Chapter 3048: The World of Canglan
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3048: The World of Canglan

The Rain Abbess said nothing, just hovering in space and staring at Mo Tianyun emotionlessly. Only the light in her eyes flickered frome time to time, clearly hesitating over something.

She was also weighing the costs and benefits inside. Despite already knowing that Mo Tianyun possessed a sovereign god artifact that was highly compatible with him, the Rain Abbess did not show any fear whatsoever.

The sovereign god artifact was very powerful. In particular, an expert like Mo Tianyun could unleash even greater power when he had such a sovereign god artifact in his hands. However, she also understood just how terrifying the power within her golden scale was. She was confident that the moment she released the golden scale, she would definitely be able to overwhelm Mo Tianyun who wielded the sovereign god artifact.

However, as soon as she considered the price she would have to pay to use the golden scale, the Rain Abbess became extremely hesitant.

She could not use the power of the golden scale until she faced a moment of life or death!

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Using the power of the golden scale for only the heavenly resources that the Empyrean Demon Cult had stolen in the past was indeed not a good idea.

The Innate Orchid of Five Elements contaminated with Xuanhuang Qi was extremely precious, but it was not enough for her to use the golden scale and throw her life at him.

Most importantly, the Rain Abbess understood that she could not prevent the Empyrean Demon Lord from leaving even if she used the golden scale’s power. If he was determined to leave, there was nothing she could do about a powerful opponent who wielded a sovereign god artifact.

Not only did the golden scale’s power come at a drastic price, but it could not be sustained either!

After a short stalemate, the Rain Abbess’ blanketing presence finally subsided gradually. Even her realm of cultivation plummeted, falling from the Seventh Heavenly Layer to the Sixth, and then from the Sixth to the Fifth.

In a single moment, the Rain Abbess, who had still been brimming with battle prowess, had returned to the Fifth Heavenly Layer.

As her strength fell, the silver scale and the bronze scale on her neck reappeared.

The Rain Abbess’s response made Mo Tianyun let out a sigh of relief. He smiled slightly at ease and noted in a light mood, “It’s already been a very long time since someone’s forced me to go so far. Even the commander of the divine generals from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng was not qualified to make me use my full strength. However, not only have you forced me to use my full strength, but I’ve even taken out the sovereign god artifact, Rain Abbess. Your strength has truly exceeded my estimates.”

Mo Tianyun gazed at the sharp claw that had been forged to the thickness of a cicada wind. It was hovering in his hand. With mixed feelings, he sighed and said, “Ever since I’ve obtained this sovereign god artifact, I’ve never truly used its powers, nor do I want to use it, as certain people might sense me through special abilities once I do.”

“Fortunately, you held back in time, Rain Abbess. Otherwise, you really would have put me in a tough spot.” Mo Tianyun smiled wryly.

“Get to the point. You need to give me a satisfying response with regards to the losses your Empyrean Demon Cult caused to my Cloudsurge Empire back then. If not, I’ll never spare you. I might be powerless about you right now, but once I completely merge with the power of the first two seals, overwhelming you will be a piece of cake. By then, I’ll be able to use the power of the third seal as I please too,” the Rain Abbess said coldly.

“Merge?” Mo Tianyun’s eyes shone when he heard that. He stared at the Rain Abbess with great interest and said sternly, “Don’t tell me you can completely convert the power behind the seals into your own strength?”

When he heard this, even Mo Tianyun could not help but become shocked despite his mental fortitude and knowledge. Throughout the Saints’ World, there were various techniques that could be used to increase strength. There were even some that came at the cost of self-harm to obtain battle prowess well beyond what the user was normally capable of.

But without any exception, these increases were temporary. They could only be maintained for a brief period of time. They would still end up turning back to normal.

Originally, Mo Tianyun believed that the three scales on the Rain Abbess’s neck only gave her a temporary boost in strength, similar to some kind of technique or ability she was born with.

But now, he had actually heard that the Rain Abbess could merge with the power in the scales. Such a matter was a little terrifying.

After all, merging with it completely was equivalent to obtaining the power forever!

“This is not something you should be worrying about, Empyrean Demon Lord,” the Rain Abess said coldly. Light flashed through her eyes as she sank into her thoughts. She said slowly, “I’ve suddenly understood a few matters. Back then when your Empyrean Demon Cult attacked my Cloudsurge Empire, someone who should not have appeared appeared in the process. That person is Jian Chen!”

“Back then, Jian Chen would have only served as a deadweight given your Empyrean Demon Cult’s strength. He’s completely insignificant to your cult, yet in the end, you actually called along an outsider to set foot in my place of cultivation.”

“There’s the incident that happened recently on the Ice Pole Plane too. Jian Chen worked with the Heavenly Crane clan in an attempt to save a servant of the Ice Goddess Hall from the Snow sect. I’m not well-acquainted with Jian Chen, but because he’s a member of the Martial Soul lineage, I have sent people to investigate this person.”

“But according to my understanding of Jian Chen, he would never call all the people of the Martial Soul lineage just to send them to their deaths when he clearly knows they stand no chance against the enemy. However, that was exactly what he did in the end.”

“Now that I think about it, you must have played a vital role in Jian Chen seeking help from the Martial Soul lineage. Your Empyrean Demon Cult just happened to be on the Ice Pole Plane at that moment too.” The Rain Abbess’ gaze suddenly sharpened. “Whether it’s Jian Chen breaking into my Cloudsurge Empire or seeking help from the Martial Soul lineage because of the Ice Pole Plane, you’ve been prodding him along. In other words, you knew about my relationship with Hun Zang a very long time ago.”

“Empyrean Demon Lord, I’m very curious about how you know about this matter.”

Mo Tianyun smiled. “Not only do I know about your relationship with Hun Zang, but I even know quite a lot about Fan Yun and Fu Yu’s past.”

“Y- you’ve been to the World of Canglan?” The Rain Abbess’ eyes narrowed.

“That’s correct. Out of pure coincidence, I have indeed visited the World of Canglan. The World of Canglan is the home of Fan Yun and Fu Yu. Even though the two of them had already left the World of Canglan many years ago, there were still many traces of Fan Yun and Fu Yu left behind in the World of Canglan. In particular, the story of their growth and experiences have become an eternal legend in the World of Canglan. The later people have already sculpted numerous memorial tablets and statues of Fan Yun and Fu Yu.” Mo Tianyun smiled mysteriously. “Rain Abbess, you should know now that I know quite a lot about Fan Yun and Fu Yu’s past.”

“I see,” the Rain Abbess murmured softly. Mo Tianyun’s words awakened a few incidents of the past that she had already sealed away for countless years, which made her recall the days she had spent together with Fan Yun roaming the World of Canglan.

“Unfortunately, the past is like wind, like fleeting clouds. It’s already impossible to return to the past,” the Rain Abbess murmured softly. When she thought about her intimacy with Hun Zang in the past, followed by the distance that now existed between her and Hun Zang, she felt extremely saddened.

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