Chapter 3056: Imprint of the Way of Alchemy
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3056: Imprint of the Way of Alchemy

I’m becoming more and more familiar with refining low grade saint pills, and the quality of the pills are all exceptional.” Jian Chen gazed at the pills that he had just taken out of the cauldron in the divine hall on the Soaring Snow peak. He could not help but smile in delight.

“My current comprehension with the Way of Alchemy should be at the peak of Deity. I’m only a single step away from the God realm. Once I reach the God realm, I’ll be able to refine mid grade saint pills,” Jian Chen murmured to himself. He was extremely satisfied with his progress with the Way of Alchemy.

Of course, he knew even more inside that the Fortune Jade Pedestal had played a vital role in why he could advance so quickly.

I just happen to be caught at a small bottleneck between Deity and God. The bottleneck is no obstacle to me, as I can overcome it with only a bit of time, but what I lack the most right now is time.

After all, I still have to enter the Darkstar World again to obtain the ten droplets of a Grand Exalt’s essence blood, and the entry requirements to the Darkstar World is to be less than a thousand years old.” Thinking up to there, Jian Chen was overcome with a sense of urgency. He had to successfully refine Godking pills before the age of a thousand.

Jian Chen made his way out of the divine hall, seeing ancestor Lan on the mountain peak.

By now, ancestor Lan seemed to be done with her cauldron of divine pills. She sat alone in a pavilion covered in snow, playing a zither leisurely.

“Peak Deity. Your progress with the Way of Alchemy has completely exceeded my expectations.” Ancestor Lan’s eyes were fixed on the zither the entire time. With her alluring face and beautiful voice, she was like an unmatched painting simply by sitting there. “Have you encountered more puzzling difficulties?”

Jian Chen stood behind ancestor Lan and bowed politely towards her. “Ancestor lan, I hope you can further bestow me with the Way of Alchemy.”

“Further bestow you with the Way of Alchemy? Are you referring to an imprint of ways?” Ancestor Lan was surprised.

“That’s correct!”

“Jian Chen, your talent is extremely great. If you continue in an orderly manner and stick with your own path, then you’ll definitely attain impressive achievements with the Way of Alchemy. It might even be possible for you to surpass me, so why must you be in such a hurry?” Ancestor Lan sighed gently. She said with her wonderful voice, “I can bestow you with an imprint of the Way of Alchemy, but the Way of Alchemy within the imprint is merely the path I’ve taken. The path I’ve taken isn’t necessarily suitable for you.”

“Even if it’ll lead to drastic progress with the Way of Alchemy for the time being, your Way of Alchemy will be affected once you reach a certain height, which damages your future prospects. The losses far outweigh the gains.”

“I obviously understand what you are trying to say, ancestor Lan, except I have my own problems that I cannot speak of which has led me to this decision. I have to increase my Way of Alchemy to Godking before I turn a thousand years old.” Jian Chen bowed deeply towards ancestor Lan again.

A streak of light immediately flashed through ancestor Lan’s eyes with that. She said softly, “You need to reach Godking with the Way of Alchemy before a thousand years old. Looks like you’ll be paying a visit to the Darkstar World.”

Ancestor Lan stopped playing and turned around, gazing at Jian Chen in interest. The way she looked at him was not like she was looking at a person, but a piece of art.

“Jian Chen, I can assist you with everything I have to increase your Way of Alchemy, but I also have a demand. No, it shouldn’t be a demand. I have a request,” said ancestor Lan.

“Do tell, ancestor Lan. As long as it’s within my capabilities, I definitely won’t decline.”

Ancestor Lan’s eyes flashed. She stared straight at Jian Chen and said slowly, “I hope you can do all that you can to assist our Heavenly Crane clan in establishing a foundation in the Darkstar World, hopefully helping our Heavenly Crane clan earn an opportunity, an opportunity to coexist peacefully with the Darkstar race.”

“The Darkstar World possesses many rare resources that our Heavenly Crane clan needs, with the Soil of Divine Blood being the most important among them. On the other hand, our Saints’ World possesses many resources that the Darkstar race requires. I hope our Heavenly Crane clan can become the greatest beneficiary within the Darkstar World through your influence.”

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Jian Chen immediately understood what ancestor Lan wanted, so he said, “Ancestor Lan, you mean you’d like the Darkstar race to give the Heavenly Crane clan priority when exchanging for certain rare resources? Or even selling them to the Heavenly Crane clan exclusively?”

“The latter would obviously be for the best.” Ancestor Lan smiled resplendently. Due to the limit on age for entry, the Darkstar World was a difficult bone to chew in the eyes of all peak organisations in the Saints’ World. None of them could do anything about it.

Now, perhaps Jian Chen could resolve all of the obstacles that lay before them, which put ancestor Lan in an extremely good mood.

“Alright, no problem. When I enter the Darkstar World again, I’ll personally discuss this with the Darkstar Emperor.” Jian Chen patted his chest and guaranteed.

Afterwards, ancestor Lan used her own comprehension of the Way of Alchemy as a foundation to condense an imprint for Jian Chen.

The imprint contained a portion of ancestor Lan’s comprehension of the Way of Alchemy. The imprint basically cleared the thick mist that lay before Jian Chen, allowing him to see the Way of Alchemy with much greater clarity. His speed of comprehension increased drastically yet again.

The imprint of ways ancestor Lan condensed was shaped like a pill. He could directly take it away with him.

Jian Chen returned to his divine hall with ancestor Lan’s imprint of ways.

Soon after Jian Chen’s return to his divine hall, great elder He Qianchi arrived on the Soaring Snow peak frantically. He said in a hurry, “Ancetor Lan, there’s bad news. There’s horrible news. The major organizations that Yang Yutian offended in the Hundred Saint City have all come. Yang Yutian has been completely exposed as the fifth hall master in disguise. Right now, there are people from several dozen peak organisations gathered around the entrance of our Heavenly Crane clan, demanding us to hand over Yang Yutian.”

Ancestor Lan frowned. She immediately sent out the senses of her soul, which enveloped the entire Ice Pole Plane in an instant. Sure enough, she discovered many Chaotic Primes gathered outside the Heavenly Crane clan.

These Chaotic Primes all came from the peak organisations that constructed the Hundred Saint City, coming from a total of several dozen peak organisations. Every single organisation had sent a great elder at the very least. Some even sent four or five of them.

The total sum of these Chaotic Primes exceeded a hundred.

After realising who these people were, ancestor Lan became sterner and sterner. They were mostly Chaotic Primes, but they all possessed a great background. Some of the organisations involved were so powerful that even the Heavenly Crane clan would only ever want to avoid conflict with them.

With so many organisations working together, the force they formed was simply unimaginable. Let alone the Heavenly Crane clan, even the Snow sect that ranked first on the Ice Pole Plane would actively try to avoid them.

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