Chapter 3009: Making Things Clear
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3009: Making Things Clear

Seeing how the Icepeer Founding Ancestor was about to mercilessly suppress He Qianchi, ancestor Lan sitting before him let out a beautiful laugh instead. She said with her voice of some delicateness but great beauty, “You sure have a temper, Icepeer Founding Ancestor. He Qianchi is still a great elder of my Heavenly Crane clan after all. Even if he’s in the wrong, that’s for our Heavenly Crane clan to handle. Since when was your Snow sect allowed to meddle with our affairs?” Towards the end, ancestor Lan’s voice turned cold.

As she spoke, a gentle power appeared, protecting He Qianchi. At the same time, it seemed to turn into a sharp spear that thrust towards the Icepeer Founding Ancestor’s power of suppression mercilessly.


Immediately, a heavy sound erupted in the glorious hall, together with a terrifying wave of energy that swept out with devastating might. The divine hall immediately became riddled with cracks, which rapidly spread across the structure. The sounds of fractures rang out constantly.

The divine hall was only a medium quality god artifact, so how could it withstand the pulses of energy from experts like the Icepeer Founding Ancestor and ancestor Lan?

Even a casual clash between the two of them far surpassed the limits of what a medium quality god artifact could withstand.

But fortunately, the Frigid River Ancestor and the Profound Sky Ancestor were present. Sensing that something was amiss, they immediately stabilised the divine hall with their power, which was the only reason why the divine hall did not collapse.

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Under ancestor Lan’s protection, He Qianchi was obviously unscathed, while the Icepeer Founding Ancestor’s power of suppression had completely collapsed under ancestor Lan’s counterattack.

However, the Icepeer Founding Ancestor’s attempt at suppressing He Qianchi was merely a cover. On the surface, the power she used did not contain any killing intent. It only seemed like an attempt to teach He Qianchi a lesson regardless of the perspective.

But behind the power of suppression hid a killing force that made even ancestor Lan narrow her eyes.

It was a finger-sized icicle that flickered with dazzling blue light. It was hidden in the space there and had only appeared after ancestor Lan had dispersed the power of suppression.

The moment the icicle appeared, it shot towards He Qianchi’s forehead even faster than lightning.

This strike was truly a strike to kill!

“Icepeer!” ancestor Lan bellowed furiously. She suddenly stood up from her seat, and a powerful presence erupted out, pouring into the surroundings. With the appearance of her presence, the medium quality divine hall immediately gave way, collapsing with a great rumble and scattering into the surroundings as countless fragments.

At the same time, ancestor Lan extended a finger, and the Laws of Ice surged in the surroundings. The place where He Qianchi stood immediately became sealed in ice, where thick layers of ice enveloped He Qianchi completely.


At the same time, the blue icicle that almost resembled a sneak attack struck the frozen space around He Qianchi.

The collision between the two was like the collision of two colossal meteors, as well as the violent collision between two planets. It immediately erupted with a devastating rumble, and destructive energy ripped through space, reducing the forbidden grounds of the Snow sect to darkness instantly. Countless spatial cracks riddled the forbidden grounds and swallowed everything.

The ground shook, and the mountains swayed. Many of the frozen peaks that had stood in the Snow sect for who knew how many years collapsed. The great rumble from the forbidden grounds startled the entire sect.

“What is going on? What has happened?”

“It is from the forbidden grounds where the ancestors cultivate in seclusion. Something has happened in the forbidden grounds…”

“What a terrifying shockwave of energy. Even after diminishing in power through the various formations of our Snow sect, it still maintains such a terrifying force. Have the ancestors fallen into a dispute with the Heavenly Crane clan?”


In the Snow sect, the Infinite Prime elders and Chaotic Prime great elders all emerged from secluded cultivation, staring at the forbidden grounds with uncertainty. They were all stern.

The energy that swept through the surroundings gradually dispersed in the Snow sect, while the shattered space gradually recovered too, revealing everyone once more.

By now, the wonderful hall used to receive ancestor Lan had already vanished. Everyone hovered under the open sky.

Ancestor Lan stood in front of He Qianchi, confronting the Icepeer Founding Ancestor. Her lovely, large eyes became colder and colder.

Elder Xie had left his original position and appeared behind the Icepeer Founding Ancestor too. Clearly, the Icepeer Founding Ancestor had protected him.

“Icepeer Founding Ancestor, what are you trying to do?” Ancestor Lan stared at the Icepeer Founding Ancestor sharply.

“This great elder of your Heavenly Crane clan is far too disrespectful. I was merely teaching him a small lesson. I didn’t expect you to be so protective of him,” the Icepeer Founding Ancestor said coldly. Her eyes were also frigid.

“A lesson? May I ask just which Chaotic Prime can withstand a strike like that? You were clearly trying to kill him,” ancestor Lan said coldly.

“That would be going a little too far, ancestor Lan. Do you really think a Chaotic Prime would still be alive if I actually tried to kill them with my strength? As for the strike earlier, I had anticipated what you would do, ancestor Lan, which was why I gave you a warning. I wanted you to understand exactly where you are right now.” The Icepeer Founding Ancestor became very forceful. “This is the Snow sect, not the Heavenly Crane clan. We don’t allow Chaotic Primes to behave recklessly in the forbidden grounds of our Snow sect.”

“I didn’t think the Icepeer Founding Ancestor would try to gently dismiss her attempt on my life so easily. The Icepeer Founding Ancestor is truly extraordinary at coming up with reasons. If ancestor Lan had just been a moment slower earlier, I probably wouldn’t be standing here anymore.” He Qianchi was not afraid as he stood behind ancestor Lan. He met the Icepeer Founding Ancestor’s sharp gaze and continued, “In my opinion, the Icepeer Founding Ancestor’s behaviour earlier was not to remind ancestor Lan, but to silence me with death.”

“How dare you! You have no place to speak here!” The Icepeer Founding Ancestor’s face sank as she directed her gaze towards ancestor Lan. “Ancestor Lan, have you come to my Snow sect this time intentionally to challenge our authority?”

Ancestor Lan sighed gently. “So be it, Icepeer Founding Ancestor. I’ll stop beating around the bush with you. I’ll come clear. I’ve come to your esteemed sect this time to ask for someone from your sect.”

“As for who the person is, I think you already know, Icepeer Founding Ancestor. Hand the person over, and I’ll leave right now. Otherwise…” Ancestor Lan paused, and her eyes shone with sharp, cold light. She continued, “It’ll probably be very difficult for the situation today to be resolved peacefully.”

The Icepeer Founding Ancestor sneered. “Is your Heavenly Crane clan threatening our Snow sect? Aren’t you getting a little overconfident? Our Snow sect doesn’t have anyone from your Heavenly Crane clan, and even if we do, that’s because they offended our Snow sect, resulting in their imprisonment.”

“How could we let an offender like that go so easily? Wouldn’t that just make our Snow sect seem like a pushover?”

“Since the Icepeer Founding Ancestor plans on continuing with her act, then let me make things clear. The person we are looking for is one of the four great protectors of the Ice Goddess Hall, Shui Yunlan. Your esteemed sect’s great elder Yu Yangxie captured her,” said ancestor Lan.

“Lies! Shui Yunlan is a member of the Ice Goddess Hall. How could our Snow sect commit such treachery against a member of the Ice Goddess Hall? And Shui Yunlan has already vanished for several million years. To this day, no one knows where she is. No one even knows if she’s still alive,” the Icepeer Founding Ancestor was furious and said with indignant righteousness. She pointed at ancestor Lan and berated loudly, “Ancestor Lan, I instead have a question for you. What are you scheming by vocally slandering our Snow sect? Don’t tell me your Heavenly Crane clan has already joined the Flame Reverend like the Hefeng clan?”

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