been assembled by over sixty Godkings. All of your attacks will be dissipated by the formation before evenly spread on every single person behind the formation. Unless a Primordial realm expert takes action personally, you won’t be able to breach this formation even if you offer up your life.” The arrogant voice rang out again like victory was already within his grasp.

With a powerful group of over sixty Godkings, even if he did not use the formation, he could easily overwhelm Bai Yurou’s group.

However, even when he possessed an absolute advantage, he still chose to trap them in a formation, clearly determined to kill them all here and prevent any of them from escaping.

But at this moment, the expressions of the several dozen Godkings behind the formation all changed, as they could all clearly sense that the formation they had cast under their combined efforts had actually halted for a split second.

It felt like an invisible force had seized the formation, making the formation lose virtually all of its power and effects, turning it into a sitting duck.


At the same time, Bai Yurou’s attack landed on the formation with a rumble. The formation supported by several dozen Godkings was like a flimsy piece of paper, immediately tearing apart and shattering.

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