Chapter 3054: Losing All Composure (Two)
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3054: Losing All Composure (Two)

“J- J- Jian Chen… y- y- you’re actually… s- s- still alive…” the leader of the Myriad Bone Guild said like he had a fishbone stuck in his throat. He choked away there for a good moment before finally making something out in a stutter. It seemed extremely difficult.

His hoarse voice was filled with undisguised fury and extreme disbelief.

He did not even leave immediately. Instead, he remained exactly where he was, ogling at the figure refining pills on the Soaring Snow peak with a pair of widened eyes, staring away at him seriously.

He still clung onto a fantasy, hoping that his eyes had seen wrong. He also hoped that the figure was not actually Jian Chen, but someone who resembled him in presence and appearance.

Unfortunately, that was the truth. He could not deceive himself.

“No, no. This is impossible. This is impossible. How can he still be alive? How can he still be alive…” The guild leader stopped the secret technique. The news that Jian Chen was still alive had an extremely great impact on him. It made his emotions surge. He completely lost his cool.

He had already speculated this before he came to the Ice Pole Plane, but speculation was only speculation. When the reality was laid bare before him, it immediately shattered all of the guild leader’s fantasies and hopes.

“No wonder, no wonder the Anatta Grand Exalt returned all those years ago but never executed the Wind Venerable. So- so- so Jian Chen was never dead in the first place. He had never died in the first place. He did not die to the Wind Venerable at all. What a joke… what a joke. I’ve actually waited around like a fool for over two centuries. Hahahahaha…” The guild leader began to laugh, except his face was even uglier than when he cried. His smile that resembled a demon’s was terrifying and shocking.

“Heartless and I waited for over two centuries tediously. During those two centuries, we even refused to set a single foot away from the Myriad Bone Guild just in case that led to any unnecessary problems. We also intentionally avoided any matters of the Saints’ World, such that we remained completely uninvolved in anything. We were as careful as we could be, avoiding all affairs of the world…”

“During the two centuries, Heartless and I spent every single day looking forward to the Anatta Grand Exalt’s return, looking forward to the moment the Wind Venerable died to the Anatta Grand Exalt. We were even already prepared to welcome a… a… glorious age that belonged to our Myriad Bone Guild…”

“We were already certain the Wind Venerable would die by the Anatta Grand Exalt’s hands. We even set up a bet.”

“Yet in the end, the two centuries of arduous waiting and anticipation was actually just an illusion. Y- y- you’re actually still alive… You actually didn’t die to the Wind Venerable…”

“Why? Why? Why are you still alive? Why are you still alive? How can you still be alive? You can’t be still alive…”

As soon as he remembered how he had spent over two centuries waiting around like a fool, the guild leader immediately lost all composure.

Suddenly, the guild leader let out a furious roar. It was deafening. The terrifying sound wave immediately ripped through large swathes of space before turning into a visible shockwave and spreading out in all directions. The Ice Pole Plane nearby was clearly affected too.

Immediately, the entire Ice Pole Plane began to shake. That was a roar of fury from a Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime. The devastating might behind it could lead to a terrifying disaster on any of the planes of the Saints’ World.

Immediately, all the experts on the Ice Pole Plane opened their eyes. Their gazes gathered in outer space, and their faces changed drastically.

“This person is so powerful. T- this is a Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime.”

“It’s him, the leader of the Myriad Bone Guild.”


Having lost his composure, the guild leader was immediately exposed to the many experts on the Ice Pole Plane. The terrifying sound wave from his roar was unstoppable, expanding towards the Ice Pole Plane with enough power to destroy everything in its path.

It was also at this moment that wind and snow suddenly surged on the Ice Pole Plane. A terrifying will, enough for all beings to drop to their knees, suddenly appeared. The will only brushed past the plane like a gentle breeze, but that was enough to nullify the sound wave.

That was the will of a Grand Exalt. As one of the seven sacred planes of the past, a Grand Exalt had resided and cultivated here. As such, the Grand Exalt’s will influenced the laws of the world, forming this will of the world in the end that lingered here.

Even if the Grand Exalt had already passed away, the power of the will would remain for a very long time.

The existence of the will was not for harming others. Instead, it was a form of protection, protecting the place where the Grand Exalt once resided from disasters, protecting it from being destroyed by intruding enemies.

Not everyone could set off this will either. Only when the plane faced a severe threat, or if the threat had reached a corresponding level, would the will appear.

The will that existed on the seven sacred planes could be interpreted as a form of blessing to the place where Grand Exalts resided and rested.

The guild leader in outer space turned around and rushed off into the depths of the cosmos like a madman. He moved so fast that he vanished billions of kilometers away in the blink of an eye.

“Why- why- why are you still alive-” The guild leader had almost lost his mind. He flew rapidly through outer space as pressure radiated from him. As he waved his arms around, they erupted with surging might, destroying all of the planets nearby and ripping apart large regions of space.

“You can’t be still alive… You can’t be still alive…” The guild leader constantly growled and roared, filled with resentment and a reluctance to accept this. He had completely lost his cool.

He flew at high speeds, directly running head-first into a colossal asteroid that blocked his path.

With a boom, the guild leader passed through the centre of the asteroid, having smashed the huge piece of rock to pieces. Under the pressure of a Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime, it was gradually reduced to cosmic dust.


The guild leader left. He left the Ice Pole Plane. Even though he was extraordinarily furious, even though he hated Jian Chen to the core, he did not dare to actually do anything to Jian Chen.

He understood extremely well that Jian Chen was the Anatta Grand Exalt’s fruit of ways. He could not be touched.

Anyone who touched him would die!

However, the Ice Pole Plane was anything but peaceful. The guild leader’s furious roar had rocked the entire plane, drawing out all the peak experts there.

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At this moment, all the Grand Primes on the Ice Pole Plane hovered in the air, gazing at outer space. They were stern, yet also confused and perplexed.

“Third senior brother, what’s wrong with the guild leader? Why has he suddenly flown into such fury?” A young man and woman sat in a courtyard on the Ice Pole Plane, playing chess with each other in the wind and snow. The woman had said that.

The young man referred to as the third senior brother was completely puzzled too. He gazed in the direction that the guild leader had vanished off in. Countless images flashed through his eyes as if he could see everything that happened in the depths of the cosmos.

“Fury? In my opinion, I think the guild leader seems more like he’s gone crazy,” said the third senior brother.

“Gone crazy?” The woman’s eyes were filled with disbelief. “An expert like the leader of the Myriad Bone Guild has developed a mental state so strong that he won’t be perturbed even by the destruction of worlds. It’s as tough as a rock. Why would someone like him go crazy?”

The young man shook his head, also curious and in doubt. “I don’t know about that, but it does seem like the guild leader was suddenly set off by something major. That’s strange. Just what can make the guild leader lose his composure like that?”

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