Chapter 417: The Beast Garden
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 417: The Beast Garden

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Flying south from Mount Buyao, over mountains and fields, Tang Jie spotted a village in the distance.

Looking down at the compass, he saw that the light was now basically at the center of the compass.

In other words, Lin Baicang was in that village.

Tang Jie didn't immediately go inside. He instead flew in a circle around the village first.

While using himself as bait to lure Lin Baicang was a good idea, it had the disadvantage of possibly luring out disciples of the Beast Refining Gate as well.

While traveling around with Xu Miaoran and seeing the sights, he had already noticed several dozen pursuers. Alas, although his Insight could detect these hidden followers, he couldn't tell who they worked for. Thus, he wasn't actually sure if the Beast Refining Gate's people had mixed in with these people.

After making a circle and confirming that no one was hiding in the area, Tang Jie entered the village.

The compass could only tell him that Lin Baicang was here, but it couldn't tell him which one was Lin Baicang. Thus, Tang Jie could only use his eyes.

He walked through the village like he was just some traveler.

There were few people in the village. The young men had mostly gone to work the fields.

A young woman was making a gobbling sound as she spread out feed for the chickens. Several elders sat by a door while chatting about what was going on in their families. There was a youth listlessly sieving rice using a sieve made of bamboo. A peddler with a carrying pole across his back was haggling over price with a villager. And there was a beggar lying on the ground like a dead person.

Finally, there were several villagers with hoes standing in a corner of the village with nothing to do.

Stopping at the very center of the village, Tang Jie looked around and finally shouted, "My name is Tang Jie! On orders of the Basking Moon Sect, I've come to pick you up! Lin Baicang, you can come out now."

He didn't say it too loudly, but it was enough for every person in the village to hear it.

Shock and surprise appeared on the faces of the villagers. They had no clue what was going on.

Tang Jie waited for a few moments, but nothing happened. He sighed and went over to that beggar lying on the ground. "Stop wasting my time. Lin Baicang, I'm not your enemy."

The beggar looked at Tang Jie in fear and curled up in a ball.

Tang Jie sighed again. With a wave of his hand, he moved the beggar to the side, and then he punched at the ground where the beggar had been lying.

With a thump and a spray of dust, a person emerged from the ground: a rather ugly and shifty-looking middle-aged man.

"Lin Baicang!" Tang Jie spat out this name.

It turned out that this person hadn't been hiding among the villagers but hiding underground, intentionally hiding right under that beggar. In this way, the life energy of that beggar would conceal his own life energy, making him more difficult to discover. It was rather cunning.

After bein

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Translator Notes

Ah, it seems like it wasn't for no reason that Joymount Island was suddenly besieged by fiends. Honestly, Tang Jie should have realized that something was fishy about that entire thing.

Novel Notes

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