Chapter 673: Favorite
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 673: Favorite

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


A human's nature could change, as could their likes, but there were some things that could never change.

The harem was one of these.

Even though Tang Jie did his best to find reasons to avoid the concubines, as time went on, he gradually found that they were unavoidable.

More than half a month had passed, during which the concubines passionately threw themselves at him, coming one by one and almost melting him down purely through their love. Even though Tang Jie tried to stave them off with his government duties and cultivation, he knew that this was no long-term solution. If this continued, the concubines might end up exposing him.

He needed a solution.

In the study, Tang Jie held a book on fiends as his mind pondered this question. He was so immersed in the problem that he unconsciously began to tap his finger on the desk.

"Reporting!" A minor fiend prostrated in front of the door.

"What?" Tang Jie put away the book.

"Your Majesty, the Mountain Holding King of the southwest has searched the land and found a Hoverstone that he offers as tribute. In addition, he also has gifted a pair of Spiritfeather Birds, saying that they are for the Jade Pearl Concubine."

Hoverstone was an extremely rare Space-type material, almost as valuable as Withering Yin Vines. When those above took a liking to something, those below were bound to try to fulfill it. Since Tang Jie had said that he needed Space-type treasures, there would be those who would do their best to find them in order to gain his favor.

As for the birds for the Jade Pearl Concubine, this was the Jiao'er who had appeared the first day. Through careful probing, Tang Jie had gradually managed to grasp the situation here and was no longer fumbling around like a blind man.

The Jade Pearl Concubine was a rare beaver that had become a fiend. After attaining human form, she had skin as glossy as jade and as soft as satin. When Silver Eyes had his first taste of her, he had praised, "Icy flesh and jade skin, a

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Translator Notes

Confirmation once again that this isn't a harem novel. Tang Jie has only one woman in his heart.

Novel Notes

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