Chapter 454: Shattered Pellet
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 454: Shattered Pellet

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


"Mm!" Yiyi vigorously nodded. "But Bao'er became a big person. If he hadn't told me that he was Bao'er, I wouldn't have known."

"He 'became a big person'?" Tang Jie's pupils constricted. "You're saying he became a human?"

"Yes, a very handsome big brother!" Yiyi shouted. "But he was surrounded by blood, a lot of blood. It was all flowing into his body, and he seemed to be in a lot of pain."

"Blood… Anything else?"

"There was a very, very big white-colored tiger. Bao'er was sitting inside this tiger. There was also some sort of crystal. Bao'er said that it was the Divine Time Crystal, a treasure that can control time that was made from his ancestor's eye."

After hearing this, Tang Jie was certain that Bao'er had intentionally communicated with Yiyi. He quickly asked, "Did he say anything else?"

Yiyi replied, "He said that there were two divine sources. One is the Time Crystal, which controls time, and the other is the Space Crystal that controls space. But the Space Crystal is with the Basking Moon Sect."

"'With the Basking Moon Sect'?" Tang Jie was shocked.

He suddenly remembered something.

The tiger fiend of ages past had once tried to steal a treasure from the Basking Moon Sect and flee, but it was ultimately imprisoned in Tiger Roar Peak, where it and its progeny were imprisoned for generations.

He finally understood what the tiger fiend had wanted to steal.

The Divine Space Crystal!

Sure enough, Yiyi continued, "Bao'er said that when his ancestor died in battle in Rosecloud, the Divine Space Crystal ended up in the hands of the Basking Moon Sect while the Time Crystal and his ancestor's corpse were stolen away by the Beast Refining Gate, thus resulting in the thousand-year enmity between the two sects. The white tiger's descendants wanted to steal back their ancestor's body and the two divine sources, so they decided to steal the Basking Moon Sect's Space Crystal first. This was because only the Space Crystal would allow th

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Translator Notes

Well, the Transformation fiends weren't particularly smart, but they bought enough time for Tang Jie to arrive.

Novel Notes

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