Chapter 772: Major Victory
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 772: Major Victory

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Ruling over Yin and Yang, fixing the heavens and earth.

This was the secret of the Myriad Immortals Cauldron.

It could suppress all things and turn the real into ethereal, imprinting them like an image onto the cauldron for all time. The people etched into the cauldron were actually all the people it had sealed, and never again would they be able to break free of it.

It could also turn the ethereal into the real, unleashing the existences within the cauldron to attack its enemies. Those images that had been sealed there for ten thousand years had long ago become real paintings and could no longer be summoned, but the newly absorbed Spotted Char could be used. But the Spotted Char was at the Deification level, stronger than Tang Jie, so even if it were released, rather than listen to him, it might attack him, so Tang Jie couldn't use it for now. Thus, there was still a level requirement when it came to using the Myriad Immortals Cauldron. The higher his tier, the more of its functions he could use.

The Myriad Immortals Cauldron could seal Soul Projection cultivators at the maximum. While it could seal Earth Immortals with great difficulty, even if they were sealed, an Earth Immortal could break out again. This was a limitation of the Myriad Immortals Cauldron. But while it had this limit when it came to quality, it had no limit in terms of quantity. So long as one was willing, the Myriad Immortals Cauldron could seal many people, and if one was strong enough, one could summon these people in battle and use numbers to drown their foe.

Right now, while Tang Jie didn't have the strength to fully use it, the sealing power of the Myriad Immortals Cauldron was enough.

With the Spotted Char sealed, Jin Shanyue felt his connection with his beloved beast being severed, and he wailed as if his arm had been cut off, "My baby!"

The sorrow this time was real. His son had existed only because of the parasitic cicada, and he had pampered him only to fool his enemies, but

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Translator Notes

Godhead Palace and the Beast Refining Gate were sent packing, and Tang Jie has reached Violet Palace. Perhaps the day of his revenge isn't that far off?

Novel Notes

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