Chapter 3107: Bi Lian
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3107: Bi Lian

Several dozen Saint Rulers, Saint Kings, and Saint Emperors hovered behind the five Divine Guards of the Flame. On the ground, there was the densely-packed army that amounted to more than a million.

As the five Divine Guards of the Flame bent their knees, they immediately alarmed all the experts from the Flame Empire. At that moment, clear disbelief flooded the eyes of countless people. Countless hearts began to churn.

The Divine Guards of the Flame formed the very foundation of the Flame Empire. They were also its source of stability. They were important beings that guarded the fate of the entire empire.

In the hearts of countless people, the Divine Guards of the Flame were god-like existences. They were existences beyond the reach of countless people.

Yet at this very moment, five of them actually bent their proud knees in full view of the public. This was unbelievable to countless people.

That was because even the emperor of the Flame Empire had no right to make the Divine Guards of the Flame bow down.

“It’s captain Jian Chen! It’s captain Jian Chen! Captain Jian Chen has returned!”

“Sovereign Jian Chen! It’s actually sovereign Jian Chen!”

Shortly afterwards, countless people recognised Jian Chen, and their faces immediately became filled with excitement. They all knelt down behind the five Divine Guards of the Flame too.

At that instant, the black mass of people on the Flame Empire’s side knelt down in waves whether it was in the air or on the ground.

“Brother Qin Ji, we can catch up later.” Jian Chen nodded towards Qin Ji before glancing in the direction of the Flame Empire. In the end, he stared at the five Origin realm guards.

Jian Chen was not unfamiliar with these people, as only a few dozen people out of the Divine Guards of the Flame he had founded back then remained here in the end. He had devoted a tremendous amount of effort into nurturing every single member of the Divine Guard of the Flames.

That was why Jian Chen knew every single member of the Divine Guard of the Flame.

“I know you’re acting under orders, but you should be aware of my friendship with Qin Ji and my relationship with the Qinhuang Kingdom. Don’t tell me you’re actually going to destroy the Qinhuang Kingdom just because Bi Lian told you to do so?” Jian Chen said to the five Divine Guards of the Flame. His voice deepened slightly, clearly slightly angered inside.

“Please calm down, old captain. We’re obviously aware of the old captain’s close connections with the Qinhuang Kingdom, but military orders cannot be defied. Since the emperor has ordered us to target the Qinhuang Kingdom, we can only carry out the order, or it’ll be viewed as a form of betrayal. Within our Divine Guard of the Flame, all forms of betrayal are absolutely forbidden. Demonstrating absolute loyalty and carrying out all orders unconditionally is the greatest duty that each member of the Divine Guard of the Flame possesses,” the strongest expert that had reached Returnance said politely.

“Old captain, when you left back then, you told us to listen to captain Bi Lian’s orders, so we carried out all of her orders unconditionally, whether they were wrong or right. All of us understand the meaning of our existence, and we’ve never forgotten our duty either. We can’t defy any orders from captain Bi Lian.”

“Please calm down, old captain. If you want to punish us, we’ll accept it all.”

The five Divine Guards of the Flame knelt down in the air. They showed great respect and even a hint of undisguisable excitement.

Their old captain had returned. Their old captain had actually returned from the Saints’ World. This was news that boosted the morale of every single Divine Guard of the Flame.

“Sigh, get up, all of you.” Jian Chen sighed gently. He truly was unable to bring himself to punish these loyal Divine Guards of the Flame, as they were only following orders. If they really were wrong, then the greatest fault would lie with him.

“Do you listen to my orders now or Bi Lian’s?” Jian Chen asked.

“We will always serve as the most loyal guards of the old captain, in the past and in the present, as well as in the future,” the five Divine Guards of the Flame said in high spirits.

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“Alright. I order you right now to never harm a single thing that belongs to the Qinhuang Kingdom from now onwards, not even a blade of grass. Not only are you forbidden from harming them, but if the Qinhuang Kingdom faces any difficulties, all of you must provide assistance. Do you understand?” Jian Chen asked.

“As you wish!” the five Divine Guards of the Flame answered together.

“B- b- but the advisor has specially warned us that the Qinhuang Kingdom is the greatest obstacle if we want to bring peace to the world. If the Qinhuang Kingdom remains standing, h- h- how are we going to answer to the advisor? How are we going to answer to the emperor?” a Saint Ruler emerged from the crowd and said in a troubled manner.

However, as soon as he said that, a Divine Guard of the Flame turned around and slapped him across the face. His eyes were filled with anger as he bellowed, “How dare you! How dare you show such disrespect before the old captain!”

“Kneel!” a second Divine Guard of the Flame also bellowed out. He reached out and sucked the Saint Ruler over before pressing his head down in the air.

“Old captain, how do you want to deal with this person?”

“I’ll leave it up to you.”

With the height that Jian Chen currently stood at, a trifle like this could not raise his interests. He waved his hand casually and left this matter to the Divine Guards of the Flame to deal with themselves before turning to Qin Ji. “Brother Qin Ji, let me go back and deal with these matters first. We can get together another day.”

After a short conversation, Jian Chen left with Shangguan Mu’er.

In the Flame Empire, within a beautifully-decorated palace. Bi Lian sat on a dragon throne in a dignified manner, dressed in dragon robes with an emperor’s crown on her head. She listened to the reports from her court of officials and generals.

She had already become the emperor of the Flame Empire!

By her side was a handsome young man with a striking appearance. He was the advisor of the Flame Empire. He had always handled the planning and strategising for the Flame Empire’s development.

“Your majesty, our army had already arrived at the boundary. If the Qinhuang Kingdom still refuses to surrender, we can take them down in under a day. Once the final obstacle is cleared away, your majesty can issue a decree and truly bring peace to the world.” The advisor on the side bowed slightly towards Bi Lian and said in a rather polite manner, “By then, your majesty’s great wish will truly come true. Your majesty will create a great age of prosperity that no one has managed to achieve throughout the history of the Tian Yuan Continent. Under your majesty’s lead, the entire continent will welcome a brand-new age that will be recorded in the annals of history.”

“Your majesty will also become the greatest emperor throughout the history of the Tian Yuan Continent,” the advisor bowed deeply and said in high spirits.

Sitting on the throne, Bi Lian nodded and said, “The Qinhuang Kingdom does go back very far with my elder brother, after all. Unless I have no other choice, I really don’t want to clash with them. However, I have no other choice for the sake of world peace. Advisor, have you told this to the people over there? Once they truly do clash, we have to show mercy to the important figures of the Qinhuang Kingdom, particularly to the people that my brother was acquainted with.”

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