Chapter 809: Becoming a Demon
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 809: Becoming a Demon

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Three days later, Tang Jie arrived at the Verdant Cloud Domain.

He once more came down to that vast subterranean world. When he saw that the mountain was still the same mountain and the demon valley was still the same demon valley, he sighed in relief.

For some reason, Tang Jie could never relax when it came to Immortal Ji Yao. Every time he came, he felt like Immortal Ji Yao could have run away, even though that had never once happened.

Upon arriving, Tang Jie whistled.

The figure of Ice Phoenix emerged in the distance.

Her beautiful eyes twinkling with an enchanting light, she said, "You've come."

"Yes," Tang Jie answered. "I have some more questions concerning cultivation that I must trouble Senior with."

Ice Phoenix nodded. "Mm. But Master entered meditation a few days ago and might not wake up for a while. You may have to wait a few days."

"It's fine," Tang Jie replied.

This sort of thing happened frequently. Whenever Tang Jie came to the Verdant Cloud Domain, he would linger for a few days, and Ice Phoenix would keep him company.

Those were the happiest periods for Ice Phoenix. Being together with Tang Jie, with no one else in their world, was exactly like they were a married couple.

Of course, Tang Jie didn't know what Ice Phoenix was thinking. He treated Ice Phoenix like a little sister, and he treated these days of waiting as an opportunity to exchange pointers regarding cultivation. The large difference in cultivation meant that Tang Jie spent most of his time instructing Ice Phoenix.

He didn't know that this simple sibling relationship had been magnified into a romantic relationship between Immortals in Ice Phoenix's mind, so he didn't have his guard up.

Thus, for the next few days, Tang Jie took up residence in one of the buildings here, spending his days meditating and cultivating.

Ice Phoenix knew that he was preparing for his decisive battle with the Jewel Immortal Sovereign, so she didn't casually disturb him. But whenever Tang Jie s

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Translator Notes

Tang Jie, you fool, you fell into Immortal Ji Yao's trap! One can only hope she doesn't cause too much havoc before he finally gets back...

Novel Notes

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