Chapter 758: Tiger Roar
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 758: Tiger Roar

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Basking Moon Academy.

Westwatch Pavilion.

"Looking to the west, the old home of yesteryear, the winds howling from south to north, and only the twilight…" Standing at the window, Xie Fengtang gazed into the distance, suddenly gripped by melancholy.

This bout of melancholy had come on suddenly, and Xie Fengtang couldn't explain why.

A voice rang out behind him. "The clap of thunder and fall of rain all become the grace of kindness, the rosy clouds of sunset on the horizon, an unforgettable memento of a teacher's love. Headmaster, were you thinking about me?"

Xie Fengtang shivered at this voice and turned his head to see a grinning Tang Jie standing there.

Delighted, he moved toward Tang Jie. "So you know to visit me."

But rather than a hug, he grabbed Tang Jie by the ear.

But then he realized that this was inappropriate. As the Young Lord, Tang Jie outranked him, so he quickly let go.

Tang Jie didn't mind, mischievously smiling. "I'm quite busy, you know. Right after I returned to the sect, Master took me to see the Cloud Ancestor, and he then dragged me to the back mountain and insisted on having me memorize the Twelve Meditation Classics of the Yellow Court. After that, I had to go visiting all the hall masters and leaders. Now that I'm the Young Lord, I have to understand how to rule. Even if my duel in two hundred years means I don't have to worry about sect affairs in that time, I still have to meet everyone and get some familiarity with the system. After all that, I finally had some time to come out and see you."

"I suppose you still have some conscience left in you!" Xie Fengtang laughed, pointing at Tang Jie.

He began to grope about his body and produced a large jar of wine. "Come; let's get drunk."

"Please, spare me! Everyone has been inviting me to drink these last few days, so just let me off this time, Headmaster. Let's have tea instead. Look; I've brought Moonstream Jade Orchid Leaves, just for you." Tang Jie took out a large bag of tea le

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Translator Notes

Alas, Tang Jie couldn't be there to see Wang Poguan off, and all he can do for the tiger left behind is give him his last rites. But at least Bao'er has finally claimed his throne!

Novel Notes

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