Chapter 372: Formation
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 372: Formation

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Early in the morning, a convoy set off from the village in Mount Eternal, heading in the direction of Duskland.

The convoy was large, forty-some wagons extending into the distance.

Shi Jingzhai was wearing coarse clothes and seemed like some docile man from the countryside, even holding a pouch of tobacco. Next to him were Liang Xingbang and Yu Wanniang, who were dressed as a wealthy old man and his concubine.

Several dozen Stone Gate disciples had dressed up as escorts and were guarding the convoy.

This operation was of enormous scale and cost, unprecedented for the Stone Gate Sect. Failure might mean the destruction of the sect, so even the three Celestial Heart True Persons were extremely cautious about any mishaps. Some of the Stone Gate Sect disciples didn't even know what was being held inside the wagons.

After the convoy left the village, it continued toward Duskland. Once they were in a deserted area, Liang Xingbang suddenly unrolled a sleeve. A cloud emerged, which lifted up the forty-some wagons into the air.

Even if they couldn't use Mustard Seed Bags to hold the goods, a Celestial Heart True Person still wouldn't have a hard time transporting goods. But there was another risk that prevented them from flying for too long.

The wagons and their escort took to the skies and rapidly flew in the direction of Duskland. But as they approached a city, Liang Xingbang waved his hand, and the convoy landed and continued to slowly move forward as a regular convoy would.

There was a flash of light in the clouds above the city.

A few moments later, a Spirit Master peeked his head out of the clouds and looked around, muttering, "Strange–there was clearly a large-scale spiritual energy pulse just a moment ago. Why did it disappear?"

This was one of the various inspectors the Basking Moon Sect had stationed all around the kingdom.

There were countless more of these inspectors, cultivators who specialized in surveillance. In these last two years, while the secret mining had been going on, the Stone Gate Sect had done everything possible to get a grasp of all the inspector cultivators in Ling Province, as this was the only way they could speedily move their cargo. A normal cultivator probably would have run right into the hands of the Basking Moon Sect's inspectors and been made to spill their secrets.

Once the convoy was through the city, Yu Wanniang said, "We're good."

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Translator Notes

It's time for the showdown! But Wang Juemie taking on three True Persons? Seems a bit much.

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