Chapter 3021: Internal Strife in the Snow Sect
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3021: Internal Strife in the Snow Sect

The determination that the Icecloud Founding Ancestor demonstrated immediately made the Icepeer Founding Ancestor’s heart sink. She had to communicate to the Icecloud Founding Ancestor, “Icecloud, it’s already very clear what is going on. The person behind Yu Yangxie is definitely the Flame Reverend. With what the Flame Reverend is capable of, he can achieve this with ease. Shui Yunlan has appeared now, but the Snow Goddess hasn’t truly recovered after all. Now is still not the time to offend the Flame Reverend.

Icecloud, just listen to me. Drop the matter here.

The Icepeer Founding Ancestor was clearly being haunted by a guilty conscience. She did her best to convince the Icecloud Founding Ancestor to give up on interrogating any further.

However, while she was one of the two revered Sixth Heavenly Layer ancestors of the Snow sect, the difference in strength prevented her from forcefully interfering or forcefully stopping the Icecloud Founding Ancestor.

Ancestor Lan, He Qianchi, and Hun Zang all looked at Wu Han, as they understood the person that Wu Han was about to reveal could truly be regarded as important.

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As for Yu Yangxie, he was only a chess piece at most.

The Rain Abbess was hazy. She had never shown herself properly on the Ice Pole Plane. However, even when they were approaching the truth, she still seemed completely uninterested.

The Icecloud Founding Ancestor’s Soul Stunning Bell hovered above Wu Han’s head and produced a clear jingle, stunning her soul and preventing Wu Han from resisting at all. Her mind was completely under control.

“It’s the Icepeer Founding Ancestor,” Wu Han said gently, finally confessing that it was the Icepeer Founding Ancestor.

However, the Icepeer Founding Ancestor was already well-prepared. Right when Wu Han said her name, she formed a seal, and wind and snow surged through the surroundings. The heavy snow shrouded the region, immediately hiding Wu Han, the Icecloud Founding Ancestor, and herself from view.

With that, not only did Hun Zang, ancestor Lan, and everyone else lose track of the three of them, even the Frigid River Ancestor, the Profound Sky Ancestor, and the many great elders of the Snow sect lost track of them.

Not only were they unable to see the three of them, but they even failed to hear Wu Han’s words towards the end.

In the hazy snow, the Icecloud Founding Ancestor’s face was extremely sunken. She turned around slowly as she gazed at the Icepeer Founding Ancestor with a pair of emotionless eyes. “Why? Tell me why. Don’t tell me you’ve already pledged yourself to the Flame Reverend?”

There was no guilt on the Icepeer Founding Ancestor’s face, only a deep sense of helplessness. She let out a gentle sigh. “Icecloud, our friendship goes back several million years in the Snow sect. Given how clever you are, you must have deduced that I was the person behind this all already through how protective I was of Yu Yangxie. Why? Why did you have to lay everything out in the open? Don’t tell me our friendship of several million years is so flimsy?”

“Icecloud, think about your past. You were also once a member of the Ice Goddess Hall. You also bent over backwards in order to serve the Ice Goddess and the Snow Goddess. Even if you did not achieve anything fantastic, it was still hard work, but what happened in the end? You were still expelled from of the Ice Goddess Hall mercilessly, even going through a century’s worth of painful torture.”

“The Ice and Snow Goddess treated you like that, so now that they’re in trouble, they basically had it coming. Why must you treat a good sister of yours whose relationship goes back several million years like this for the sake of a Snow Goddess that hasn’t even recovered yet?”

“Icecloud, the Snow sect is your home. It’s where you truly belong. Similarly, only I am your best sister in this world.”

“Shut your mouth!” The Icecloud Founding Ancestor interrupted the Icepeer Founding Ancestor suddenly. Her gaze became sharper and sharper as she said coldly, “Icepeer, you don’t understand me. That’s right, I had been expelled from the Ice Goddess Hall, and I had faced a century’s worth of vicious torture, but I deserved it all. It’s because I committed a huge mistake in the Ice Goddess Hall. I infuriated her majesty the Ice Goddess and the Snow Goddess. I deserved this punishment.”

“I would never be standing here right now if it were not for the days I spent in the Ice Goddess Hall. Whether it’s the Ice Goddess or the Snow Goddess, they’ve both given me a new lease on life. I am so indebted to their kindness that I can never pay it back in this life.”

The Icepeer Founding Ancestor shook her head gently. “No. Icecloud, you’ve achieved everything today because of your talent. It’s got nothing to do with the Ice Goddess Hall.”

“Don’t say anything more.” The Icecloud Founding Ancestor snorted coldly. Her eyes became filled with ice-cold killing intent. “A day as a disciple of the Ice Goddess Hall, a lifetime as a disciple of the Ice Goddess Hall. I pride myself in that. Icepeer, since you’ve done something detrimental to the Snow Goddess, you are an enemy of mine from this moment onwards.”

“Though, I’m very curious just how great the benefits that the Flame Reverend offered you were for you to actually commit a crime as heinous as betraying the Ie Goddess Hall.” 

“Sigh, Icecloud, you’re truly too stubborn. However, you have mistaken something. I have not pledged myself to the Flame Reverend. All of this regarding the Snow Goddess was my own doing,” said the Icepeer Founding Ancestor.

“Why?” The Icecloud Founding Ancestor remained emotionless as her gaze became sharper and sharper.

“Because the Flame Reverend gave me a special cultivation method. As long as I find the Snow Goddess, I can devour the fundamental source of the Snow Goddess’s powers through this special cultivation method and obtain the Snow Goddess’s power, gradually replacing her and becoming the new Snow Goddess in the end.” The Icepeer Founding Ancestor’s eyes burned with undisguisable greed and desire. “Icecloud, I’ve always treated you as my best sister, my only family in this world. As long as you stand by my side, I’m willing to share the cultivation method so that we absorb the fundamental source of the Snow Goddess’s powers together.”

“Given the current situation on the Ice Pole Plane, the Ice Goddess has already died. Even if she’s still alive, the Flame Reverend is eyeing her in secret. As a result, as long as we obtain the fundamental source of the Snow Goddess’s powers, the Ice Pole Plane will truly become ours. By then, we’ll truly be in charge of everything here.”

“Enough!” the Icecloud Founding Ancestor shouted out. Her presence immediately became violent as heavy killing intent radiated from her without the slightest disguise. Clearly, she was utterly furious.

She arrived before the Icepeer Founding Ancestor with a flash and directly sent a palm strike towards her. At the same time, she said, “Icepeer, I never thought you’d have such wild ambitions that you’d want to devour the fundamental source of her majesty the Snow Goddess’s powers. If that’s the case, you can’t blame me for being harsh on you.”

The Icepeer Founding Ancestor’s expression changed as she struck out at the same time. Energy poured from her body, blocking the Icecloud Founding Ancestor’s attack.

Their hands collided and immediately produced a deafening rumble. Terrifying storms of energy swept through the illusionary kingdom of snow, shaking it up. The flying snow that the Icecloud Founding Ancestor used to cover them up immediately dispersed, revealing them before everyone.

The Icepeer Founding Ancestor’s face was bright-red as her organs surged violently through her body. She had been sent flying from the strike, having completely lost the upper hand in her clash against the Icecloud Founding Ancestor.

“Icepeer has committed treachery and heresy, betraying the teachings of the Snow sect, as well as the Ice Goddess Hall and the entire Ice Pole Plane. Today, I will be cleaning up the sect.” The Icecloud Founding Ancestor’s voice rang out, echoing through the entire kingdom of snow. It was extremely firm, announcing this matter in front of all the great elders of the Snow sect.

With that, the expressions of everyone from the Snow sect immediately changed. Even the Frigid River Ancestor and the Profound Sky Ancestor became shocked.

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