Chapter 795: Negotiations (2)
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 795: Negotiations (2)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Chu Xitong was not relieved to hear Tang Jie's proposal. On the contrary, she snorted in derision, "Tang Jie, are you making a joke? My Godhead Palace's disciples are in the middle of a gruesome battle. By saying that you would let us go free, aren't you saying that you want us to surrender? It seems that you want me to give you the Divine Will Golden Body and also open up the gates and cease resistance, no?"

Tang Jie simply indifferently looked up at the sky.

He had left several clones outside to see what was going on, purely out of habit.

He said, "In at most one hour, the Jade-Cleansing Golden Sunset Formation will fall, at which point you won't even have gates to open up anymore."

"So what!?" Chu Xitong harshly replied. "Godhead Palace does not fear death, so how do you think you can threaten us with it? Tang Jie, if you want the Divine Will Golden Body, your two sects must withdraw!"

Tang Jie shook his head. "Firstly, the Divine Will Golden Body isn't worth that much. Secondly, even if it was worth that much, I'm not that good that I can make the Seven Absolutions Sect give up on a fruit that's right in front of them. Keeping your people alive is already hard enough. Human King Chu, don't get too greedy. If the people of Godhead Palace survive, at least your traditions will continue. So long as your traditions continue, hope remains. At least it's better than the annihilation that awaits you right now. Moreover, even if you don't consider yourself, shouldn't you consider your sect's ancestor? It is only when the ancestor exists that Godhead Palace can exist!"

Chu Xitong anxiously said, "Where is the ancestor of my Godhead Palace?"

The moment she asked this question, she fell into Tang Jie's tempo.

But it could not be denied that a Godhead Palace with Ye Yun had no reason to exist.

Tang Jie replied, "Earth Immortal Ye is currently in battle with the Cloud Ancestor of my lowly sect and is at a disadvantage."

"Not the Earth Immortals of Seven Absoluti

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Translator Notes

Chu Xitong actually has the upper hand in these negotiations, so Tang Jie has to think outside of the box, or outside of the building, I guess.

Novel Notes

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