Chapter 487: Robbery (3)
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 487: Robbery (3)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr



Tang Jie angrily threw aside a handful of pill, talisman, tool, and formation materials.

Normally, these materials were important items used in trades between the major sects. There were precious ores, rare herbs, and also art relics from famous artisans and powerful art talismans. Quite a few of them were capable of giving Tang Jie a very obvious boost in power.

But despite all these nice things, there was no sign of what he wanted the most: the Five Energies Sovereign Essence Pill.

How could Tang Jie not be angry?

Cloudscrape City was an important area for Godhead Palace, and his heist had been able to happen because he had exploited Godhead Palace's desire to catch him and their not expecting him to come back around. After this incident, Godhead Palace would be ready, and it would be difficult for him to repeat the events of Cloudscrape City.

This was precisely why he had set his sights on the most important and most necessary Five Energies Sovereign Essence Pill first. Alas, his luck had been poor. There would normally be Five Energies Sovereign Essence Pills at the storehouse, but this time, it didn't have any. Thus, while the operation had gone smoothly, it had ultimately been a failure.

This left Tang Jie very frustrated.

But there was no changing the past. He could only go straight to Upper Path Fort, where he robbed the auction there before taking his leave.

By now, the plundered loot had formed a small mountain in the Mountain River State Diagram. Tang Jie picked through the items, throwing the most worthless items into the furnace to smelt for resources.

The higher-value items that cost more in labor than in materials were kept to be sold off once he returned to Sageheart.

As for the high-level art relics, talismans, and pills, he kept those for himself. He ate what he could eat and used what he could use, doing his best to arm himself to the teeth.

Back in Sageheart, he had to work for everything he got. Making money through legal

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Translator Notes

Tang Jie has found a new accomplice! But is this new partner-in-crime going to survive his experience? Or is he going to end up like the poor fools from the Green Hill Sect or those guys back at the Beast Garden?

Novel Notes

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