Chapter 3282: Life or Death Situation
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3282: Life or Death Situation

From the erupted mountain, a colossal beast three hundred metres long emerged. It had a row of sharp spikes on its back that glistened coldly. They were extremely sharp.

This was the second sacred beast of Death Valley, a First Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime!

If it were not for its eight legs, it really did seem to resemble a hedgehog.

But at this moment, it radiated with powerful killing intent, and the spikes on its back gave off a powerful pulse of energy as well. It moved its eight thick and powerful legs, rushing towards the Godkings of the White Emperor clan.

Immediately, the ground shook as countless towering trees collapsed. As a Primordial realm sacred beast, even if it was only a First Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, it possessed extremely startling speed. It rampaged over and arrived before the Godkings of the White Emperor clan in the blink of an eye.

“Oh, to think it’s it! One of the sixteen commanders under the Earthen Winged King! I didn’t think it would have broken through!”

“No wonder only fifteen of the sixteen commanders perished when we mobilised the clan to exterminate the Earthen Winged King’s subordinates. So the last one broke through!”

“Death Valley has actually gained a sacred beast without letting anyone know. Dammit, who was responsible for the information here? Do you have any idea just how great of a mistake you’ve made!?”

“It should have broken through only recently, so it’s normal if they didn’t find out about this.”

“What are you saying all that for? Dammit, there are actually two sacred beasts here. That’s much more than what we can handle. Retreat! Everyone retreat!”


The appearance of the second Primordial realm sacred beast immediately threw the Godkings of the White Emperor clan into disarray.

Their battle plan was completely targeted towards the Earthen Winged Emperor. They had come up with many methods and various tactics. They only had a reasonable chance at slaying the Earthen Winged King if they used their full force according to their plan.

Now that a second sacred beast had appeared, it had completely exceeded what they were capable of dealing with.

Immediately, some Godkings of the White Emperor clan immediately gave up on the Earthen Winged King. They lost their morale and began to flee for their lives.

Without the support of their energy, the formation that trapped the Earthen Winged King would obviously collapse by itself.

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